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Five Groundbreaking Tips to Event Engagement in 2022

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“Entertainment is all right, but entertainment with an idea behind it is much more important.” – Gregory Peck

Has event engagement become more crucial for event organizers in 2022? Well, it has become a tough nut to crack for many organizers. According to Visme, 71.67% of event marketers have reported that they find engaging attendees in virtual events a big challenge. However, even though event engagement has been around for a while, not all marketers have executed it to perfection.

To save precious time, we have made a list of five groundbreaking event engagement ideas that are sure to work! So let’s get to it right away.

Let Attendees Make Their Own Mosaic

Event engagement in virtual, in-person or hybrid events doesn't have to be taxing! In the world of social media, people like to share their experiences with their followers through photos, videos, reels and stories. As an organizer, you can use it to your advantage and allow attendees to snap multiple pictures of themselves at the event. Tools like Snapbar provide a virtual photo booth experience with additional exciting filters and different frames options. It gives a chance to attendees to express themselves while having fun at the event.

You can encourage attendees to click pictures and share the collective mosaic during the event, after the event or on social media networks by tagging you and your event. The best part about Snapbar is that it integrates with event platforms like Hopin.

Exciting Cameos or Pre-recorded Messages

Do you know what can be a big surprise for your attendees? A big celebrity cameo or a pre-recorded message from a famous person! A cameo can be used for many commercial processes like marketing, advertising, engagement, promotion and the list goes on.

You can invite TV personalities, singers, sports stars, actors, artists, famous industry personalities and even popular pets for a fun cameo during your event. For example, if you have a tech event, imagine a celebrity persona giving a peek into the kind of gadgets they use, games they play or the type of technology they use for a movie. It would excite attendees to the supreme! To move it up a notch, if you have an in-person event and your marketing team can land a celebrity for the event, you can organize a meet and greet for attendees.

Brainstorming Exclusively With Miro

Most of the events have exclusive networking sessions for attendees and sponsors to engage with like-minded people for business, collaboration and partnerships. To make networking more exciting and engaging for attendees, you can leverage digital whiteboard tools like Miro!

Miro is a digital whiteboard tool that enables people and teams to brainstorm, collaborate and ideate even in a virtual setting. It works great for discussing collaborative projects, presentations, explanations and demonstrations. Now, attendees can form teams to draw charts, mindmap or fill the whiteboard with sticky notes during event networking sessions. It acts as an infinite canvas for attendees!

Offer Event Swag to Attendees That Can Be Used During the Event

Who doesn't like free merchandise or products? In the new world of event marketing, event swag and merchandise play a huge role. To drive more engagement at your event, you can customize or give products that attendees can use during the event. For example, you can make a personalized swag bag and either deliver it before the event or provide it to attendees at the venue. It will definitely get attendees excited about your event!

Now, what items can you give to attendees?
  • Unique games
  • Membership vouchers to access essential tools
  • Customized mugs
  • Eco-friendly bags
  • Wellness kits
  • Food coupons or vouchers
  • Branded stationery
  • Gadgets (If you have a reasonable budget!)

Unique In-event Experiences Between Sessions

Sometimes, if you have several back-to-back event sessions planned, your attendees might need a brain break in between. You will lose attendee concentration if you don’t give them a much-needed break. As a result, to drive engagement and provide relaxation to attendees, you can offer attendees exciting sessions with fun activities planned for them.

Now, what kind of fun activities will attendees like? Here are some ideas.
  • Invite experts who can conduct a guided meditation session for attendees to relax
  • Mental health and wellness experts who can help attendees combat fatigue, burnout and more
  • Invite popular baristas or gourmets to offer scrumptious food and coffee making sessions
  • Hire a magician to delight attendees with some magic tricks


In 2022, there's no need for organizers to be stumped by the lack of event engagement ideas. The landscape for entertainment, engagement and events is evolving as we speak! So, all you need is to look for exciting ways to pique your audience's attention. Multiple ways like virtual photo booths, celeb cameos, digital whiteboards, event swag bags, and in-event break sessions can do the job for you! As we advance, you can even leverage your sponsors, event and media partners to plan event engagement strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some post-event engagement activities for attendees?

Some cool activities to continue engagement even after your event are:
  • Welcome guest blogs about your event from willing attendees
  • Engage attendees in a post-event tweet contest and offer exciting rewards
  • Request attendees for concise video clips about their event experience to make a video
  • Engage attendees in a social media contest for event survey or feedback
  • Make a social wall for attendees at your website to share their photos sporting your event swag

How can event engagement be improved?

Four simple ways to improve engagement activities at events are:
  1. Incorporate fun seating arrangements that allow people to network and take part in activities as a group
  2. Plan activities that let people engage with one another as well as the speaker
  3. Measure event engagement status through event apps or social media
  4. Encourage attendees to form communities on your event app for collaboration

How do you make a virtual event engaging?

The five best ways to make virtual events engaging are:
  1. Create quizzes, event trivia, puzzles and questionnaires
  2. Encourage live event polling and voting
  3. Create a group learning experience
  4. Leverage virtual tools that allow attendees to have fun, ideate, click pictures and share stuff socially
  5. Maximize communication amongst stakeholders and attendees through guided conversations

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