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Are you in charge to drive event registration for your upcoming event campaign? You will need the best event marketing tools as powerful assistance for your event marketing. With the right promotional tools, you can maximize your event ROI. There are hundreds of event promotional tools, but you should choose the right one for your event campaign and that is a challenge. In this blog, we will help you to pick the best and powerful marketing tool to make your event a success.

1 What is an Event Marketing?

Event marketing is promoting a product, brand, or service in-person or virtually. Events can be online or offline. Event marketing helps to build a stronger relationship with both customers and prospects. During the pandemic, maximum events have turned digital and have leverage the power of event marketing to receive live experiences and achieve business goals. Digital events such as webinars or live-streamed workshops are included in event marketing. In promotion of any event, use of event marketing tools play a very crucial role in the success of an event.

2 Top-Notch Event Marketing Tools

Here are the top powerful marketing tools for your event marketing campaigns to maximize your event reach. These tools will boost engagement, attendance, and return visits for your upcoming events. Must-have event marketing tools to maximize and measure event ROI.

2.1 Automation Tools

2.1.1 HubSpot

Promoting your event can involve thousands of automated tools and limited to a single method of doing so. HubSpot is one such marketing automation tool that eliminates manual work, saves time, and helps the sales team to sell.

HubSpot provides full-service software with marketing, sales, and customer service professional software. Some of the popular HubSpot features include landing page creation, marketing automation, lead generation, SEO, to cultivate, score and track leads, use data analytics to track and optimize your event marketing strategy. HubSpot makes the promotion of event marketing easy and smooth.

2.1.2 Adobe Campaign

Adobe campaign is a powerful marketing automation tool in addition to a resource management tool. Adobe campaign marketing help you to personalize campaigns both on and offline. With the email marketing feature, you can keep a track of recipient’s previous behaviours and interests and accordingly provide them with personalized emails. Adobe cloud service combines well with analytics, targets, and other Adobe systems enabling improvement in ROI and lowers the cost of ownership. Customer data management gives you the details of your customers which can be led the way to personalized campaigns at an enterprise scale.

2.1.3 Marketo

Marketo is yet another marketing automation software and is designed for mid-size companies. Marketo primarily focuses on email marketing, lead management, customer base marketing, mobile marketing, and consumer marketing. Marketo leads to developing user-friendly campaigns involving no coding by users. Marketo is like HubSpot offering a wide range of digital marketing tools to promote your event and outreach potential attendees.

2.2 Integration Tools

2.2.1 Zapier

Zapier is the highest-rated integration app and the easiest to automate your work. This is one of the best in use integration tools for event promotion. It helps users to integrate, automate, and innovate. Link your web apps with just a few clicks, which helps to share data. Pass information between your apps with workflow to automate a certain process. Zapier enables to build process faster and get more work done with no coding required. Zapier focuses to make automation easy and accessible to everyone at work and save time with automation.

2.2.2 Webhooks

Webhooks are automated messages or data transferred between web apps once something happens on a platform or service. Webhooks are like Zapier and much like SMS notifications. Webhooks sends real-time information and are a great help for event management. First configure the URL for receiving the information, then allocate a specific trigger event. For example, if you set your specific trigger as “subscription”, once the event occurs a notification is sent to your specified URL.

2.3 Data and Analytics Tools

In today’s modern and ever-changing business world, analytics and correct data play a key role. There are a varied number of analytics tools that can help you to make precise decisions and grow. The following Data and Analytics tools mentioned happen to be the most used event marketing tools.

2.3.1 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful analytics tool and a favourite of many event planners. Google Analytics is a free tool and provides useful insights to event marketers such as

  • Journey of people who go through your event website.
  • Demographic details of people who visited your event website.
  • Conversion rates (downloads, registration, or purchase)
  • Number of visitors to your event website
  • The average amount of time spent on your webpage.

and many more.

Collection and analysis of such valuable information through Google Analytics help event marketers better understand their audience and customers and make the promotion of events easier by targeting the right audience. Google Analytics is one of the popular event marketing tools.

