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Stellar DIY Equipment That Will Make Your Event 'Attend-Worthy'

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“It’s not about what equipment you have, it’s what you do with it.” – Aphex Twin.

After the pandemic, every event planner has their own 'emergency event kit' full of equipment that they might need at any contingency hours during the final event showcase. Since budgetary spending on event design and the equipment needed has taken a slight dip, the time for 'Millennial DIYers' has gloriously arrived! 

But did you know DIY has its roots sown back in the 1950s after the Second World War? The war had placed ‘self-reliance’ at the center stage and the time for – Make Do, Mend and Do It Yourself had taken an economic upturn.

Similarly, this blog piece talks about stellar equipment for events that planners can set up on their own to bring their DIY skills to the fore!

Obvious Event Planning Equipment That Is a Must in Your Storage Box

Let’s cut to a scenario to understand why every #eventprof must have a Backup Storage Box!

Let’s assume you are one of the planners in charge of planning Dreamforce 2022. You are on the ground, and it’s a windy day. The table cloths set out for the grand outdoor luncheon for the VIP guests are all out of place. What can you do to avert the crisis? That’s when a mini sewing kit comes in handy! You can fold and pin the cloth below the table to avoid creases and stop it from flowing away!

Here is a list of must-have event materials and items in your event product kit!
  • Different kinds of tape – duct, colored, electric, transparent and double-sided
  • Batteries – Lithium-ion batteries and alkaline batteries for electronic appliances
  • Portable chargers - INIU 10000mAh Portable Charger, Anker PowerCore Slim 10000
  • Recyclable containers for storage, serving or garbage disposal
  • Extension cords for power tools - 14ga or 12ga retractable cords are very nice for organization, convenience and safety
  • A folding dolly (with wheels) for cargo handling
  • A Bluetooth speaker - UE Megaboom 3, Anker Soundcore 3

Event Equipment #inspo That Will 'Wow' Attendees

Did you know North America had the highest average DIY expenditure per capita in 2019 at €972 compared to €932 in 2018? So what does this mean for our everyday event planner? It means that after the boom of DIY in the art, craft & design industry, people are now taking their professional matters into the DIY zone.

So, let’s look at some engaging examples to see how you can set up your own event equipment and still bedazzle attendees!

Adjustable Floor Lamps for Training and Workshops

Lars M., a senior Marcom and Event Production Manager for live, hybrid and online events, is the jack of all trades when it comes to event production, planning, execution and logistics. In August 2021, he worked with UMA Academy to organize special training covering a variety of aesthetic fields. 

The event was about UMA experts giving hands-on training to the attendees about cosmetic procedures, so Lars was responsible for orchestrating the entire event. To provide an exceptional experience, he organized an intimate event and decided to personalize the training for every attendee to propel in-depth learning. He helped each attendee focus on the detail by placing an adjustable floor lamp beside them!

Key Takeaway:

You can go for an individualistic setting for intimate events like training, masterclasses, workshops and advanced learning. For example, you can use adjustable floor lamps around the seating place of an attendee so that they don’t miss out on the key steps in the learning process.

Where to find?

For your next event, check out this LED adjustable lamp from IKEA!

Cross Cable Frame Tents for Catering Spreads, Networking or Seating

Did you know that tents are the trending event equipment needed for outdoor events? In a recent article by event industry news, it was mentioned that tents with a cross-cable frame system were easier to install and are now in vogue! As seen in the picture above, the curvilinear frame and the keder-track wall system make these tents efficient for organizing cocktail networking sessions or evening snack spreads.

Key Takeaway:

If you want to set up a ‘Relaxation area’ for your attendees, these tents can do wonders! For tradeshows and exhibits, tents can also be used for ‘beverage breaks’ or product showcases.

Where to find?
  1. American Tent
  2. Absolute Tent Rentals
  3. American Event Tents
For 100 guests, you will have to buy/rent a 20' x 50' 1000 sq. ft. tent only for seating. It may have to be around 30' x 40' 1200 sq. ft. if you plan to have a bar and a buffet.

The 'minimalist' Stage for Your Event Speakers

All Bright Mayfair in 2020 opted for a simplistic stage design for their Q&A sessions on #TwitterForLeaders. Even with minimal elements on the stage, the feel it emits is – visually elegant! Imagine how much you can cut back on logistics, rentals, transportation and fixation costs! In addition, if COVID-19 cases are rising in your locality or near your venue, you can limit your contacts and just ace stage design on your own.

Key Takeaways:

It doesn't take much to become adept at event production and design. You can stand out even if you aren't going full Rick Carter with production!

You have a portable stage ready with simplistic elements like cushioned chairs, a light box display and a table!

In addition, you can purchase self-adhesive floor carpets to color coordinate the entire set and make it aesthetically pleasing. Self-adhesive carpets are also easy to clean and sanitize!

Where to find?

E-commerce giants like Amazon, IKEA and even eBay are great options to surf for cushioned chairs and a table.  In addition, you can purchase self-adhesive carpets from Amazon or local décor stores.

Based on our experience, the best custom lightbox signage companies in the US are:

Rustic Barrels for Catering and Wine Social Hours

At the Latitude Jewelers Art Exhibition opening in Australia, event planners truly made the ‘Best out of Waste!’

For millennial event planners, DIY means Doing It Yourself and using recyclable items to make their event stage chic! Being environmentally conscious with simplistic event material and décor ideas like wooden serving tables can boost your event likeliness quotient and will surely make traditional décor items like plastic obsolete!

In the above example, networking over wine was made memorable using rustic wine barrels and a wooden tabletop! The earthy brown feel doesn't tread into the kitsch; instead, it emits a sophisticated 1970's vibe, which worked well in enticing attendees.

Key Takeaways:

According to an article by Vogue, the much-maligned color brown is back in design! It resonates with modern audiences and gives the liberty of incorporating multi-color elements. 

For your event, if not a wine barrel, you can use wooden tables, plates and cutlery to give networking event dinners a retro feel. In addition, when it comes to using scrap, you can use even use old cardboard boxes to make a unique display at the event venue.

Where to find?

Wine barrels are an easy find in the US! You can go on Etsy or local antique shops or décor stores to find one.

There are also barrel suppliers in the US like – Wine Barrels & Décor and Rustic Barrel Co.

Final Words

There once was a wise event planner who told me, "It never hurts to be over-prepared when it comes to event planning." So, if you are opening the gateways to outdoor events, we recommend adding new event equipment to your inventory! Also, she recommended carrying different DIY event equipment toolkits for conferences, tradeshows, summits, seminars and workshops. For example, you might need a tent for catering/networking at an outdoor exhibit, but you will need a canopy if your purpose is just to provide shade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get event equipment for your next event?

Acquiring event equipment doesn't necessarily have to break your bank! Here are a few tips for sourcing the right event equipment:
  • If budget is not an issue, you can buy new equipment
  • If you want to cut down on your event spending, you can go for rentals
  • If you want to be thrifty, you can either buy refurbished items or dive into your storage to use old equipment

Where to find event equipment in the USA?

The best event equipment suppliers in the USA are:
  1. National Event Supply
  2. International Event Products
  3. Event Equipment Rentals & Sales
  4. Allied Party Rentals

What are the most important marketing and branding equipment for events?

Some important examples of marketing and event branding equipment are:
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Lighting/Projections
  • Badges
  • Wrist bands
  • Event Planner Attire, Staff Attire
  • Swag
  • A wellness kit (It’s a hit amongst attendees after the pandemic)
  • Food and beverages

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