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Corporate Event Marketing: The Complete Guide

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Being a businesswomen or businessman, and holding a trophy of success is not very difficult but to maintain the business for a long time with decided objective, contented customers, and a great team is a hard nut to crack. There are several things that help to escalate your business and make it different. One of the most important things is corporate event marketing that drives your business the way you want, provided you implement it in a very sophisticated manner.

A corporate event is any type of event or social action which is conducted by a business individual. These events are conducted for, organization individuals, partners, employees, clients, or potential customers. Organizations conducted these events for some reasons, be it to instruct, reward, inspire, commend any achievements, organizational changes or encourage collaboration.

Types of Corporate Event

Here are the best and most common types of corporate events that various prominent organizations hold.

  • Product launch - Product launching is a very enthusiastic part of a corporate event wherein a new product or service is launched in the market. The objective of the event is to aware everyone inside the company, partners, and potential customers about the product or service.
  • Seminars - A seminar might be characterized as a gathering of individuals to discuss an important subject. Such events are normally intuitive meetings where the members participate in discussions about the outlined topic. The meetings are typically headed or driven by a host.
  • Networking events - Networking events are an amazing opportunity for professionals to have a get-together and making robust connections. Here you come to know about various industries and their way of working. The determination of conducting networking events is to grow a network of the respective industry.
  • Business dinners - A business dinner is some casual form of event where employees, customers take a break from their daily hectic schedule and have dinner together. The idea behind the business dinner is to discuss business or some other topics in a very casual manner just like a conversation. This event generally consists of basic chit-chat, relaxations, and the company’s next planning.
  • Charity events - A charity event has two objectives: to bring issues to light for a particular reason and fund-raise. Now, it’s your call to clarify what your cause is and what its meaning for lives.
  • Company meetings - It’s a kind of event where the company’s personnel meet and discuss the company’s growth, planning, marketing strategy, return on investment, and much more. The directors and also the members of the company mainly discuss regarding the company’s affair.
  • Experiential - Experiential events are being popular progressively as organizations hope to make a strong bond with their clients. The thought is to drench participants inside the brand and informing through fun and significant experience. By adjusting good feelings to your brand or business, clients are bound to invest in your products as they will feel genuinely associated with it.

Amazing Corporate Event Marketing Ideas

Any business that needs to fabricate enduring connections has to realize how to deliver professional events. Whether it is seminars or product launching, it is the strategic approach to reach out to your audience and influence them. Events play a very crucial role in the establishment of a brand. In an inevitably digital world, corporate events permit individuals to relate in an individual manner and foster veritable associations. Therefore, conducting corporate events has become significant, but its marketing is more important.

Here are various innovative corporate event marketing ideas that will lift your business and give you immeasurable growth.

