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Dear Attendee, Here Are Four Reasons Why You Should Attend B2B Events!

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“I attend events not just to network and meet people, but also to invest in myself and build my own intellectual capital.” – David Adler, BizBash.

The events industry is estimated to reach $1552.9 billion by 2028, according to Allied market research. Almost every day, you might come across an event ad on different social channels. So, how often do you go, "The event is far too expensive to attend" or "What's the need to go and socialize?" when you see one?

There are numerous reasons why people across the globe attend B2B events and conferences despite factors like cost, travel, distance, location, and time. So let's try to know why you should be attending an industry event right now!

Networking at Events Can Get You Off to a Flying Start

At a highly anticipated event from your industry where peers, prospects, and competitors are likely to attend, attending that event basically means skipping the hassle of going through multiple channels and directly engaging with your prospects.

The contacts you make at events are advantageous for revenue, learning and professional growth. You can also use a B2B event as a chance to establish yourself as a thought leader or an elite decision-maker.

For example, a local born-and-bred boxing star from Hong Kong – Rex Tso- gained widespread popularity amongst the local and global masses through Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN)! The broadband company, HKBN, conducted a 360-degree live stream on YouTube to move away from traditional broadcasting mediums like the TV. The company planned an event out of the boxing match, and the results were surprising! The combined live stream received around 1.2 million views of 30 seconds or more. HKBN was able to tap into 61% of its target audience in Hong Kong through the event. The moral of the story – tapping into prospects, brand awareness and networking opportunities at events becomes simpler tenfold.

You Will Always Know What's New and Exciting

If you have attended tradeshows, exhibits, summits and B2B conferences, they always talk about the latest trends in their respective industries. So, attending events is the best way to perennially ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest disruptions in your industry. Also, brand loyalty only stems when your business offerings are new, exciting, niche and relevant.

For example, executives working in gaming, media, marketing and DevOps must be familiar with XR. XR is also known as Extended Reality and is an umbrella term covering AR, VR and Mixed Reality. The event 'AWE USA 2022' should be your go-to place for gathering the latest XR insights to make waves in your space and get noticed by the audience.

The event features riveting panel discussions on Reality in the Metaverse, Spatial Computing, The Future of XR and Augmented Reality in Microgravity. Sounds exciting, right?


Inspiration From Events Can Give Birth to New Innovations

At high-profile industry events like CES, Dreamforce and SXSW, the air buzzes with inspiring ideas, stories, insights and innovations! As a mid-sized brand or startup, you should register for pioneering events in your industry to fully understand customer needs. Here, you can even come up with new ideas for your company and tap into unexplored markets full of potential.

Elisha Terada, a first-timer at the SXSW 2022, had the golden chance to experience the latest VR technologies at the venue. He even saw Megan Thee Stallion's concert on VR! In addition, he got an opportunity to interview the creators of those unique experiences at the event. So, being at the event was a learning curve, and he was able to understand how VR was used in a 25-minute immersive experience called 'Goliath: Playing with Reality.'

An Opportunity to Jazz up Social Media for Your Followers

Everyone wants to be the head honcho in a crowd full of executives! Although the process to exclusive limelight is not easy, it is not impossible. People turn to social media for inspiration, innovation, and entertainment in the information era. Famous personalities like Jay Baer, Neil Patel, Sean Gardner and Ann Hadley have established a concrete social media presence to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries.

Similarly, you can start posting on Twitter and LinkedIn about your experiences at various events, summits or conferences. You can let your followers know that you are an active member of the community and often attend events to learn about the latest trends breaking out in the business world.

Even international companies like John Deere have made new product reveal announcements at events. For example, for CES 2022, John Deere published a series of posts on LinkedIn revealing their fully Autonomous 8R tractor and how their new technology will change the world. The company even highlighted one of its employees, Deanna Kovar, as a 'Tireside Chat' panelist for the event!

It’s time to capitalize on event attendance and boost your social media reach by posting engaging pre, during and post-event content.  

For You to Remember

Don’t attend events only for the purpose of attending, networking and coming back home! Always try to find ways to make the most of your event journey by establishing new business contacts, brainstorming pilot projects and posting your authentic review or experience on social media! In addition, try to make socializing and learning fun by sharing your thoughts at the event to portray yourself as a domain expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the major reason for attending B2B events?

One of the primary reasons attendees prefer B2B events is that they can present their work and ideas to like-minded people. In addition, talking about what you do with subject matter experts provides you with a fresh perspective on making your product or service better. Also, securing investment for your business becomes a tad bit easier at events.

What do people look for in events and conferences?

Maximum business professionals expect events to have:
  • Customized learning options
  • Holistic development
  • Surprise reveals
  • Tech-powered networking
  • Top-notch industry leaders

How can events benefit your entire team?

Attending events with your team members can:
  • Boost your productivity
  • Promote professional growth with learning
  • Drive team spirit and coordination
  • Get everyone energized and motivated
  • Aid you to step out of your comfort zone

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