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Don't Miss Out on Smart Event Planning: The 10 Advantages of Switching to Mobile Blockchain Ticketing

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  – Arthur Clarke

Given the high event industry demand for hybrid and in-person business event attendance, many event tickets are bought in bulk by ticket scalpers with the sole aim of reselling them at higher price points. These black market techniques along with other unscrupulous ticketing practices like forging registrations, using discarded entry badges can hit an event’s operational costs and revenues big time.

Welcome to Mobile Blockchain ticketing technology!

When Eric Rozenberg, the CEO of SecuTix Americas, a company that offers blockchain mobile delivery as a part of its product portfolio used this technology for selling 1 million tickets to fans at 11 locations around 10 global nations, it was an obvious roaring success. Ask WHY?

A Brief on Blockchain: How It Works For Event Ticketing

Blockchain is simply a complex working database! The usual databases have only one master copy stored on a solitary computer device, in contrast, the blockchain database copies are shared on an interrelated network of numerous computer devices.

When it comes to using blockchain in the events industry for event ticketing, the blockchain database stores all the ticket buyer interactions. Each bought event ticket is mapped to an identified buyer. If any ticketing tampering occurs, further, on already processed ticket transactions, it is reflected in the Blockchain ledger. The result? With the Mobile Blockchain ticketing technology, you can poka-yoke ticketing anomalies like scalping, disorderly price gouging, bot attacks and fake ticket sales. Unregulated secondary markets can thus be controlled with the blockchain technology! Plus on a positive note, organizers can enjoy a dozen benefits of open-source blockchain like tracing the entire event ticketing cycle, identifying individual ticket buyers, seeing all their previous transactions, viewing where and when a ticket is sold and at what costs, setting the ticket price, limiting ticket transfers or resales and initiating targeted marketing.

Going by the blockchain transactions, provides a chance to event organizer’s to reward loyalty payments on each attendee transaction to event artists or organizers as well.

Overcome These Event Ticketing Challenges With Blockchain

  1. Has your attendee ever been stopped at the event entry gate on account of ticket forfeiting? If he or she has been a victim of fake event ticket buying, then blockchain can safeguard your active event attendance for sure. Here’s the truth, each and every blockchain ticket owns it identity. If a buyer wishes to transfer or resell his or her ticket, there’s no other option out for them than to brave the blockchain entry. Fake ticketing ends there!
  2. Also, if buying event tickets is a struggle or attendees complain of overdramatic prices - blame it on the bots and the notorious scalpers. Mobile Blockchain Ticketing can gate your ticket resell rules. It can put on a lid on the types of tickets sold in the secondary markets.
  3. Another aspect is that secure event venues matter. From event sign-ups to vaccine card check-ups blockchain technology can help identify the event ticket buyer clear-cut, even if the buyer bought the ticket a mere ten minutes before setting his or her foot at the event venue.
  4. We all know by now, the random spray and pray event marketing techniques hardly work! The data procured from mobile blockchain ticketing can help sculpture out winning prospect journeys! The Blockchain technology ticks a yes on all hyper-targeting parameters like audience demography, customized marketing offers and high-performing lead generation pipelines.

How to Select a Blockchain Ticketing Company: The Considerations

As an event organizer, if ‘Mobile Blockchain ticketing technology’ is all greek to you take the first step by acknowledging your event ticketing challenges and then exploring organizations & vendors who offer these disruptive mobile blockchain ticketing services. You can brainstorm on aspects as below, to get started:
  • Deciding how many event tickets one prospect attendee can purchase!
  • The price point at which the event tickets can be transferred or resold, in comparison to the face value
  • The volume of event tickets you are driving into the blockchain and deciding on access control aspects
  • Data visibility considerations and alignment with local rules & regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The cost of adopting the mobile blockchain ticketing technology and the time frame for its implementation to your event
  • The consequent blockchain technology usage effects on existing event processes

Top Mobile Blockchain Ticketing Providers For Your Next Event


Tickethash focuses on digitizing of event experiences of all types and sizes. It presents modules like smart ticketing, fan engagement, smart voting, innovative payment options and digital collectibles. If you’re looking for a 100% customizable, GDPR compliant and secure mobile blockchain ticketing provider you can choose TicketHash to work the wonders. Its additional benefitting blockchain ticketing features include:
  • Option to determine conditions of ticket sale
  • Complete attendee transaction history
  • Controlled Secondary Market feature
  • Increased security, transparency and compliance in Blockchain solutioning 

GUTS Tickets

GUTS Tickets puts a full stop to the infamous secondary market pricing and ticketing frauds. The platform offers digital smart tickets with real-time data transparency on ticket ownership and activity. The event tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to the attendees’ smartphones making goof-ups impossible.

Here, you can create tickets for several channels on the primary market and validate tickets amongst them for resell,  in organized and controlled secondary markets. With GUTS Tickets, you can own data of current and prior attendee ticket holders and their friend groups; and indulge in some super hyper-targeting for your next event.


Crypto.Tickets offers smart tickets that are more than conventional electronic tickets. With ticket scanning feature, Crypto-Ticket’s smart tickets can be scanned at venues through the Ticketswallet app. The app, which can be white-labeled has a cool changing code system, making it a zero chance to forge and share tickets. The app also provides the option of utilizing external wallets through an API.

The Ticketswallet app showcases your event participation history, you can make the event ticket public or keep it private and also know who amongst your friends are attending the same event as you. Plus, you can make friends on-the-go on the app! Some other tried and tested mobile blockchain ticketing providers can try out to revolutionize your event ticketing are B.A.M, Blocktix, ComeTogether, EventX, FanDragon, PassageX, TIXnGO, True Tickets and YellowHeart.

The Blockchain is Creating New Waves

Like adoption by many startups and established event organizers, secure and make transparent your event ticketing with trending mobile blockchain ticketing technology, and see increased ROIs and attendee satisfaction as an after effect. Take control of the secondary market and prevent event ticketing frauds starting today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Blockchain Technology be used for Event Management?

Blockchain Technology can manage attendee identities, prevent unethical ticket purchases and increase attendee participations. Blockchain technology also facilitates event organizers to reward event audience for completing in-event activities such as event surveys, participation in event polls, and more.

How is NFT technology used at Events?

NFT or ‘non-fungible tokens’ stands for ownership of a digital asset like images or video clips in the digital space. NFTs are used in the event’s industry for ticketing solutions, digital swag bags and more. For example, the NFL Players Association and the American Association of Professional Baseball have launched fan-focused NFTs, showcasing top plays in a season and other collectibles.

What are the latest technologies used in the event’s industry?

The latest technologies used in the event’s industry are live translation, augmented and virtual reality, gamification tools, projection mapping and blockchain technology. Event technology can increase event planning productivity as well as event attendance by leaps and bounds.

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