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Event Marketing Strategy and Roadmap - A Complete Guide

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Event Marketing strategy and roadmap are the two pillars of event marketing while planning any event. Getting the profound event marketing guide is the best of both worlds. This will add value to your existing knowledge of event marketing. It will also help you to learn the latest marketing techniques for events. Here, in this event marketing guide, we will discuss the latest event marketing planning and promotional strategies. You will also learn the concept of an event marketing roadmap. We want you to realize how to plan for an event that will result in achieving the business goals.

So let’s first get started with understanding the concept of an event marketing roadmap.

1 What Is an Event Marketing Roadmap?

When we talk about organizing any event it must have a specific goal or business objective. Now there can be many business objectives. We should not expect that each objective is going to get achieved with a single event. Hence, we should divide the goals first and then should plan to organize the events one by one.

Each event must have a defined goal or desired outcome. This is what we call an event marketing roadmap. As per the decided goal and type of the event (In-person, Virtual or Hybrid Event), relevant strategies can be applied. There are different strategies for a successful virtual event as well as in-person/hybrid events. We must choose the event marketing strategy accordingly.

So it is that simple, isn’t it? But let me be honest with you it is not. There are a number of events that get organized every year. Many of them fail to achieve their goals. This may be due to imprecise event goals or incorrect event marketing strategy application. We can also say that it is the result of a wrong event marketing plan.

As per the latest event marketing studies, many of the organizers fail to understand their event goal. This results in using incorrect event marketing strategy. In such circumstances, expert event marketing assistance is as right as rain. This would save your time, efforts and will put you on the correct roadmap of organizing an event.

Hope you guys are clear about the concept of the event marketing roadmap. Now once your roadmap is clear you can work on strategic event marketing.

2 Importance of the Right Event Marketing Strategy

There are multiple event marketing best practices but selecting the right event marketing tactics is important. This allows you to reach your target audience with less effort. It will also help you to get the maximum conversions out of the marketing. Whereas selecting any random event marketing strategy will not only waste the efforts but l also impact the budget of the event. Hence analyzing & selecting the perfect event marketing strategy is very important.

To analyze which event marketing campaign is good for a particular event it is necessary to have a current market study on event marketing success. This can only be achieved with an expert event marketing opinion. Hence it is always recommended to have a professional consultation for event marketing.

Now let's move to learn the ten best event marketing strategies that are trending in the event marketing industry.

3 Ten Best Event Marketing Strategies

We must identify the best event marketing strategies to attract maximum attendees to the event. Plan some pre-event marketing strategy that will attract the target audiences across the globe. Let’s discuss each event marketing strategy in detail.

3.1 Pre-event Social Media Page

Social media is by far the best place to get eyes on the event. You can create a dedicated page for the event containing every minute detail about the event. The content and user interface of the page must be audience-friendly. It should increase their curiosity about the event and help them to take the necessary steps to be part of it.

3.2 Interesting & Informative Event Blogs

Content is an important aspect while planning for an event. Write relevant informative blogs that revolve around the event topic. This would grab the attention of the target audiences. The engaging blogs should encourage people to read further about the event. It should contain a sharing tab where people can share the event information. Never compromise on the blog's content. It is a smooth path that you create for your target audiences to land on your event page.

3.3 Persuasive Email Marketing

Get the target audience data and start email marketing. The email must contain all the information about the event in the mail body itself. The information should be short and to the point so that readers will not ignore reading it because of its length.

You should also send a final reminder mail a day before the event as this will help the audiences to plan and keep their calendar updated.

3.4 Phone Marketing

I know this may sound like an expensive option as employing a telesales team is expensive. But this is an effective marketing strategy. You need to grab the data of the audiences who have marked themselves as interested but not purchased tickets for the event. Call such audiences few days before the event. Explain how this event is going to benefit them. This way the audience will also feel personalized and there is a chance that they get converted as your event attendee.

3.5 Social Media Tools for Event Marketing

Once you have prepared the dedicated event page, share this page with the target audiences across social media. Use social media tools to reach the target audiences. Further, a press release is also a good way of grabbing the attention of the audience. Spread event awareness across the globe by using various digital tools and get the event goal achieved.

3.6 Early Bird Discount

Discounts or freebies are the best ways to grab attention. Everyone likes to get discounts on the actual price of any product. This is an incredible psychological strategy to grab attention towards the event. Try to work on offering a discount on event tickets for the early birds. You can also offer a scheme like an early bird that will help them get a discount on a second ticket. This would help you to get maximum interest or booking for the event ASAP.

3.7 Social Media Influencers

Using Social Media Influencers (SMI) is one of the effective event marketing tools and a new trend of event marketing. The first benefit of using this strategy is they have a good count of followers. This will help your event in a positive way. Your event information will reach people across the globe and they may share the same with their network too. So it is a good spread count. You can say this is a paid promotion of your event.

3.8 Pop-up & Landing Page on the Event Website

When people land on the dedicated social media page for the event, a pop-up or a landing page link about the event website must flash on the page. This would help the visitor to go to the event website and take the action to fill up his/her information in the event attendee form.

3.9 Fear of Missing out on the Event

Now, you must try this event marketing promotional strategy. When you send a final reminder mail to the targeted audiences make sure you generate the importance of the event. The audience should feel that they will miss something important if they avoid attending the event.

3.10 Event Marketing Partnerships

This is the most important strategy for event marketing. Getting the best event marketing guide is the shortest & fruitful way to have a successful event. A professional event marketing partnership will always help you to achieve the event goals. This will reduce your efforts and time.

Now let’s see some of the frequently asked questions where you will get answers to your doubts on event marketing strategy & roadmap.


Here we understand the importance of an event marketing roadmap and event marketing strategies. The right strategy will keep you on the right track. Hence never go for a random event marketing strategy. Get professional support for event marketing and achieve your business goal in a short span.


1 Why is event marketing important?

A product will never be successful if it is not marketed well. Likewise, organizing an event is important but creating awareness about it is even more important to get good ROI for an event. Event marketing

spreads awareness about the event. It helps to reach the target audiences who might be your possible event attendees.

2 Why should you consider event marketing strategies?

Random marketing for an event is a simple waste of money, effort, and time. This would rarely help you achieve the event goals. Hence, using the right strategies which are relevant to the event topic or target audiences is very important. 

3 What's the best marketing strategy?

Event marketing partnerships are the best and most recommended strategy in the market. Getting professional help will help you reach your event goal faster. This would also reduce your efforts and stress for the attendee count for an event.

4 How do you attract attendees to an event?

Go live and promise a good time to the audience. Hire a good speaker who can engage the target audiences to increase their curiosity about the event. 

Use the right strategy and engaging marketing content. Further, a good follow-up with the interested target audiences will also help you to maximize the attendee count.

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