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What Type of Event Attendee Are You? - The Five Basic Types

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An attendee is the heart and soul of every event. In 2019, 39 percent of event professionals stated that the ,most crucial element of a live event is to engage the attendees.

If you are an attendee, you will get all the attention you need, and extra effort will be put into keeping you engaged before, during and after the event. Event planners will go the extra mile to keep you happy and to ensure that you feel engaged and motivated throughout the event. After all, they want you to think that the event was worth your time, attention and expense.

If you are an event attendee who likes to attend different events and make the most of them, you might be curious about what type of event attendee you are. There are five basic types of event attendees, and you probably belong to one of those categories. Read on to know what type of event attendee you are by getting an idea of what you expect from an event.

1 Facts to Know About Event Attendees

1.1 Attendees' Event Participation Preferences

Attendees have different preferences when it comes to choosing the type of events they would attend. A majority (53 percent) of event attendees prefer corporate and business meetings, while just 18 percent like to attend conferences, congresses and conventions. Only 16 percent like trade shows or conferences, with one or more exhibiting components, and six percent participate in incentive meetings. The remaining six percent participate in other meetings, according to the Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council.

1.2 Sleep Deprivation is Real

About 78 percent of corporate Americans have reported that they were sleep-deprived to some extent.

1.3 Furniture Matters

Attendees who are sitting in uncomfortable chairs are usually less agreeable to questionnaire rounds and surveys, according to Bizzabo.

1.4 Information Overload!

Most attendees remember just three or four things at a time. Anything more than that, and they start feeling overwhelmed.

2 What Type of Event Attendee are You?

2.1 The Social Butterfly

When elaborating on the types of event attendees, the social butterflies come at the top of the list. Why? It's because they want to. A social butterfly is another name for attendees who want to network during the entire event and maybe later. People who belong to this category thrive in a social setting and usually don't care much about whether it's formal or informal. Their primary goal for attending an event is to enhance their network and connect with people by building meaningful connections and business relationships. There are many reasons why such attendees want to build their network. It can vary from boosting their business to expanding into new markets or even making more friends and in order to expand their professional circle.

2.1.1 How to Know if You are a Social Butterfly?

If you like to chat a lot, meet new people and build new contacts wherever you go, you probably belong to this category.

2.2 The First-Timers

Another category of attendees that cannot be overlooked when categorizing attendees into different types is the first-timers. As the name suggests, these people are attending an event for the first time. Such attendees aim to learn something new, soak up all the information they come across and do this all without feeling overwhelmed. The experience of every participant attending for the first time matters a lot to the event organizers, so first-timers get extra attention at most of the events.

2.2.1 How to Do Well as a First-Timer

If you are attending an event for the first time, you should try not to be nervous, remain calm, and appear confident (even if you are not feeling too confident). Also, make notes so that you learn more!

2.3 The Creative Mind

The attendees who belong to this category want to be inspired, creatively stimulated and are looking for something out of the box. To get a great attendee experience, this type of attendee focuses on fostering meaningful connections. The people who belong to this category are not easily satisfied. They don't want knowledge; they want a creative spark to go along with it. Meeting the requirements of the attendees who belong to this category is hard for event planners, as they want unique and immersive content that keeps them motivated.

2.3.1 How to Know if You Belong to This Category?

If plain and simple information bores you, and you are attracted to the unique aspects of an event, be it infographics or the fun facts, this might be the category for you.

2.4 The Knowledge Seeker

Next on the list of different types of event attendees is the knowledge seeker. They are most commonly found at all sorts of events. Though the attendees come from different backgrounds, the most common characteristics of attendees from this category are the same. They all want to get more information, boost their knowledge base and find opportunities that will let them grow personally and professionally. As almost every event planner wants to share knowledge, information, and ideas with the audience, these attendees are easy to satisfy.

2.5 How to Boost Your Knowledge as a Knowledge Seeker?

If you also attend an event with the sole purpose of seeking knowledge, you should try to connect with the speakers and other professionals who inspire or impress you. Stay in touch even after the event to grow your knowledge further.

2.6 The Introvert

Last on the list of the top five types of event attendees are introverts. These attendees reluctantly attend every event or social gathering. Usually, they do it due to some obligation or promise that they've made to a colleague or a business partner. The people who belong to this category don't initiate conversations, and they are often at a loss for words and struggle to keep conversations going. Small talk is something that makes them feel awkward. They would like nothing more than to get to an event, fulfill the goal they had in mind and get out of Dodge as soon as possible. They avoid conversations that are not necessary and are usually the first ones to leave when an event is concluded. Event planners can ensure that they offer value to potential attendees and what's promised is delivered during the event.

2.6.1 How to Be Involved More and Participate as an Introvert

If you want to participate more during an event, try to have a few conversation starters etched in your mind. Don’t hesitate to partner up with an extrovert and ensure that you speak with confidence whenever you speak.

Final Words

Now that you have read about the key types of event attendees, can you relate to one of these categories? For example, are you the conversation starter who belongs to the category, “The Social Butterfly”, or are you a silent observer who wants to be counted among the introverts/p>

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