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Early Bird Marketing Strategies for Event Registrations

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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

Registration is the ultimate goal of the event management process. An event registration campaign is built on the ability of an organizer to have attendees registered for their event as early as possible. This is where early-bird registration steps in!

What Is Early Bird Registration?

Early Bird Registration is a marketing channel through which event organizers offer prospective attendees exclusive discounts for registering early for an event. It allows them to create mass anticipation around the event and propel sales. However, these offers come with strictly followed deadlines where discounts get rewarded for signing up before it passes. Having taken an early bird ticket also makes attendees more engaged and excited about the event. According to research, coupons have physiological and psychological impact on humans.

One of the prime advantages it offers organizers is that it crucially sets sales in motion, streamlines event budgeting and offers potential attendees added discounts for enrolling early for an event.

How Is Early Bird Registration Useful?

Early Bird is a registration hack that many organizers use for events like:
  • Webinars
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Lectures
  • Product launches
Attendees get to avail a special deal when signing up for an event through early bird registrations, as the prices are lower than at any point in the registration campaign. Organizers benefit significantly from it, too, as it prevents their worst nightmare – a no-show event!

How Is Early-Bird Registration Phased Out?

Typically, there are a few ways in which early bird registrations should be structured so long as phasing it out is concerned. First, event organizers can put a specific time period until the offer lasts. For e.g., ensure that the early bird offer is only limited for a week from its announcement. Another way to plan these registrations is to limit the number of early bird tickets to sell. For e.g., be specific in ticketing communication and mention that early bird passes are only applicable to the first 100 applicants! 

Giving early bird discounts only to members or subscribers is another tact to propel registrations. It provides prospects added incentive to sign up. However, factoring in your expected profit and estimated attendance is an absolute must before deciding on the time limit or the number of tickets you will make available in the early bird ticketing capacity. 

Early Bird essentially offers event organizers a solid platform to build their ticketing campaign and this impetus should be carried forward relentlessly.

What Are the Different Kinds of Early-Bird Registrations?

Early bird offers can be of various kinds, but they all essentially revolve around one theme – providing a unique proposition, a benefit or a discount. So, let’s take a look at some of them:


Discount is often associated with early bird registrations. While is the reward quite often, all early bird tickets don’t necessarily contain a discount. Some event organizers offer promotional items, exclusive event merchandise, coupons and even discounts on other events they are hosting in the near future. Organizers should be watchful that these discounts and rewards are exclusive in nature to build credibility and avoid attendee displeasure and confusion. Make sure that the discounts offered on the early bird tickets are lower than any offer over the course of the event registration campaign.


Apart from deadlines, organizers can include various restrictions for early bird registrations. Restrictions can be limited considering the geographical and demographical contexts of the event. For example, organizers can opt to offer early-bird discounts to only those who are residents of the same country where the event is being hosted and not to others who travel to the event, or vice-versa.

Prioritize Repeat Attendees

This is a registration hack! When announcing early bird tickets, organizers should consider announcing them to last year’s attendees before others. Attendees who were present at your previous events or last year’s edition of the same event would be much easier to convert than those who haven’t experienced your event at all. 

Speaker-Led Approach

One unique method to push for early bird registrations is to leverage the presence of keynote speakers and experts at your event. Their expertise and past sessions amplify the hype and anticipation around your event, and promoting them along with the event in one go could lead to more prospects enrolling for your event! 

Play the Referral Card

Referrals make a big difference, and event organizers should not just acknowledge but also integrate and utilize this particular tactic to boost ticket sales. Ensure that those attendees who have already signed up for the event let their other peers know the benefits of early bird tickets and persuade them to sign up as well. In return, organizers can offer referral fees or discount coupons on paid in-event activities to those referring.

Wrapping Up

Early Bird registrations boost an event through more efficient and quicker registrations. Event organizers know how important early bird ticket registrations are for an event to get off and running on the sales front. The tips and strategies mentioned above will ensure organizers have a seamless experience strategizing their early bird event registrations!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get maximum registration for an event?

Some ways in which you can get max registrations for an event are:
  • Connecting with people in a related industry.
  • Keeping atop industry developments and improvements.
  • Engaging with important, well renowned speakers.
  • Analyzing your competitors and learning what they're doing.

How are event prices set?

Add the total cost of the food, venue, entertainment, and misc. expenses. Follow that up and divide that number by the amount of people you want to attend. This will provide you with the average cost for each attendee. Determine how much profit you want to make from the event to set your break-even point.

How do you effectively write an Early Bird offer?

Some effective ways to write an early bird offer are:
  • Curate your early bird pricing strategy so that it expires within a certain time frame.
  • Limit the window to book to introduce the fear of missing out.
  • Mention when your pricing offer is valid until and be firm with your offer deadline.

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