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Ever Thought What 5G Will Bring to the Event's Industry for Attendees?

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“5G goes beyond the regular operator business, it’s a business revolution.” - Borje Ekholm

5G technology has been making sporadic, yet continually spanning appearances in global geographic pockets, with increasing adoption rates. And, the 5G furor has only caught on in business markets! Lenovo lead off the 5G network insurgence in laptop devices with the launch of its exclusive Lenovo Flex 5G in 2020. This year, Linksys too market launched its 5G built-in outdoor and industrial routers…..and Samsung took home its multi-year deal with Dish for the sale of 5G network equipment!!

Like so, with 5G technology going mainstream, a treasure-trove of new creative probabilities have opened up pan multi-industry business strategies. More importantly, 5G has unbridled the user experience technology realms with its super-duper high-speed wireless network expansion and more.

But, for the event industry, rocketing of 5G means much more than immersive in-event expressions, 100x faster live streaming and on the dot conference session updates…..let us first seek to comprehend the powerful word pair – that is 5G – and then explore the depths of its implications in the event industry.

What is 5G? Know the Benefits!

The 2020 valuation of the 5G market has been $31 billion and it is predicted to be $11 trillion as of 2026! 5G will be dominating the globe. But what exactly will 5G offer over 4G LTE? Imagine downloading a full-fledged HD movie in a mere few seconds! 5G – this next-gen revolutionary technology’s broadband wireless internet connectivity speed is 1000x of 4G i.e. 10 gigabits per second vs. 4G’s 100 megabits per second.

So, just bid your goodbyes to snail-paced file transfers! 5G will also provide low latency with a delay time period of 1 millisecond as compared to 4G’s delay time period of 50 milliseconds.  Consequently, with more outspread of network coverage and increased cell tower capacity resultant of 5G’s utilization of higher frequencies – putting to work high-tech artificial intelligence, extended reality, autonomous vehicle modernizations successfully will be a seamless walkover.

5G and Its Power Over Events

If you have been bogged down by poor connectivity at attendee-brimming business conferences or trade shows, owing to the strictly only four antennas’ sharing of 4G, be ready to now get simultaneous event data flowing as 5G has the bandwidth of providing for 64-256 antennas that can support many devices at one time. They’ll be no more of Steve Job’s iPhone 4 Keynote crashing the New York Times website or Mercedes Benz’s sponsored mobile-based game ‘Last Fan Standing’s’ at the Super Bowl LII being unable to load due to repeat server crashes! And there’s a lot more.

Get to Full On Live Streaming Videos

During and in the latter phases of the pandemic, event live streaming has become usual on all prime social media platforms. With it, has emerged the need for one-step-ahead streaming processes and ground-breaking streaming methodologies to stream to far and wide remote locations of the world. ‘Cost effective’, live video event streaming solutions are also the need of the hour.

5G can improvise your live streaming with lesser buffering & loading delays and by offering high-definition video experiences. In the near future, event attendees can also launch into virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) streaming environments and grab a from-home worldwide virtual seat, with the 5G and a VR Headset technological combo. This could also mean more content streaming and more live interactions with event speakers….even the holographic live event speakers!

Safety and Security Are Now Guaranteed

Business events will get only better on safety measures. With 5G, event audience can shoot security concerns to event staff, on-ground medical staff and first responders within nanoseconds. Even event devices can be leveraged to detect event security threats at an accelerated pace. 5G is particularly useful in dissecting large amounts of real-time data, this sort of capability can bolster event security responses as well.

Say Yes to Personalized Audience Experiences

5G will give event attendees the ‘curated’ events benefit with more personalization-based journeys. An example of this could be, a virtual event will be able to suggest an attendee how to leverage the online industry-leading business meeting they are attending. These attendee tip-offs could be aimed at better, targeted conversions. Event planners tapping into 5G technology could better advice attendees on sessions & workshops to attend, bespoke networking hours to leverage, whom to network with, which product or service event booths to focus on and more.

Launch Network Slicing

With 5G, comes the delivery of services with different service level requirements (SLRs). This can be executed with a technique called ‘network slicing’. Within 5G network slicing, some part of the bandwidth can be proactively allocated to particular applications. This technology can be useful when it comes to live event broadcasts that require continuous audiovisual deliveries, at prescribed quality levels.

Quicker Self-service Checkouts

The event audience are not exactly happy with long food and drink waiting lines during the event. 5G’s super-speeding bandwidth can give birth to self-service F&B checkout machines at the event venues. This tried and tested method has seen proven quicker transaction processes and reduced turnaround times, plus a jump in sales. 

Our Top Tip: To take advantage of all spectrums in the 5G times, i.e. licensed, unlicensed and shared - event venues and rooms should take into account the adoption of neutral host business models.

Quick and Efficient Is The Way to Go!

Thus with 5G making roll outs all over the globe, its consequences on event budgets will be substantial. With 5G speeds, WiFi allocations in the budgets will be cut down or cut off completely. Cost-effective live streaming can be now easier to implement leading to more ticket sales, without increasing the event venue size. With 5G, event personalization can also be run smoothly, more than ever. What are your thoughts on 5G metamorphosing the event’s industry?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTE?

LTE or long-term evolution is a term used along with 4G. It is a fourth-generation global wireless communication standard that was defined first in 2008. It provides more network capacity & speed for cell phones and other cellular devices as compared to the 3G technology.

How can IoT technology help the events industry?

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help event organizer’s to provide better customer service and analyse huge volumes of data. IoT can even connect different locations at an event venue to a mobile device or a computer via microcomputers with cameras. This helps with speedy event team coordination.

Give an example of a 5G Event that will be held in 2022?

The Cruilla festival is a 5G festival in Europe that will take place from 6-9th July 2022. It is where 3D virtual headsets will be given to the event audience to provide a 360-degree experience of the event.

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