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Hotel Automation Is Impacting Event Audience Experiences Big Time!

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“There is no hospitality like understanding.” – Vanna Bonta

‘Hotel automation’ is gradually gaining a foothold in the hospitality industry. Tech-driven hoteliers and event organizers have acknowledged that offering attendees a totally connected and easily accessible environment is vital for attendee satisfaction and retention.

What Is Hotel Automation?

Hotel automation is converting time-consuming - hotel sign-up, check-in and ordering tasks into automated processes. Automation is typically routed through digital systems to carry out tasks that were previously done manually. These systems function based on specific parameters and settings that are pre-decided by the users to ensure they are performing even without manual supervision.

Administrators can seamlessly optimize hotel operations by keeping tabs on room rates and tracking market changes and inventory, all at the click of a button!

What Are Some Key Benefits of Hotel Automation?

Let us take a look at the numerous benefits that hotel automation offers:

Systemize Processes: Hotel automation essentially assists in meeting internal standards that are set by providing self-regulating detailed guidelines, comprehensive templates and establishing specified computerized procedures with a view of eliminating individual standards. All of this affects the events industry in tasks like easy check-in of attendee crowds, segregation of VIP guest experiences and more.

Increased Visibility: Organizers and hoteliers get all sorts of requests. However, hotel automation helps you keep tabs on when these requests came in, when they were addressed and whether they were addressed manually or digitally. This is especially useful for the event attendees as timely request services’ answering, helps attendees get to big conferences on time, considering they are already pressed for time, given their tight event schedules.

Analytical Access: Internal performance counts for a lot and one of the critical advantages hotel automation offers is analyzing how effective and efficient the internal performance has been by answering questions on operational difficulties, which departments are facing issues and of what kind? This also helps hotel managers to instill a feeling of trust in event organizers, that the hotel will take care of their guests in an efficient manner.

Streamlining Staff: Hotel automation helps streamline your staff and your team by enabling quicker and more seamless processes as well as identification and tackling of tasks. This allocation of staff to attendee segments, and the consequent resolution of their service needs in a timely manner, optimizes hotel workflows.

Some other significant benefits that hotel automation brings to the table are: 

  • Reduced staffing costs
  • Boosting sales management
  • Enhancing guest experience
  • Accurate demand prediction
  • Improved hotel communications
  • Cost cutting expenses 

Quick Recap: What Benefits Does Hotel Automation Offer Guests?

Since hotel automation influences a lot that happens on an operational level, it has vast benefits for guests, in particular. Travelling globally for events is time-consuming and often hectic. Your audience and guests will ideally want effective communication from hotels throughout their event travel.

To build and enhance confidence through communication, hotel automation provides machine-level reliability. Having the required processes in place to follow it up is extremely important. For example, checking in with your guests and solving any issues they may have with immediate effect can lead to a highly positive guest review as well as event experience.

Which Processes Can Be Automated?

Automation assists in not just formulating but also enhancing already established processes throughout the hotel industry. Let’s look at some of the significant processes that it has influenced.

Improvised Business Intelligence

Keeping an eye out for what your competitors are doing is essential to know how and when the market fluctuates and how it changes. Business reporting plays a significant role in analyzing your hotel's performance with your competitors. Consistent automated reporting helps in identifying rate changes and catch occupancy.

An event organizer is always on look-out for competitive room rates, that’s where automation can help you seal the deal with major B2B events while providing them the proof of the pudding!

Upscale Sales Department

Room block management assists Hotels in booking group business registrations. This offers hotels more time to identify new business opportunities. It also provides the planning team with the required tools to manage and update reservations. The Quick-book meetings feature ensures that your sales team is providing event planners the option of making instant reservations.

Automated Marketing

Many event organizers show a keen interest in your hotel or property, go through all the relevant details but don’t make a reservation because they’re undecided on making that call. Well, these leads aren’t dead and can be converted with the right efforts.

Automated re-targeting tools will ensure that better ads are projected towards these event planning leads to pull them in and captivate them to make reservations!

Automated Billing Process

Automation has made the process of billing much more advanced. Also, event attendees depend on hotels for all sorts of room services from breakfast to ironing their event suits to even concierge services. Hoteliers can now easily track and charge guest attendees for the services they have used. It is a great tool to keep count of valuable inventory as well. For example, at bars, deductions in the inventory can be identified and the relevant managers can be informed accordingly.

Automated billing also activates attendee credit and debit cards as payment getaways to easily and quickly make payments as well as to streamline the billing process for usage of hotel amenities.

Guest Communication

Automation brings accountability to the fore, because, once integrated, it assigns a specific team member to deal with elements like VIP guest preference notes, messages for select attendees and various other form of requests.

Reducing Energy Wastage

Owing to the nature of their operations, Hotels tend to consume a lot of energy. However, at the same time, due to a variety of reasons, a lot of that energy is wasted. This usually happens when certain at hotel elements or event gadgets, for that matter, are switched on and in operation even when they are not being used, or factors like lack of adequate infrastructural maintenance etc.

Hoteliers can leverage technology not just to reduce wastage of energy but also ensure that it’s being utilized effectively by automated event audience monitoring and control.

Wrapping Up

In the post-pandemic world, conference or business meeting traveling is an activity that attendees will undertake after a long time gap. Event organizers and hoteliers should make it a point to ensure that hotel automation processes are seamlessly integrated to provide guests with a hassle-free and satisfactory experience because automation, in today’s world, is a question of ‘when and how’ and not ‘if’!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common tools and technologies used in hospitality industry?

Some tools and technologies that are used in the hospitality industry are:
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure overhauls
  • Digital conference facilities
  • Mobile communication and automation
  • NFC technology
  • Robots and infrared sensors
  • Smart room keys
  • Entertainment on tap
  • Cloud services

What is a smart hotel?

A smart hotel is a hotel which makes use of internet-connected devices, that are capable of communicating or interacting with one another. This most often utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and means that even ordinary devices or appliances can send or receive data, making them 'smart'.

What is a Hotel Chatbot?

Hotel chatbots are the modern-day equivalent to a concierge, and one of the modern technologies being used to improve guest experiences. Guests can check in, check out, make reservations, and even ask for local restaurant recommendations to a hotel chatbot.

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