  • Today’s need: Social Media - You can reach thousands of people by using social media. It’s in vogue, 82% of the U.S. people are using social media like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  This equals approximately 223 million. Making some creative or engaging posts can easily reach the people you are looking for. 
  • An appealing approach on your Website - 30 million businesses in the U.S., only 64% of businesses have a website. You should have your website therefore it will be easy to track your traffic. If you already have your website audience then you just need to persuade them to visit the event. Make a landing page with key information so that the audiences get the appropriate information.
  • Reach immeasurable with email marketing – In 2019 global email users amounted to 309 billion users. And, in 2023 this figure will reach 4.3 billion so, this is the biggest opportunity to approach millions in an attempt by just saving your time.
  • Experiential marketing or Loyalty marketing - Experiential marketing allows you to associate with your clients in a legitimate and relatable manner, while building brand mindfulness and reliability. Your clients have the chance to associate with your brand and experience it in a the manner they would never do with conventional marketing, and you have the chance to make the astonishing experience that forms trust and reliability with your present clients and allure future clients to know more about your brand.
  • Influencer marketing, magic for all- Influencer Marketing industry is set to grow to approximately $13.8 billion in 2021. 90% of respondents believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing. An influencer is somebody who uses significant impact in your industry or with your target audience. They can be anybody from celebrities with a huge number of followers to regular individuals. With influencer marketing, you advance your image through them. At the point when they back your item, their believability adds to yours and accumulates a reliable reputation for the brand. With the help of an influencer, you can certainly influence the people towards your event.
  • Print media booms when accurately placed - At the point when the Internet was made, it changed the manner in which organizations or businesses promoted. Some claimed that print media was fated. Fortuitously, they weren't right! Print material can flourish when it is expertly made and precisely positioned. In contrast to the digital advertisement, a print piece can be put anyplace – at the neighborhood cafés, transport stations, close-by eateries, and many different spots. Different advantages of print pieces incorporate its capacity to focus on a group of people, increment validity and respectability, and offer engagement.
  • Press release or press conference – Through press conferences or press releases the information can be easily received by the people. It includes all the required information about the event. A proper way of writing a press release helps a lot to gain popularity of your event.
  • Feel the pulse of the nation through video – Video event advertising is a significant tool for each progression of the event promotion measure. As per 2019 video event marketing insights, 73% of advertisers have all expanded their utilization of the video. It helps to connect the people easily and give a huge impact on your audiences.
  • Avoid leaving any gap holistically with 360 degree campaign-  A 360° marketing campaign is a wide-ranging innovative campaign idea across all the brand's marketing blend components, intended to execute an essential brand strategy(usually situating). In simple words, a 360 advertising effort centers around conveying a predictable message through all the marketing mix components.
  • Artificial intelligence for the new world - Artificial intelligence has improved marketing technology in these years and this pattern will proceed as information assortment develops and platforms become progressively modern. Artificial intelligence can be used to make an event marketing more viable and productive, removing redundant undertakings from the hands of human advertisers so they have more opportunity to produce new innovative ideas.
  • Mascots are fun to boost your brand identity- Marketing mascots will help your association both increment its brand identity and connect with your target customers. This is especially significant in the present competetive business world, in which associations are continually searching for better approaches to connect with their audience and make a corporate story that clients will become tied up with. This is a cost-effective step to make your corporate event better.
  • Gifts & Offers – Who doesn’t like gifts & offers? Most of the marketers believe that surprising the customers or target audience with gifts & discounts woo them to attend your event. They expect more to know.
  • Blogging; innovation of writing - Half of the top 200 Fortune 500 companies had a corporate blog in 2018. 80% of internet users interact with both social media sites and blogs. Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog. Writing persuasive blogs about your event and mentioning all the necessary information enhance your attendees.
  • Get maximum results by implementing SEO – Implementing proper SEO (search engine optimization) on different platforms like; social media, websites, blogging. It improves your websites or other platform to make them more visible so that you can experience new visitors.
  • All ears to your radio - Radio is anytime, anywhere medium and reaches a huge audience so promoting your events on the radio is effective.

Things to Take Care While Promoting Corporate Events

  • While promoting your event you will have to understand the objective of the event. If you are not extremely sure about the motto of the event, it’s difficult to execute it properly.
  • Budget is an important part of an event. It should be realistic. You must know that how you are allocating the money in the different parts of promotions.
  • Be sure about the technical support you are taking to promote your webinar or an event.
  • Make a ‘To do list’ and assign the work systemically so that it would be easy for you to calculate it.
  • Make sure about the legal term while promoting events. It differs from place to place.
  • Things happen and things happen on time. There are two different things, therefore, be consistent at every place whether it is digital approach or physical approach.
  • Sometimes, being innovative hurts the religious or political sentiments thus, take a note of it.
  • Know your audience completely. It will help you to explain or educate them about your event.
  • Attendees’ engagement is very important hence plan accordingly.

Why Corporate Event Marketing Is So Important

Promoting your corporate events is exceedingly mandatory. Reaching your audience tactically helps to enhance sales, leads, build brand affinity, credibility and give obvious outcome.

Following these promotional tips and strategy while organizing corporate events can make your dream true in terms of productivity, significant information, enthusiastic clients, ideal results, and unparalleled success.

Corporate Event Marketing in 2021

Holding immeasurable uncertainty we entered in 2021 where we can't predict anything in the world of business. As we can see that most of the corporate events have been happening virtually therefore, going in the same flow will be helpful. Things that have been earlier mentioned in the article are really very effective to make your event profitable still there are few points that should be noted to make your event incredible.

  •       Updated with latest technology and trend
  •       Holding robust social media presence
  •       Maintaining brand website
  •       Always approach to the audience with planning and strategy


1. How do you market a corporate event?

Promoting your events on social media, radio, print media, and wowing your target audience with offers or discounts makes your event a success.

2. How do you manage corporate events?

Ensuring these three steps it is easy to manage corporate events

  1. Preplanning and systematic allocation of work regarding the event
  2. Promotion of the events: Digital and print.
  3. Evaluating the decided objectives of the event.

3. What are the different types of corporate events?

There are different corporate events like; Product launching, charity events, networking events, seminars, and experiential events.

Social media

Facebook & LinkedIn

The ultimate guidance to promote your event in a holistic and modern way in 2021.


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