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Dear Event Attendee, Avoid This Mistake When Attending A B2B Event!

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There are 1000 unread emails lying in your inbox……and you certainly don’t have the time to address all of them as you arduously undertake the entire schedule of your work day. And … beep … here comes another email! The email requesting feedback for the business event you attended over the weekend has just arrived along with a special discount coupon! But why should you contribute 5 minutes from your already jam-packed schedule to fill up a form?

We understand that you have already attended the event, accessed the relevant information and knowledge that you sought and expanded your business network by adding fellow attendees on LinkedIn or even met them for future business partnerships. So how is then drafting an event review beneficial to you?

Why Should The Attendees Write Event Reviews?

Annual sponsored events like MAICON, B2B Summit and Gartner Symposiums invite the attendees to review their event experience in a bid to improvise year-after-year. So what are the perks the attendees get in exchange? The attendees receive exclusive discounts and rewards, that they can redeem when they register for the event in its forthcoming annual cycle. Also, who doesn’t want trendy event swag and tokens of appreciation to adorn the walls of their homes?

As seen above, Hayley Jordan, the wellness expert and mental health coach, can be seen boasting about the freebies and goodies that she received from a recent event. She has added informative details of the event and how it helped her grow her business network in the caption of her LinkedIn post. Her post was trending for the hashtag ‘#wellnessevent’ and reached prospective attendees who are highly likely now to register for similar events in the future. This is a win-win situation for both the attendee and the event organizers!

Don’t Disregard That Increased Credibility Score

Event reviews published with your name add authority to your professional stature. Your peers discover the events you have been attending and the knowledge you have gained through these verified post-event reviews. Your experience displayed in the world of internet can be accessed by your peers when they need guidance with regards to the B2B events they should be attending! You become the source of reliable information for everyone around you.

Victoria Matey, an Event Psychologist and Consultant based in Seattle, has written a long review in appreciation of the event organizers of Nudgestock 2021, a B2B event that she had attended. The virtual event took place on one of the well-known event platforms but despite the faultless arrangements, one of the speaker’s internet connection failed and the event attendees were all in a sudden frenzy. But a moderator, who was well-versed with the topic, took up the conversation from the point where the speaker left it and concluded it with added grace and poise.

Victoria’s positive review about the mentioned event portrays her as a seasoned professional and helps people from her profession reach out and connect with her for guidance about events in her industry.

Stop Being Blind to Your Ticket to Better Event Experiences!

As an attendee you are accountable for sharing your unbiased views so that event organizers can curate better event experiences. You might attend this event again, or your peers and office colleagues could register for it. This is why you must shoulder the responsibility of bringing the faults and virtues of the event to the organizer’s notice. You can help in accelerating the event’s success by conveying your own experience. The organizers can fill in the gaps and create effective events for the future attendees.

Travis Jones, Director of Events at Autodesk, has written a crisp review for an event partner, Meetingplay. This review covers all aspects of how Meetingplay creates an all-round experiential event experience that can awe the attendees. Travis has added how Meetingplay can enhance the experience by including more networking and engagement opportunities.

To Summarize

Reviews are leveraged by organizers to garner more attention and get prospects to register for their events. But, in addition to that, reviews also retain the attendees by giving them better event experiences year-after-year. As an event attendee, when you write a review, you must know that you hold the power to guide your peers and to change the course of the organizer’s entire event by sharing your unbiased opinions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tools where you can review B2B events?

There are many websites available online where an event attendee can review the B2B events they have recently attended. Some of these popular review websites for B2B events are: -
  • TrustPilot
  • Bizzabo
  • Eventually
  • EventBrite
Apart from these websites, you can also review the B2B event on your own LinkedIn profile so that it can be accessed and viewed by your connections.

Should you trust event reviews written by your peers?

Verified event reviews from your peers are credible and unbiased sources of information. These can be trusted as the reviewers have attended the events and been subjected to the event experience that they are sharing their opinions upon. Some event organizations offer freebies and rewards for reviews but irrespective of that, it is ensured that the reviewers are verified and true.

What are the points I should take note of to write an event review?

While writing an event review – be true and completely honest. As this review will be displayed with your name attached to it, being authentic is of major significance. Apart from that here are a few points you must keep in mind while writing a B2B event review.
  • Make it short and crisp. It needs to be to-the point.
  • Add all the important points like event technology used, the overall event experience.
  • Don’ forget to mention the speakers.
  • Add what value the event has presented to you and your business.
  • Include the negative points in a very thoughtful manner, so that improvements can be made.

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