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Enhance Your Events With Drone-Technology!

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‘An aerial view of the entire event? That sounds amazing!’ The drone technology is a boon to hybrid events as it provides a real-time video experience and brings the event from reality to the screen.

In an industry dependent on creating ‘magnificent experiences’ – drones add to the ‘wow factor’ with entertaining birds-eye view visuals, enrapturing promotional event coverage and more. Did you know that Drones are also utilized for data transmission at large event gatherings? Moreover, these drones can consume radio signals to collect data of specific activities when it is not otherwise possible to connect smart meters to the internet.

The events industry can mine the multiple benefits this technology has to offer.

Drones Are The Unofficial Event Attendee Guides

Back in the year 2016, Google had announced that they wanted to combine conferences with drone technology in order to increase their attendee reach and globalize the events. That is when other businesses followed suit and decided to partake in the drone technology for amassing global audience footprints.

Drones connect people, especially during the in-person events when there can be a loss of connectivity, these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) hover about 400 metres over the landscape providing network and range, so that attendees can access the internet.

A blessing in disguise during the pandemic, the drones helped the event organizers in keeping an eye on the crowd gathering at specific places. The event organizers with the drone’s aid, asked the crowd to disperse, reducing the risk of attendees contracting the disease.

Drones Are The New-Age Security Modules

Drones have a wide-eye angle view of the entire area. The event organizers are benefitted with the panorama and can reach where even the security personnel and guards cannot!

This helps in avoiding major security breaches and promotes surveillance in a much more cost-effective manner.

The continuous aerial monitoring during events also enables the efficient delegation of security personnel should an accident or security breach occur. Due to this added security feature, many hotels such as the Barceló Jerez Montecastillo & Convention Center y La Bobadilla, and event venues are providing drone services as a part of their entire event’s package!

Drones Provide Extensive Analytics

Drones help in collecting advanced crowd analytics. The UAVs fitted with sensors are able to perform quick and accurate area mapping, analyse footfall, crowd distribution, duration of stays and revisit patterns at events, therefore proving to be an incredibly cost effective and portable solution for gathering real-time event analytics that will aid in planning.

The LBASense Mobile App is an example of an application that is used in conjunction with sensors attached to drones to perform such analytics.

Enhanced Event Experiences = Insert Drones Into the Picture!

Above all, drones enhance the event experiences by providing out of this world video content and live streaming opportunities that connect and engage the attendees unlike any other recent technologies. Here are a few examples of engaging drone activity at the events:
  • Combine Drone Technology: An exciting way to utilize drones at events is by combining drone technology with virtual reality to create the ultimate immersive experience for all. Drone makers DJI have introduced new goggles that when connected to their drones give users unparalleled aerial views without their feet ever having to leave the ground.
  • Visual Shows: Drones are great for entertainment, particularly visual shows. Many events have used drones for aerial shows, including night-time shows with lights timed to music. They always draw a crowd and create shareable moments. Attendees are known to take videos of the drones performing at the events, with their smartphones and sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Live Streaming: Live streaming events is so popular and using drones to capture the video for a live stream adds so much more to the entire event experience. Drones can move around and make viewers feel like they are actually part of the event.

Tip: You could live stream artists when they are performing, give a backstage tour, and more.

Winding Up

Drones are cost-effective and cheaper as compared to the other competing technologies. What makes these little flying elements the future of event technology? Engagement! Drones create an attendee-centric event experience and that is why with drones the events industry will always thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is drone technology considered the future of events?

Drones are considered the future of events as these provide the tech support to engage the attendees unlike any other technology present at the moment. With the help of drones, event organizers can collect attendee data, increase attendee touchpoints and magnify the revenue with enhanced event experiences and provide on-demand content with rich video quality.

What are some of the ways in which drones can be used at events?

Here are a few ways in which drones can be used at events:
  • To capture aerial footage
  • To source videos from the crowds
  • To map the crowd
  • To guide the attendees

What are the uses of drones at events?

The use of drones is not limited to just capturing images. There are companies that offer teambuilding activities where the teams have to build and fly a drone in the shortest time possible. We have also seen conventions at which the drones interact with the speakers, at other events they have been used as mobile decorative elements, flying with LED lights and lighting up the sky as if they were stars or fireflies. Drones have even been used to serve welcome drinks to guests too!

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