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Making Event Brand Experiences and Content Go Hand-In-Hand!

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A Brand is the promise of an experience.- Alexander Isley

Communication has trodden an interesting path. What started out as signs & symbols etched on rocky cave-man dwellings, propagated to cryptic hieroglyphs with hidden meanings! Post-that era, until the 11th century, authors inked their liners on endless rolls of papyrus…!!

Then the real journey began. From the scribbled cellulose-built papers, the human race slowly but steadily moved to consumption of organized, strategized written pieces printed out on dailies and loud billboards. 

This mass communication boom was a ramification of the invention of the printing press. In progression, the personalization waves hit the random content shores in the 1800s and radio ads, TV commercials and telemarketing found their home!!

Today, marketing communication, that began as a few liner SMS on 2G-held devices in the 1990s; has branched out to disruptive Videos & Reels, Search-based Optimization Algorithms, AI-targeted Ad Shows, Augmented Reality Apps, Metaverse Meets, Gaming Experiences and Omni-channel Social Media Dialogues. But are we full stopping there?

Rather than arcane push sales, today the contemporary marketers are more interested in developing 24x7x365 engagement pathways with their customers and consumers, both. And B2B and B2C Events are proving to be a great facilitator of this buyer community building. In fact, according to a Bizzabo Survey the Organizational CMOs are setting out 24% of their annual marketing budgets to live events, tradeshows and conferences and the Drum has reported that a live brand experience paves the way for 85% purchase intent and leads to a 4:1 ratio ROI.

The Rise and Rise of Brand Experience……and off course Content!

Organizations and brands got into the ‘brand experience’ and ‘experiential marketing’ race in a bid to outdo each other! They went far up to the levels of game-planning every customer interaction, even the branded content that went out! Every touchpoint and communication channel was formulated based on customer experience (CX) mapping, NPS scoring and deep-diving into market research. The ‘audience perception’ angle egged global brands to further reach out to their audiences via large-scale Business-to-Business (B2B) Events, Industry Conferences, Tradeshows, Summits and Product Launch Stages. Along followed the Content! Live Content. Digital Content. Viral Interactive Experiences. Storytelling Content. Thought Leadership Content. Content was no longer the noise, it become the niche.

Event Brand Experiences –The Present!

Seltzerland’s recent event in Miami at Costa Del Sol Golf Club saw over 100 local and national unique hard seltzers and cocktail brands being rolled out for tasting, in tow with appetizing truck foods that could be purchased on the spot. The event made it big on Instagram! But that wasn’t it.

The event was chock-full of brilliant games, photo ops and activities (as seen in the image). If you observe the branding aspects of the event, right from the colors to the smart logo content for booths and props - the likes of ‘I like Thick Crust and I cannot Lie’, ‘Things just got juicy’ epitomized the spirit of this lively beverage fest!

To cite another example, the L’OCCITANE Group with its au naturel L’Occitane en Provence brand, vouched for its organic, biodiversity-positive and sustainability philosophy in an inspiring content format.

Website content is the old story. The brand went all out and gamified the whole content consumption experience for its viewers – by releasing a seed planting game known as ‘Seeds of Dreams’ that coaxed the biosphere-nurturing instinct of its visitors. Plus, the brand could well portray what it stands for through the idea, making for some killer engagement rates.

One more! The House of Vans with its ‘off the wall’ theme has always supported the street culture, music and off course skateboarding!!

The London-based shoe retailer at a 2019 Women’s Day Celebration introduced a brilliant and outlandish ethos into its promotional mix. The House of Vans championed global women in skateboarding. Women from Brazil, U.S. and Japan shared their skateboarding tricks and tips, plus there was live documentary screening and live music in the arena!

The WebexOne 2021 obsessed over Hybrid Work and the transcendence that Customer Experience provides! The event was a spectacle of Webex’s innovations and also delivered big add-ons to the existing attendee knowledge banks.

The event flaunted content from path-breaking Speakers like The Globes most revered gymnast, Simone Biles; renowned NASA astronaut and author Nicole Stott and also the first Black Women Leader who occupied the pilot's seat in the spacecraft mission - the SpaceX Inspiration4 – Dr Sian Proctor!

The event also organized interactive games that encouraged attendees to “Level Up” on the gaming leaderboard and earn exciting prizes.

Hyundai brought in the Metaverse environment to promote its brand. On its new sustainability-friendly theme, it teamed up with Roblox for a unique Hyundai Mobility Adventure. The adventure was set in an interaction-based interface between Roblox characters and Hyundai’s latest tech offerings.

While the participants enjoyed the chills and thrills of driving within the game, they were also kept informed on why sustainable transportation is a better choice.

Get the Drift?

Yes, it does help to pivot your brand content around your audience needs – be it the filling in on the industry informational gaps or the need for out-of-box event experiential settings. Do you have more hot tips to create more fantastic and fabulous event brand experiences? A little brainstorming goes a long way - just saying!


What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer satisfaction survey wherein you can ask your customers to rate you on a scale of 0-10 on how likely they are to promote your product or service to others. The customer response can then be analyzed as Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

What is Co-branding?

If you have a new product or service to be launched in the market, and you use an established brand name and its equity, customers, and strengths to promote the new brand, then it would be an example of co-branding.

What is Freemium?

The word Freemium is a mix of the words ‘Free’ and ‘Premium’. In a freemium service, the basic services are provided free of cost and if you want to add on more options and upgrade, you need to pay a fixed price.

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