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Here's How Event Reviews Are Crucial for Speakers!

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“Customers who love you will market for you more powerfully than you can possibly market yourself.” – Jeanne Bliss

From buying mobile phones to contacting businesses, it's rare for the audience to make a blind decision! User-generated content positively affects the way you are perceived across industries. Positive peer-to-peer reviews mean more credibility for the organizer and his or her event in the event industry, which is directly proportional to increased ticket sales! In this article, we talk about the effect of reviews on the image of an event speaker. The speaker line-up for an event is one of the primary reasons for event registrations. So, if you have negative feedback online, you have a lot to think about!

Let’s understand why speakers must aim to get positive event reviews.

Social Proof Means More Events to Speak At!

The digital reviewing population is growing exponentially on a global scale. Attendees are likely to register if others around them – even total strangers – agree that the speakers at the event were good. For example, positive feedback from event attendees on review sites, social media and landing pages will help speakers advertise and market themselves for increased social reach. You can even pitch reviews to new organizers and showcase your prowess. In addition, positive reviews for speakers will help organizers drive higher registrations, so consider your event 'Booked'!

Reviews Make You More Visible and Trustworthy

Being a popular event speaker only comes with visibility. Most organizers will look you up on search engines or social media sites to check your reach, followers, content and audience type. Now, as attendees leave comments on your profile, they use certain phrases like – "Best session I attended!" "The speaker is the best in the industry!," or "Her keynote speech was very engaging!!." These phrases act as long-tail keyword phrases that direct search engines to rank your website for the terms and original content.

As the visibility maximizes, so will your credibility! With more organic traffic and good attendee reviews, organizers will be able to identify and connect with you quickly.

Snowball Positive Ratings Further by Expanding Conversations

As an event speaker, you should not rely on only one source for collecting event reviews. If you feel like the audience has had a fantastic experience at the event, ask them to share their opinions on external review websites. The external review hubs are essential for your online presence as search engines like Google pick up data from these websites to build their own ranking. On an individual level, positive ratings can boost others to give authentic feedback as well.

Case study: Search Influence is a New Orleans-based SEO Digital Marketing Agency that partnered with GatherUp to collect feedback from the patients of Houston-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. K. Mathew Warnock. Surprisingly, he received 100 five-star ratings and reviews published on his website in five months. Later, his organic search traffic also jumped by 23%. The number of reviewers on external websites and Google also multiplied! Similarly, as an event speaker, try expanding your multi-channel footprint by collecting reviews from varied sources to keep the conversation going. Try to be active on event review platforms like Eventually to stay in touch with attendees.

Speaker Reviews Are Crucial to Event Registrations

While there is no data to support that reviews on speakers’ impact registrations, its logic is crystal clear. Let's try to view this from a different perspective! According to statistics by Reevo, 50 or more reviews on a single product increase sales by 4.6%. If we consider the entire ecosystem of events, imagine the number of reviews on event speakers becoming the sole factor for ticket sales for event organizers!

Negative Reviews Are a Part of the Process

The problem with negative reviews is people are more likely to share them first! The majority of the negative reviews online contain the word 'Disappointed.' Now, if an attendee leaves a negative review about an event due to speaker inadequacies, it will affect the number of registrations for future events. Ultimately, the organizer will not be keen to invite the speaker for upcoming conferences. However, one or two bad reviews in an ocean of good ones will not affect you substantially. The least you can do is not take negative reviews personally and try to learn from attendee feedback to know their expectations.


Most of the attendees are interested in listening to event bits that affect their business concerns directly. However, a good speaker always does his homework and knows what the target audience wants to listen to. Innovatively addressing the right attendee pain points by providing actionable insights will land you in a sea of glorious event reviews. A positive reputation goes a long way, and in 2022, reviews are a part of making or breaking the image you possess!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a review about an event speaker?

Attendees can rate and review event speakers with great review websites.
  • Be it a virtual, in-person or hybrid event; attendees must first be familiar with the speaker and his background
  • Go through the event agenda carefully to understand if the speaker is touching on all the relevant points
  • Take notes to map if the speaker's insights are addressing your queries
  • Map speaker enthusiasm during Q&A rounds
  • After the event, you can give honest feedback in event surveys, on event review websites, Google Business page of the speaker and on social media channels

How do you begin with a review of an event speaker?

A review about an event speaker can start from information about the event and the speaker. Later, you can add specific points about his or her knowledge levels, language usage, communication skills and body language. It is better to use simpler words so that even non-specialists can make sense of the review.

Can you automate event reviews for the website?

According to Capterra, the Review Automation Softwares like ‘Birdeye’ perform overall review management functions. They allow you to solicit, respond and maximize the number of event reviews.

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