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5 SEO Tips for Event Marketers to Boost Visibility

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My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.” – Dave Naylor

It's not important if you are running a small business or working for a Fortune 500 company; SEO practices dictate the success of your business! For example, according to a case study, it came out that Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance wanted to target new high-intent customers, so they altered their keyword strategy by expanding its match type to broad match. The change in the keyword match helped them drive 16% of new sign-ups and quote requests on their website!

As above, do you want to scale your event marketing efforts? Then, take a look at the 6 SEO tips for event planners!

Use the Right Primary and Secondary Keywords

The foundation of a result-yielding SEO strategy is choosing the right keywords! If you want your event to be seen, you will have to start by identifying your page’s primary and secondary keywords. 

You must keep in mind that your main focus should be the primary keywords; the secondary keywords just support the main topic.

What should your keywords represent?

  • Relevancy to your landing page
  • Your brand identity
  • Your services
  • Your event topic and theme

In addition, here are some tools to find keywords for boosting your SEO for event marketing.

  • Google Trends (Free)
  • Ubbersuggest (Free)
  • Search Console (Free)
  • Keyword Hero (Free)
  • Ahrefs (Paid)
  • SEMrush (Paid)
  • Moz Pro (Paid)
  • Screaming Frog (Paid)
  • Yoast SEO for WordPress (Paid)


SEO Tip for Event Visibility: Target Featured Snippets

If you want to amplify your event visibility in searches, make sure you know your audience’s pain points and answer them! One way to go about it will be to target featured snippets.

What Are Featured Snippets?

The search results that display the answer to your query on Google are a featured snippet. Do you know why the feature was designed? It was added so that the user won’t have to navigate to a different page to receive the answer. It is often referred to as a SERP feature in the marketing industry.

How to Format Content to Appear in Featured Snippets?

First, you have to choose a section from the text you want to format as a featured snippet. Next, you can decide if you want it to be a bulleted list, table or just a paragraph. Here are some tips you can refer to:

  1. Choose a relevant section to optimize
  2. Use your keyword tool to find the right keywords with the search intent and SERP feature you are targeting
  3. Use the keywords to see what is appearing as search results
  4. Make sure your content ‘Asks’ and ‘Answers’ the question

Write Crisp Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

To understand the better usage of keywords let’s look at this case study as an SEO guide for event marketing!

Nespresso – a premium coffee brand from Nestle in South Korea, always ran campaigns with industry-specific keywords. Finally, however, they experimented with using generic keywords from their industry to boost their traffic. So what did they notice after? A staggering 90% increase in traffic and 42% higher conversions!

We mean to say that you can even use generic keywords with high search volumes in your event’s content, especially the page titles and meta descriptions. This way, you will notice a spike in event registrations.

A few tips to remember while writing a meta description are:
  1. Make sure your meta description is not going beyond 160 characters
  2. Include target keywords (generic and industry-specific)
  3. Communicate what your event is about
  4. If you have multiple pages, you can use a fresh name and description for each page

Pro SEO Tip for Event Ranking: Write Short URLs

You can scale your on-page SEO with little effort by improving your URL structure! So what can a short and crisp URL do for improving your SEO in event marketing? In simple words, a clean URL means search engines will be able to interpret your event website easily, thereby offering the attendees a better search result in the SERPs.

How to Create a Crisp URL for Your Event?

Even an SEO beginner can refer to the easy steps given below.
  • Try inserting your primary keyword in the URL if possible
  • Make sure the readability of your URL is easy for all types of audiences to comprehend
  • Try to keep your URLs under 60 characters for a user-friendly search result and overcome the pain point of ranking lower

Optimize Your Images for Better Results

A lesser-known SEO tip for events is to use an optimized image with descriptive alt texts for better accessibility! So let’s try to understand this point straightforwardly.

We all know that event landing pages have high-quality images to entice attendees who navigate through the page. So, here are a few points to keep in mind while embedding an image:
  • Make sure the size and formatting of the picture is not too much to avoid slow loading
  • Include a descriptive alt text for your image to integrate more keywords and make your website more accessible
  • Place your image at a strategic location, so it explains the content around it (most preferred – at the top)
  • Optimize your images by creating URLs, so it becomes easy for audiences to share them with others and gives you more backlinks
  • Always test your image on different devices to see how it looks and loads


To wrap it up, if you want your event page to rank higher, there’s no other way than implanting the abovementioned SEO tips for event marketing. At the same time, you need to know that SEO is a process of constant experimentation. Try coming up with original content to boost your event’s visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Event Carousel?

The event pack on Google is a search engine result displayed above the organic search results. It is triggered when you search for events. The event carousel is similar and it displays multiple events on the top for you to scroll through!

As a result, you should keep the event pack and Google Event Carousel in mind while optimizing the pages.

How to use Knowledge Panels in Google for an event venue or performers?

Events are also displayed in the Knowledge Panel section, along with performers and venues for businesses. It occurs when you search for a particular person, place, organization or things in general.

How to use it? Take a look below.
  1. Go to Google Search and search for the person you represent
  2. After finding their knowledge panel, you can click on ‘claim’ at the bottom
  3. Review the information once and sign in to one of the official sites or profiles listed for the person

Which areas must be marked while using event schema on Google?

Important areas that have to be marked on Google for making your event visible are:
  • Location
  • Address
  • Name
  • Start and end date
  • Description
  • Image
  • Location’s name
  • Offers
  • Offer price
  • Speakers

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