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5 Productivity Hacks that Tech-savvy Event Industry Professionals Are Thankful for!

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Knowledge is power, is time, is money.”- Robert Thier

Putting together an unforgettable event requires meticulous planning. On top of meeting deadlines, you need to be able to keep up with the constant changes happening in the whole of the event industry. Throw in the shift to virtual and hybrid events and new technologies practically popping up every day, we are talking about even more challenges and complexities. 

Here’s the good part though!

According to Enterprise Event Marketing, event technologies are increasing attendance by 20%, boosting productivity by 27%, and reducing expenses by 20%–30%, globally. All agree that Event professionals are naturally driven to be highly productive to meet the demands of stakeholders and appease attendee segments, more so in today’s dynamic, tech-driven market.

But here’s the catch!

It can be hard to accomplish reactionary tasks and get ahead on bigger, more forward-thinking event projects - in one-go! So if you’re looking to improve your craft, try these 5 productivity hacks to get more done. Explore Productivity Hacks to Power Up Your Next Event Management Guide

Meet Your New Bestie: The Event Management Platform!

Event management softwares are fast becoming the lifeline of modern-day, corporate event planning. They boost efficiency and save event planners tons of administrative time.

Not only that, but event management platforms help marketers plan, execute, as well as measure in-person, virtual, and hybrid event experiences – quick and easy!

Investing in the right event management software will help you build your event websites, and can further assist you with your event schedule, registrations, attendee messages, ticket sales, and agenda management at the click of a few buttons.

Furthermore, event technology platforms enable event industry professionals to engage and communicate with prospective attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors seamlessly to deliver content and manage event logistics.

Here’re some ways an event management platform can become your no. 1 productivity hack:
  • Automates event management; clones email templates and website templates of different events while keeping the branding consistent across your event portfolio
  • Saves time by creating automated workflows to manage speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors
  • Tracks engagement with integrated marketing automation platforms and Sales force automation (SFA)
  • Unifies all events on a single platform, makes it easier to track event performance
  • Customizable, user-friendly features that save time & money by automating repetitive tasks
  • Your notes and data are backed up in the Cloud, so the entire team is on the same page
Choosing the right event management technology is vital to minimize manual or repetitive tasks & increase productivity. The secret is to work with a platform that provides predictive and prescriptive KPIs. This productivity hack will assist you with end-to-end event planning.

Event management platforms like Eventually can help by introducing intuitive digital tools to event professionals such as yourself, across multiple industries.

Clock Your Effort: The Pomodoro Technique

This is the best productivity hack to boost your morale while giving yourself some much-needed “me time.” The Pomodoro technique states that if you’re keen on accomplishing a task, start by setting a timer for 30 minutes. Then, take a mandatory five-minute break. Simply put, set a timer; start on a single task for 25 minutes. Next, take a 5 minutes break; then repeat. This will boost your efficiency and encourage your mind to think & execute the task faster, all while adding that extra time-bound thrill to it! Event planners are always in a race against time. This technique will encourage you to focus on ONE THING in a set amount of time. Proving that if your priorities are straight, you can accomplish any tasks even in an unrealistic time frame. This technique has proven successful in enhancing productivity tenfold. As your mind works with the timer, it ensures that your work is completed within the deadline.

Creative Planning is the Need of the Hour!

Event management, at its core, is a creative process. Novelty is what makes an event stand out. Successful event planning relies heavily on innovation and the skill to anticipate what attendees may or may not like. Team up with creative partners — comedians, design & visual effects artists, musicians, entertainers, video marketing experts and influencers. The goal is to make your event as captivating as possible. So, get in there; from designing event merchandise to creating Instagram-worthy spaces— challenge your creative partners to think outside the box.

Let Your Tools Do the Heavy Lifting

Event productivity hack 101- having the right tools in your arsenal will help you ease the stress and stay ahead of the game. CareerCast ranks event planning as the sixth-most stressful job in the United States, thanks to all the intense pressure, market unpredictability, and the insane work hours. The transitions to virtual and hybrid events have added even more to the already high degrees of uncertainty! Here’s a list of the best event industry productivity tips & tools to help event industry professionals work more efficiently and get maximum productivity out of their daily grind.


People respond well to interactive visuals. And this digital workspace is the perfect tool for engaging attendees! It allows users to brainstorm, plan, mind map, drag and drop sticky notes; type, and create shapes collaboratively in real time.


Loved by more than 14 million people in 200,000 businesses, Loom leverages video to cut down on emails and meetings. Send a quick message to your vendor or sponsor without having to hop on a call or type in a lengthy email. The best part is that it incorporates both your screen and camera footage into one pane, giving the video viewer a complete picture of what you're explaining.


Tired of sending yourself links to read later or opening a million tabs? True to its name, the pocket lets you store, tailor and categorize content using tags and note key takeaways with highlights to come back and read in your free time.

Don’t Forget the 3 E’s; Eat, Exercise & Avoid early morning E-mails

Add meditation to your morning routine. Intake positive energy and rejuvenate your mind to kick-start your day. Eat healthy and eat at regular intervals. Avoid checking emails first thing in the morning. This creates unnecessary stress and disrupts your morning tranquillity. Bonus event industry productivity tip— Avoid unnecessary distractions when working. Keep your eye on the prize. Understand the purpose and go after it systematically.

Bringing it All Together

Procrastination is the nemesis of productivity. Make a ‘to-do list’ today. Include critical tasks, set a deadline, and leave room for follow-ups in your calendar. Re-organizing your event management calendar is easy! Try one of these five productivity hacks for your next event. Let’s lean on tools, techniques, and strategies to help you work smarter, not harder. With a few tweaks, you can boost productivity, reclaim your peace of mind, and motivate others. Nothing could be more human than that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a freelancing company to allocate event planning tasks?

To save time, event planners can outsource specific tasks and focus their energy on more important, pressing tasks. For example, an event planning freelancer can give you quality output on tasks such as blog writing, website building, customer support video editing and certain event marketing initiatives.

How can I leverage my emails to be more productive?

Event planners juggle numerous emails every day. To simplify your inbox, you can try the Simplify Gmail browser extension. It removes all the extras around your inbox, blocks email spy trackers, offers intuitive keyboard shortcuts and more.

What is online crowdsourcing?

Online Crowdsourcing Tools may assist event planners in developing client lists and narrowing down venues and more. Facebook groups like Delegate Wranglers and #EventProfs Mastermind, are helping hundreds of event planners collaborate, exchange ideas and solutions, daily.

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