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Five Best Strategies to Market Your Next Virtual Event

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“It’s not about the platform, it’s about the experience you’re trying to create.” – Kristi Sanders

Event planning, promotion, marketing and hosting are some terms that have become widespread in the contemporary economy. Especially hosting virtual events is the real deal for marketers and businesses today! But now and then, even the most expert of marketers can get lost in the digital shuffle. Don't worry; we have a list of the five best ideas to promote your next virtual event. So get your attendees to tune in to your virtual events now!

Be Ready With an Outstanding Event Page

This is the most crucial part of your event marketing, as the attendees will come to your event page to know the details. To entice your attendees to register for your event, you can insert visuals, pictures of your workshop leaders, clips from your previous keynote address, sponsor logos, information about guest performers and anything interesting that comes to mind.

Never Underestimate the Power of Keywords

The best tactic to boost your event discovery in virtual event marketing would be to use trending keywords. Of course, as a business professional, you must have already used keywords for all kinds of published content to rank your website. Similarly, for your event landing page, you can uncover trending words using Google Trends, Ahrefs, Moz Keyword Explorer and more. According to research by Findstack, adding relevant keywords and optimizing your landing page can improve its search results by 48% for Google Maps and organic search. 

Pro-tip: You can also find trending FAQs asked by the audience to include on your landing page. It will help to boost your search results.

Leverage Legendary Email Marketing Tactics

Email marketing accounts for a significant chunk of registrations for an event! Some of the best email marketing tricks to promote your virtual events are:

1) Start with pre-event emails detailing your event theme, date, time and agenda
2) Let attendees drool over exclusive early bird offers and more
3) Leverage social proof like previous attendee testimonials
4) Be open to questions from attendees
5) Offer value propositions and encourage registrants to invite others
6) Send reminder emails as the date nears
7) Thank attendees generously after the event

Offer a Sneak Peek Into ‘what's to Come’ in Your Event

Do you want to keep your attendees excited about your event till the final day? To keep your attendees always hooked, you can send out valuable information, fun facts, witty speaker quotes and more. In addition, just like for film promotions, directors release trailers, teasers, movie snippets and behind the scene footage; you can do the same for your event. This virtual event promotion tactic is bound to keep your attendees excited and increase the number of registrations.

Go Beyond the Borders With Social Media

Virtual events are a boon to event organizers! In the case of virtual conferences, you can target audiences from anywhere on the globe and invite them to attend your event. As a result, you can take your time to announce details about your event on different social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest. Some additional tips for promoting your virtual event on social media are:

• Facebook Events is an excellent tool for event marketers! It is free, details are easy to share and it keeps track of your RSVPs.
• LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B virtual events. You can plan ad campaigns, join groups to promote your event and make a professional event page.
• To trend on Twitter, you can use relevant industry hashtags and create one of your own. In addition, ask your stakeholders to re-tweet your posts to create a mini-tweet storm.
• For Instagram, you can share creative visuals, videos, teasers, and trailers through your account, stories, reels and ads.

Wrapping Up

Promoting a virtual event is open to a lot of creative possibilities! There are no set rules, but it would interest your attendees if you follow email marketing, social media promotions, use buzz-worthy keywords, offer a sneak peek and build a strikingly visual landing page. Some additional tactics you could leverage would be to request your sponsors and speakers to post about your event, issue press releases or write one or two blog posts about your virtual event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a promotional video about my virtual event?

Follow the five best tips to create a promotional video about your event.

1) Make sure the tone of the video represents your brand and event
2) Don’t make it too long, but include all the good footage
3) Try something different like including humorous team member inputs
4) Make sure it is shareable
5) Make your CTA bold and clear 

How long should my virtual event promotional video be?

According to Cincera UK, your event promotional videos should be concise, so people don't hesitate to engage with them. However, it is advised not to exceed the videos above 2-3 minutes.

How far in advance should you promote your virtual event?

According to Vfairs, you should not be too late with your event promotion as it will result in a smaller number of registrations. Instead, you should set up a detailed landing page and start virtual event promotions 2-3 weeks before the set date.

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