2.3.2 Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free website optimizing tool from Google. Google Optimize is a very promising tool for building and running A/B tests and allows you to do experiments and tests your website’s content to learn what works for your visitors.

2.3.3 Tableau

Tableau is a paid-for service and is a powerful and fastest-growing data visualization tool. Tableau helps users to see and understand their data and connect the data with whomever they need to and connect to any database, drag, and drop to create visualizations, and share it with just a click. Tableau helps the event marketers to create the data in form of interactive graphics, bar graphs, easily understood by professionals.

2.4 Task Management tools

2.4.1 Asana

Asana is a project management tool to help the team reach its goals. Asana is configured to enhance team collaboration and work management process. Firstly, users need to put the project inside Asana such as the launching of a new event website, and then the project is split into multiple necessary tasks. Asana helps you to create tasks, define workflows, assigning a task to individual team members, set due dates, communicate about tasks, and track member’s progress.

2.4.2 Trello

Trello is yet another project management tool and communication management tool for event marketing. It is a collaboration tool built on Kanban methodology organizing projects into boards. In Trello, each board is organized into systematic columns containing a bunch of cards informing about specific task information, what is being worked on, where something is in a process, due dates, and who is working on what. Trello is popular because of its simplicity.

2.5 Communication Tools

Communication among team members is very crucial for any organization. Here is the best communication tool for event marketing.

2.5.1 Slack

Slack is one of the best communication tools for events. Slack is like a messaging app that connects people as one unified team and makes the sharing of information and conversation with other team members fast and efficient. Slack is a popular communication tool that is much more than just a handy messaging service. Slack makes sharing and storage of files, documents, and videos in the app possible. Slack integrates with Dropbox, Trello, G Suite, Asana, and more.

2.6 Event Management Tools

2.6.1 Boomset

Boomset is a cloud-based event management software solution. The major features are check-in, on-demand badge printing, RIFD management, signature collection, lead retrieval, kiosk check-in, and multi-session tracking. Boomset is the easiest robust all-in-one event management tool for both in-person as well as virtual events with all the solutions and functionality you need.

2.7 Design Tools

Design Tools for events play an important role to make the promotion of an event visually appealing. These tools will help you in the promotion of your event to a new level.

2.7.1 Canva

Canva is an online design tool that allows you to design eye-catching graphics and post them anywhere you wish to post. To do so, you firstly need to sign up for a free account. You can choose from hundreds of templates available; they have templates for every kind of website banner, social media posts, blogs, infographics, posters, flyers, and many more. Once you choose your template you can customize it as per your preference. You can use your specified dimensions, change colours, add text, pictures, and graphs making it your own. Can also provide you with images to choose from, choose the image that is perfect for your project, download it, and can be used in your event marketing. Canva is a visually enhancing event marketing tool used for promotion.

2.7.2 Pixlr

There are plenty of event marketing tools to make your event a success. Pixlr is a similar tool to Canva. Pixlr is a next-generation photo editing app having both web and mobile versions and can be used on any WiFi-enabled device.


Events are the top lead generation source for B2B marketers. Event marketing is important for every corporation and enterprise to promote their event. Event marketing has existed for a long period but now it has evolved with new ways and methods. There are multiple event marketing tools to boost your digital outreach and onsite engagement. Few of the above event marketing tools may help you in the event marketing process providing greater value and maximize your event ROI.


1 How to find best tool for event promotion?

Selecting the right tool for your event promotion is the hardest part of event planning and event marketing. When selecting your event marketing tool, consider these few points such as make sure your selected event management tool is easy to use, secondly, consider the reviews and referrals of other departments who have test drove the tool.

2 What is the best communication tool for event?

The best communication tool for events worldwide used is Slack. It is a bit sophisticated cloud-based compared to other communication tools like Skype. Make sure all the team members are on the same channel. Slack makes the conversation easy through instant messaging between your teams.

3 What is the best tool to track event ROI?

Google Analytics is believed to be the best event marketing tool to track event ROI. Google Analytics gives you the details about happenings on your event page that helps you to track conversions on your webpage. Google Analytics helps you to calculate the success of your event.

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