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Prepare Yourself with Effective Content for Virtual Events!

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“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”– Mark Twain

Over the last few years, events have transitioned from having an on-ground presence into what has been a largely virtual arena. This has been an enormous learning curve for all stakeholders involved, like event organizers, attendees and speakers.

Apart from technical issues like slides in smaller fonts, poor video quality, glitches and poor audio, event speakers have had their own set of challenges to overcome when it comes to speaking at virtual events, like not meeting attendee expectations and lack of refined speaker guidelines. 

The most significant parameter for speakers is to completely satisfy their audiences especially on the lines of what was promised to them. Failure to do that results in damaging the event’s reputation at large.
Let’s see how speakers can refine their methods and practices when it comes to curating engaging content and hosting a virtual event:

Craft Guidelines Envisaging the End in Mind!

Every virtual event planning speaker wants their audience to stay captivated throughout their session. To achieve that, it’s important not just to start off on a strong note but start off having the end in mind.
Craft your keynote akin to a story that has a great end! In this context, by the end of your session you should ideally have solved an issue which your presentation was based upon or led your audience towards a call to action!  

Deliver a Catchy Core Message!

Take your time and think of a core message that could truly stay with your audiences long after the event is over! This message should be repeated in frequent intervals and should be memorable in nature. Something that sticks in your mind, the moment it’s said! 
The core message needs to be crafted to capture the crux of the issue or topic your session is based upon, something that steers the attendees towards a potential CTA.

Identify and Alter the Why in Your Session Template!

When jotting down a template for a session at any event, look to find why are you being invited to talk at that event and what purpose your talk would fulfil.

Find out what attendees tend to like and dislike, things they would love to learn about, and topics they wouldn’t really associate with. Aligning your session template to fit with the attendee and event profile will make your talk or keynote more immersive and leave attendees with the feeling of having their time valued.

Ensure Seamless Transitions Throughout Your Keynote!

When speakers are speaking at an event, irrespective of the topic they’re speaking on, the various aspects of their talk should have smooth transitions and do keep the session very conversational.
Attendees shouldn’t be distracted from the keynote because of a lack of flow in your content. Instead, they should be able to easily connect the various points you made throughout your session! 

Upper Body Language and Positioning Is Key

The importance of body language and body position in virtual event planning contexts are doubled. Ensure your expressions make a difference to your talk and are timed perfectly. Your face should be in sync and balanced with the video frame you use.

Keep Your Content Short and Simple!

The critical difference between good content and great content is how comprehensive it is from your attendees' perspective!
They will actively absorb more information if your talk is straight to the point and doesn’t wander away from the topic too much. Avoid going into excessive detail and turning toward long sentences for explanations!

Make Sure You Utilize Videos!

Including a video in your session can make a real difference in the overall quality of your keynote. Especially when hosting a virtual event, where attendee attention is at a premium, engaging videos will ensure the quality of your session gets amplified.

Showcasing complex topics through a video and then following it up with simple explanations would make attendees relate and genuinely understand the point you are trying to get across! 

Attendee Interest Is the Centerpiece!

For Speakers, it’s essential to channel their content considering the attendees they’re catering to. Therefore, keeping their interests and choices at the forefront of your sessions should be paramount!
Attendees will remember how speakers made them feel and not necessarily what they spoke about!

Wrapping Up!

Ultimately, speakers have had to transition through a sea of change where they've had to replicate their impact of on-ground events into the virtual space. The points mentioned above will ensure event speakers start their virtual event sessions on the front foot and influence attendees!

Welcome the virtual event tips and checklists for Speakers!


How do you make a virtual event interactive?

Some ways to make more engaging and immersive virtual events are:
  • Launch Quizzes and questionnaires.
  • Encourage polls and surveys
  • Create memories with interactive virtual events platform
  • Effective Communication
Tick-off this virtual event checklist for Speakers!

How do I prepare before speaking at an event?

Follow these steps to prepare for your public-speaking event:
  • Get to know your audience 
  • Familiarize yourself with the event environment
  • Outline the main pointers
  • Conduct a review of your content

How do you invite speakers to an event?

Speaker invitations primarily include:
  • Name, date, and venue of the event.
  • Theme of the event.
  • Explaining Why you think they would suit your event.
  • Showcasing how they will benefit from your event

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