How to Find Great Speakers for Your Event

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Every event needs a speaker to interact with the event audience. In recent studies by the events industry, experts state that event success is 80% dependent upon the speaker's performance during the event. Hence, finding potential speakers for events is a significant part of event planning.

An entertaining speaker possesses skills that engage the audience and make them feel that something interesting is coming. This detail suggests that the event speaker is the center of attention and must have multiple talents. So, always look for a knowledgeable and entertaining speaking personality for any conference and any in-person or virtual event.

A classic combination of professional speakers and engaged attendees is a secret to event success.


Here we will show you how to find a good speaker as well as the top five resources to assist in the search.

Tips for Finding a Suitable Event Speaker

We have seen the importance of event speakers in the introduction. We should not select just any public speaker for an event. Choosing an event speaker is a process, and implementing the right strategy will help you find the right personality. Following are the steps you must consider before finalizing your choice of event speakers:

Know the Target Audience

Understand the event goal and target audience for the event. You need to set the event speaker selection parameters as per the attendees' requirements. Getting the right match will boost the event's success to another level.

Set a Clear Goal

Defining the expectations from the speaker for an event is the first step you need to complete before searching for an event speaker. Understand your event goals and set the speaker goals as per the event objectives. Discuss these with the speaker to help them understand what your expectation is.

Describe the Logistics and Schedule

Setting the logistics and calendar for an upcoming event is essential. It will help the right people approaching you in providing the speaker service for the event. Once you have decided on these two parameters, describe them in the speaker need advertisement or the invitation emails/letters. You can get the sample template for emails and letters on multiple online platforms. For example, Business a Box and TEDx have multiple, sample templates for a keynote speaker invitation. We also have a sample template for you below to use for your following keynote speaker invitation.

Outline Event Success

Outline what defines success for your upcoming event. Consider factors such as the attendees, data gathering, business leads and network building. Decide objectives surrounding these factors during the event planning to ensure right approach is taken in organizing the event.

Prepare Dialogue Questions

Once the list of speakers is ready, prepare some dialogue questions. This way, you can quickly analyze and scan the right candidate for your event. The question list must be friendly, yet effective, to evaluate the candidate's ability as a speaker.

Negotiate Service Charges

Public-speaking service charges are another critical factor occurring within the event budget. You must discuss the speaker fees and negotiate them to a moderate amount. It must be a win-win situation for both the speaker and the event organizer.

Don't Compromise on Quality

Never compromising the speaker's quality as a speaker is essential and is the center of attention. Hence, you must have a quality speaker equipped with all the essential skills. Next, we will see the best resources in searching for a good speaker. These are the top five places from where you can get potential speakers for your upcoming event.

Top 5 Resources to Find a Speaker for an Event

Professional Network & Social Media Platforms

The first place to search for a professional speaker is on a professional network such as Linked-in. You can either add a post to such a platform or share your need through your connections. This way, you will be able to find several professional speakers with their updated profiles. In addition, their event experience with some recommendations can be found there. Review their profile, connect with them and extend the talks further through a call for better communication analysis. Profiles on such platforms are reliable and of good quality.

There are many social media platforms where you find relevant groups for b2b events and everything related. Such groups can aid in connecting with speakers around the world in no time.

Dedicated Speaker Agencies

There are many globally-renowned speaker agencies and organizations that stream event speakers. For example, organizations like National Speakers Association train professional speakers. It can also help you to connect with those who are experts in public speaking. You can book the speakers through their published directory.

Industry Publications

Both online and offline industry publications are a great source of finding an event speaker. Expert bloggers in specific subjects and industry topics can be helpful. Such professionals are also looking for an opportunity to expand their roles and can be a part of your event speaker's list to be used as a guest speaker.

Certified Speakers from Leading Organizations

Many organizations train industry experts for public speaking at events and webinars. Organizations like Toastmaster and Certified Speakers Organization train their members. Contacting such organizations can help you get the latest public speaking experts.

Use Your Network

The best thing you can do to find an event speaker is to use your network of professional acquaintances. Do this by remembering the previous events you either organized or attended. Find out the best speakers from those event experiences. If you are a professional event organizer, always have a pool of speakers' data that you have collected through networking, so you can get in touch with them whenever the need should arise.


Picking the suitable event speaker is not as easy as it may sound. It requires a strait-laced process. Event speaker performance, as the heart of event success, needs to beat well, so follow a strictly-outlined process for choosing an event speaker. A good speaker delivers a memorable event to his audience and helps the event organizers to achieve their event goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a guest speaker for my event?

Understand the event goals and its audiences in order to find the right match. Discuss the schedule and check the availability of the speaker in order to plan. Finally, negotiate and arrive at e an acceptable charge for the speaker.

How do I find local speakers?

Many local groups and forums provide speakers for local events. A further check with local universities and organizations that provide public-speaking certifications will also help.

How do I approach a guest speaker?

You must write a request letter to the guest speaker mentioning the time, date, venue and estimated time to deliver their speech. Further, note the event subject outline and a date for response in the letter.

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