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Interactive marketing is the latest trend in the marketing field. Technology transformation and changed audience prospects made earlier marketing strategies unproductive. Nowadays, audiences expect more responsiveness from the companies from which they buy products/services. Therefore, to stay competitive in the present market, applying the latest marketing trends is essential.

Interactive and experiential marketing helps businesses to interact with their audiences on many platforms. This interaction with the target audience helps businesses to deal one-on-one with them. Consequently, interactive marketing is getting more popular these days.

1 What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is a marketing method in which we interact one-on-one with individual customers or audiences. It helps us to understand their actions and involves marketing initiatives in order to understand audience behavior and preferences. For this reason, interactive marketing is more effective than traditional marketing techniques.

Interactive marketing on digital platforms comes with a clickable button to perform some action. It intends to encourage visitors to take steps that lead to product/service additions.

2 Importance of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing helps brands recognize the needs of their audience. It also allows companies to influence and target the audience with relevant content and products. It helps businesses to understand the audience's interest and tailor the offerings and services as per their needs. As a result, interactive marketing uplifts company sales.

3 Benefits of Interactive Marketing Campaigns

With interactive marketing campaigns, you can generate excitement, build relationships and grow consumer data. Furthermore, businesses can endorse their brand, segregate from the market competition, upturn customer loyalty and pull together qualified leads. This helps to create an upsurge of business revenue.

Interactive marketing can be through an article, video, quiz, Chabot, online forms, calculator, contest, surveys, webinar, polls, offer and live interactive booths.

Here we will see some of the best interactive marketing examples from renowned brands/businesses.

4 Interactive Marketing Examples

We see popups or advertisements on many websites. Most of them are interactive marketing-based advertisements through which the business wants to promote their new service/product.

Givenbelow is an example of a Facebook advertisement on a website. Facebook is interacting with audiences through its business advertisement service. It may be useful for relevant audiences, and there is an 80% chance that people clicking on this advertisement want to know more.

As we discussed, interactive marketing is two-way communication. Here, Facebook is promoting its services. At the same time, it is asking for information such as email-ids, business names and the country of residence from the interested audience. The advertisement also has a "Subscribe" button to click. It is encouraging the interested people to take action through the advertisement. Therefore, it is a perfect example of interactive marketing.

Next is an example of a Chatbot from Tech Impact. Chatbots are getting popular daily, and many businesses use this technology to interact with their website visitors. By clicking on the chat icon, visitors can start a conversation during which they can express their doubts and ask questions of the Tech Impact team. A Chatbot is, again, a good example of interactive marketing.  

Let us look below at another example. This one is from TechRadar, one of the popular blog sites for product reviews. TechRadar is communicating with its target audience about the latest deals and news from TechRadar.

This blog site is also being interactive in collecting the e-mail ids of interested participants. They are also offering options to choose the preference of news and emails in the audience inbox followed by a clickable “Sign Me Up” call-to-action button.

Next is the famous brand, Disney. They have had many interactive marketing techniques that are successful such as creating a memory with pictures, personalized products, quizzes and weekly trivia challenges. These are some of the best interactive marketing strategies to use in reaching out to your target audiences. All these creative ideas can help you to t always be in the back of the minds of your target audience.

The above examples are from online/digital interactive marketing. As related to in-person interaction, brands try many innovative tactics to impress their audience. As a result, this experience is more interactive, engaging and entertaining for the target audiences.

When talking about live interactive marketing techniques, many think about some lavish touch displays or brand-endorsing booths. Below are some of the unique, interactive marketing examples that brands may try at in-person events.

We all know that people love to take selfies. Relative to this, are two examples of photo booths below that the brand partners can try at the events. This idea would grab the audience’s attention. It could also enhance brand awareness, and it would keep the brand on their consideration list for future purchases.

It is, again, one of the best strategies to keep the event-goers engaged. You can also enhance the experience with photo prints that they can take home as a memory of the event. In addition to this, companies have provided interactive charging stations to help attendees charge their mobile phones.

The selfie booth and a free product sample are again, one of the best ideas to interact with your audiences. This marketing strategy offers a free product sample after a selfie share. It helps the business to spread among people like wild fire. Again, this is an excellent approach to creating brand awareness. You can also try some live screen games or a knowledge test booth to increase the audience's curiosity at the event.


Interactive marketing is the next unique experience you can offer to your attendees and will keep the audience engaged and entertained. These interactive marketing strategies would also boost the liveliness of the event. Explore new ideas because the possibilities are endless when we think of interactive displays at live events. These interactive and experiential marketing ideas, when put into place, would likely enrich the events and would also help to create more user-generated content on social media.


1 What are the best examples of interactive marketing?

Interactive content such as videos, storytelling, infographics, contests or quizzes and user-generated content are some of the best examples of interactive marketing.

2 Why is interactive marketing important?

Interactive marketing is two-way communication between a brand and its target audience. It helps the brand to obtain consumer data and to develop products and services around it. As a result, interactive marketing helps to boost sales. This is why it is essential.

3 What is an interactive strategy in event marketing?

Organizing quiz shows, arranging free webinars and providing free support for some services can be the best interactive marketing strategies for business events.

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