mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023

Welcome to the mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023, an extraordinary gathering that brings together pioneers in the field of mRNA cancer vaccines. Set in the vibrant city of Boston, this summit marks a pivotal moment in the community's journey towards groundbreaking advancements in cancer treatment.

Dedicated to showcasing the latest technology breakthroughs, translational insights, and crucial clinical updates, the mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023 is the first and only platform of its kind. Here, global leaders converge to exchange knowledge and expertise, working tirelessly to harness the potential of neoantigens and develop tailor-made mRNA cancer vaccines that hold immense promise.

This summit provides a unique opportunity for professionals in the mRNA cancer vaccine, oncology, and immune-oncology fields to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations in cancer therapy. By joining this event, you will gain invaluable insights into the cutting-edge advancements driving personalized neoantigen therapies in clinical settings. The agenda includes a dedicated day focused on neoantigen discovery and identification, with the aim of optimizing the process of developing personalized cancer vaccines and accelerating your pipelines.

The mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023 fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange among experts, fostering an environment of innovation and progress. As the field of mRNA cancer vaccines continues to evolve rapidly, this event serves as a catalyst for accelerating the translation of research into tangible solutions that can transform the lives of cancer patients worldwide.

Join us at the mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit 2023 and be part of the collective effort to bring novel and effective mRNA cancer vaccines to patients faster. Together, we can push the boundaries of cancer treatment and make a lasting impact on the fight against this devastating disease.

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10 - 12 Oct 2023

Fabio PalomboPosted 8 months ago

Chief scientific officer


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The event had a good atmosphere and engaging sessions, making it a worthwhile experience.

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