Event Sponsors, Here’s How You Can Attract Organizers with Tailored Social Media Messaging

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Event Sponsorship can get your brand enhanced exposure. It sure helps in cutting through the competition! Enhanced visibility at corporate events and conferences for your brand ensures increased awareness and recall value along with high-intent data collection, lead generation and indirect or direct conversions. Event sponsors invest their finances and partner with event organizers for multiple benefits out of which the top-most advantage is receiving attendee data.

As an event sponsor, finding the right event and being approached by the right event organizer is the real value-for-money. But can you just sit and expect the event organizers to send you sponsorship proposals? You will definitely get some, but will they be of the quality you are expecting? You must take things in your hand and start actively portraying yourself as a potential event sponsor so that you can get to sponsor specific industry events.

Show Them What You Do

Start by displaying your virtues online! Your social media channels are very well-scanned by event organizers before they approach you. Make sure that you give them the right amount and quality of content to consume. You can start by strategizing your social media content. While doing so, map out content that is specific to your niche.

Big Data LDN, one of the top-most searched event online for Data and relevant sectors has a huge annual footfall. The event’s diamond sponsors for 2022 – Databricks and Snowflake have a very unique social media strategy. Wonder how Big Data LDN reached out to these sponsors?

The event organizers definitely sifted through Snowflake’s embellished social media where the sponsors have mentioned their data partners’ recent achievements in the field of Big Data and how their organization is inclined towards creating a positive workforce. Partnering with Databricks and their subsequent victories in the industry definitely unlocks potential for event organizers as the attendees register after glancing at the sponsor’s logo!

Put The ‘SPONSORSHIP’ Message Out There

Manifesting is the art of bringing your visions to reality. Sponsorships work in the similar way too. There are numerous event organizers who do not want your competitor brands to sponsor their event.

In a bid to save yourself from missing out a much sought-after event sponsorship position – you need to put the word out into open – BOLD and CLEAR! Ensure your willingness to sponsor an event is well-portrayed on your social media channels. Transform Finance invites sponsors through its website, giving them a whole set of benefits including – branding space, exclusive in-event sponsor mentions and an overview on the predictive return on investments.

The event’s Media Partner – The Paypers is an alliance that can get the event enhanced exposure and viewership boosting the registrations. The Paypers is a Netherlands based news source that deals with exclusive events information and their social media is flooding with it. A true partnership indeed!

Keep Your Branding In Sight!

Creativity is the key to success! This holds true even in the case of how sponsors present themselves in order to get the organizer’s attention. Creating mutually beneficial content that will spark engagement and help your audience interact with the organizer as well as the event’s brand page and vice versa is something that you must set as your target.

B2B Marketing Exchange by Demand Gen – one of the leading marketing summits labels itself as Demand Gen Report’s flagship event in the Marketing sector. The event invites sponsors through varied promissory notes like the attendee to sponsor ratio, other leading partner brands showcases and more. Its current sponsors – Demandbase and ON24 have specifically displayed how they have partnered with the brand, leveraging the event with value-adding prospects within the event audience.

Wrapping Up

As an event sponsor, you must see to it that your own organization’s brand value matches with the event and its subsequent end-goals. To attract the right prospects – choose clarity over quantity for your social media content. Know that you are not looking for engagement to come through the organizers but rather real attendee conversions that can support your company’s objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more event sponsorships for a B2B event?

Pitching for event sponsorships can help you get better sponsors to support your event and its objectives. Matching values and end-goals with the sponsors is one of the important factors that you must look at. In order to garner more sponsorships, you can create a webpage asking for sponsors to partner with you depicting the values you can provide. You can also reach out to them through social media and other forms of media.

How can an event organizer find an event sponsor?

Sponsors can browse through the B2B event websites in order to find forms and details of contacting the organizers. They can get in touch with the organizers and understand the terms and conditions of the event-sponsor partnerships. They can bargain for event branding. It can also be the other way round when the event organizer gets in touch with the sponsors by pitching the event to them.

Is there a process that an event organizer must follow to get in touch with event sponsors?

The event organizers get in touch with the sponsors through their website, email or social media. They pitch their event to the sponsors and the sponsors can go through the terms of the partnership. At many occasions, sponsors accept the partnership opportunities owing to the event’s known success and the speaker-line-ups.

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