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Top 10 Software Platforms for Hosting Events

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The rising use of virtual events is profiting the virtual event software industry. Various software platforms are popular in the virtual event segment. Many of them are with similar features, but some have exceptional features to notice. Here we will see the top 10 software platforms for hosting events. The exclusive features of event management software makes the event unique & successful.

Now when we talk about virtual event software, it is a tool that allows event organizers and event speakers to create the vibe of in-person events. The best virtual event platform incorporates multiple tools to plan, promote, and execute online events. Virtual event software allows companies to hold an event without violating the pandemic guidelines effectively. Moreover, virtual events help the attendees to attend the events without hassle. The event organizers also find it a cost-effective option as compared to in-person events. Hence virtual event platforms became the heart of the event industry in 2020. 

1 Top 10 Event Management Software Platforms

1.1 Hopin

Hopin is a flexible, interactive, and scalable event hosting platform. It is incorporated with multiple interactive areas to connect and engage in the event. Organizers can create rooms that allow attendees to move in and out like in-person events. You can host public and private events, sell tickets, engage audiences, and analyze event data. It is built to achieve the goals of in-person events, host a full-scale virtual event such as conferences, team summits, etc. Users can create remarkable event experiences by mixing and matching its unique event segments. Use this first, all-in-one, live online event platform to make your next virtual event a success.

1.2 vFairs

It is an all-in-one event hosting platform with a simple setup. It is best suited for virtual as well as hybrid events. vFair is an experienced team and has hosted thousands of online events across the industries. The team of experts here offers innovative virtual event solutions. Its 3D visual designs & animations provide a visually stunning event experience for attendees. This high-tech experience makes the event memorable and & stand out as compared to other event platforms. Its advanced audience engagement features keep the audience engaged in various ways. It makes sure that your event is successful in terms of ROI as well. Their events support several languages, which include English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

1.3 Hubilo

Hubilo provides the next-level virtual event experience. It delivers the best virtual events and is a popular platform for both virtual and hybrid events. They offer services right from registration, hosting, and ROI analysis. Their mission to drive deep engagement yields further excellent business results. It creates an event presentation that matches with the user brands; hence viewers get connected quickly. In addition, its white-glove customer services help you in stress-free event planning and execution. 

The best software platform for hosting events is all you need to succeed in your upcoming virtual event. The Covid-19 pandemic canceled many in-person events and has made everyone switch to virtual events. B2B events, association meetings, multi-session conferences, and trade shows, etc. have turned their heads towards virtual event hosting. It is the best option to host events online without in-person gatherings.

1.4 Whova

Whova is an all-in-one event management software. It is the winner of the best event app and is in the global top 100 software companies. It is affordable, powerful, and time-saving event management software. It makes your event look modern & trendy. It also effectively engages attendees by implementing excellent attendee engagement strategies like live Q&A, polls, chats, encouraging participation and competition with the Leaderboard. It also holds the record for largest virtual podcasting conference in Guinness World Records. It delivers excellent ROI commitments for sponsors and exhibitors.

1.5 Cvent

It is the most prominent events marketplace that commits to delivering the best technology power in the events industry. It simplifies the management of each stage of the event lifecycle. It provides a seamless virtual experience with a virtual attendee hub. It plans, promotes, helps in registrations, and tracks the event at every stage. It works all around in-person and virtual events. Right from planning, event venue solutions, getting the leads, and ROI analysis are there with Cvent. 

1.6 Airmeet

It is an all-in-one platform to host virtual as well as hybrid events. It commits to deliver memorable events and experiences that event attendees would love. They provide a networking lounge and virtual exhibition booths that allow the attendees to move freely across multiple sessions. Its creative front adds a brand touch to the event interior. It also allows selling tickets with various tiers. You can further sync with the speaker at private backstage. It captures real-time polling, live interactions and is thoroughly designed for enterprises across multiple industries. You can host the hybrid events with smooth RTMP streaming. It is secure, scalable, GDPR compliant, and ISO certified. 

1.7 Attendify

It is a fully integrated mobile and online event platform. It is easy to deploy and specifically designed to engage virtual and hybrid events. Over 2500 organizations consider Attendify to power their events. They make sure to work the virtual event feel like an in-person event. It is an engagement-centric event platform that helps you drive event participation by attendees and boost the revenue in result. This next-generation virtual event platform engages attendees with digital networking and virtual town halls. They believe in an event success strategy that is a combination of event networking and content. They provide simple and transparent pricing. Attendify virtual event platform works hand-in-hand for a seamless virtual event experience.

1.8 Bizzabo

Bizzabo has been awarded as the gold winner for five years by the event technology Awards. It is a G2 category leader in the event management platforms for 2021. Bizzabo is trusted by some leading event teams such as Siemens, Amazon, Salesforce, and CNBC. It offers scalable and agile technology to cope up with the changing environment. It gives flexibility to its clients to pivot between virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Its end-to-end event software scales the event strategy and elevates the attendee experience. It offers a simplified event planning process covering event website, registration, speaker, and partner management. It helps you to build memorable moments with your event attendees and peers through virtual events regardless of the distance. In addition, you can capture rich event data to make data-driven decisions to accelerate business outcomes.

1.9 Premier Virtual

Premier virtual is the easiest way to host virtual events such as career fairs, online hiring events, or B2B events. Over 2500 employees Premier virtual have experience of conducting 2500 plus events. It is the best virtual event platform for job fairs with fully customizable hiring rooms. It includes video interviews, a registration setup wizard, live reporting during events, and much more. The popular platform for virtual hiring and 1 in 3 workforce boards consider premier virtual for their hiring processes. Its strategic roadmap ensures the clients encounter a successful hiring event.

1.10 Accelevents

It is an all-in-one event platform that redefines the virtual event to reach audiences across the globe. They mark themselves as an events platform for growth acceleration. They perform to make the sponsors happy and boost the event revenue. They provide integrated live streaming, attendee engagement, in-depth analytics, and sponsors. In addition, it offers event customization as per your creativity and brand. Ticketing 7 Registration, group networking, monetization, gamification, real-time data, and seamless integration is all you experience with Accelevents. They are customer-centric and provide 24/7 customer support from real people. Accelevents have hosted over 5,500 events, and over 12,500 companies trust them for their upcoming events. 


We have seen the top ten software platforms for hosting events. These are all popular and cost-effective software platforms to help you out with your upcoming virtual events. Software like Cvent, Bizzabo, and vFairs are genuinely recommended for experiencing the next-level virtual event from both the attendee & organizer perspectives. Choosing the right software platform for your upcoming event is the first step towards your event success. Hence make sure you choose the best.  


1 How do I choose software platforms for virtual events?

Choose the software that meets your technical and creative requirements. It must be agile to deal with the new trends in the virtual event industry. It must be customer-centric and provide every solution around events within your budget.  

2 What is a virtual event software platform?

A virtual event software platform enables users to host conferences, meetings, seminars virtually. It ensures to provide a seamless experience for attendees, media sponsors, and organizers to achieve the event goals with ease.

3 How do I host a virtual event?

Analyze your expertise and plan an event outline. Understand your target audience and create good event content. Then, choose the right virtual event platform to reduce your efforts and take care of the event's success.

4 How much does a virtual platform cost?

Many virtual event platforms like Facebook, Zoom, and Google Meet with fundamental features are free. But if you are planning for a highly professional and tech-savvy virtual event, you may think of platforms like vFairs, Bizzabo, and Attendify that roughly cost around $2000 to $5000. But, of course, the exact price depends upon the features and services you select for a particular event.

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