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Five Common Virtual Event Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Hosting a virtual event is the latest trend in the event industry. The changed circumstances and boom in technology have made virtual events even more popular recently. As per a recent study by Grand View Research on the virtual event industry, the international virtual events market was valued at US$94.04 billion in 2020 and is estimated to upsurge with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.7% from 2021 to 2028. Almost every SME and large business uses digital platforms for their events or meetings, but are we correctly using the successful virtual event concept?

There are several specific mistakes that professionals make while organizing a virtual event. These include getting off the event track, under-structuring the event, presenting heavy PowerPoint content and overcomplicating the virtual event. Although these are some specific mistakes, they can be avoided by addressing the five most critical and common mistakes that many virtual event organizers make in planning virtual events.

We'll outline these five most common mistakes that many virtual event organizers make in planning. It will help you understand the event mistakes in detail. In addition, we'll include helpful tips on how to avoid them in your upcoming events.

1 Five Common Virtual Event Mistakes

1.1 Selecting a Random Platform

One common virtual event mistake that many event organizers make is selecting a random platform for their event. Event organizers sometimes choose just any trending, virtual event platform. As a result, deciding on the platform without analyzing its features and your feature requirements can put you in an unpleasant situation during an event.

1.1.1 How to Avoid

One of the first things you must be vigilant about is a virtual event platform. Don't go for any random platform that is popular or that is suggested by someone in your business circle. Understand the platform features, analyze your requirements and, finally, decide which platform is best. Access a demo of the virtual event platform before finalizing your choice.

1.2 Replicating In-person Event Experience

Many event organizers want to make the virtual experience similar to the in-person event; however, you should not compare the virtual experience to the in-person experience. Common event success strategies do not work for all event types. Replicating the in-person event experience as a virtual event may diminish the event experience. Instead, decide on digitally compatible goals for your virtual events and plan for improved involvement of the virtual event audience.

1.2.1 How to Avoid

Never interchange the audience engagement strategies for different event types. Instead, make clear plans to make the virtual event engaging, entertaining and informative. Build virtual, event-friendly content and craft various innovative, audience-engagement ideas that will work on the digital platform. For example, choose a speaker who has hands-on experience in delivering speeches at virtual events.

1.3 Ignoring Rehearsals

You will need a good speaker, experienced event organizers and other exceptional technical and creative staff to make the virtual event successful. In other words, it's teamwork that makes the event planner's world go 'round. Unfortunately, contrary to this understanding, many event teams fail to rehearse before their event goes live. Mistakes like these can lead to unexpected circumstances during the event, detracting from your event quality and overall impression.

1.3.1 How to Avoid

Always practice before the event goes live. Rehearse and test everything that is planned for the event. Figure out what can go wrong ahead of time and find ways to avoid these errors from happening again. This practice session will help you understand how to enhance the virtual event experience.

1.4 Going Without a Virtual Host

Many virtual event organizers think that there is no need for an event host. The speaker and team often believe that they can manage the virtual event without a host. But we must correct this misconception ahead of time. The absence of an event host may cause the event to go off track or fail to achieve the event goal. In addition, this can cause the event to fall apart and ultimately discredit the virtual event experience.

1.4.1 How to Avoid

Always hire a professional, virtual host to make the event flow easily. A host performs many responsibilities throughout the event, such as introducing the event sponsors, demonstrating the platform technology and acknowledging the comments and questions popping up in the comment box. It is wise to always go with a host who is an expert multi-tasker and thinks quickly on their feet to make your event more interactive.

1.5 Disregarding Comments and Questions

You will get many comments and questions before, during and after the event for virtual events. Unfortunately, many times these comments and questions remain unanswered by the event team. Therefore, organizers must appoint a dedicated team to respond to comments from the virtual attendees. Every attendee and their concerns and opinions make a valuable difference for businesses, so each must get an answer. Disregarding any of these, in this case, could reflect poorly on the intended outcome of your virtual event.

1.5.1 How to Avoid

Getting a quick-witted host or an event team to answer the event attendees' comments and questions would help to avoid this mistake. In addition, prompt response from the event team will assist in creating a favorable reputation for the business in the attendees' minds. It can also help build professional relationships with attendees.

You have explored the most common virtual event mistakes and learned what works to avoid them. Although none of the errors mentioned above are difficult to correct, every virtual event team must be ready to identify and correct any of these potential problems.


A virtual event is the next level of experience for event attendees. It is not the same as that of in-person events where audience members get distracted by multiple things. During virtual events, all the attendees are looking at the screen throughout the event. Because of this, it is best if you were more careful and presentable during these events in particular. Any mistakes can make the event tedious, confusing, or even irrelevant. Understand the solution given above and make your virtual event even more exciting and entertaining on digital platforms.


1. What are the top three mistakes that can occur during a virtual event?

Selecting the wrong platform, going without a virtual host and replicating the in-person event are the top three mistakes that occur during virtual events.

2. How can virtual events be improved?

Building quality content and hiring a proficient keynote speaker can improve the overall virtual event experience.

3. Why should we track virtual event mistakes?

Tracking the mistakes in virtual events can help us avoid such mistakes in the future and organize a more polished virtual event while achieving the set goals.

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