Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM 2023
São Paulo

Join us at the 5th edition of the Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM, the largest and most influential Telemedicine and Digital Health event in Latin America. As a catalyst for the entire ecosystem, this summit brings together leading experts, innovators, and stakeholders to shape the future of healthcare.

Under the theme of "Digital Health for All," our summit emphasizes the urgent need to expand access to Telemedicine and Telehealth services to all citizens, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. We believe that by incorporating virtual care alongside traditional face-to-face care, we can achieve the principles of universality, comprehensiveness, and equity in healthcare.

This event serves as a platform to showcase the latest advancements, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions in Telemedicine and Digital Health. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, learn from industry leaders, and explore the transformative potential of digital technologies in healthcare delivery.

The Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM provides a unique networking environment, fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals, technology providers, policymakers, and investors. By connecting stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, we aim to drive collaboration and partnerships that will accelerate the adoption and implementation of digital health solutions across Latin America.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, researcher, entrepreneur, policymaker, or investor, this summit offers invaluable insights and opportunities to shape the future of healthcare. Together, let's envision a future where Telemedicine and Digital Health are accessible to all, empowering individuals and revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Latin America and beyond.

Join us at the Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM 2023 and be part of the movement towards Digital Health for All.

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Associação Paulista de Medicina


The Associação Paulista de Medicina is a third sector, non-profit and public utility entity. Our role is to represent the doctors of the state of São Paulo in the capital and interior. With 14 Districts composed of 75 active Regionals, in addition to about 50 Departments and Scientific Committees, we are members of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) in the state of São Paulo. This, in turn, is affiliated with the World Medical Association (WMA – Word Medical Association). We have more than 30,000 associates, including physicians and medical students. We contribute to the elaboration of Health policies and the qualification of medical assistance, fighting to value the doctor in the public (Unified Health System) and private (health plans) spheres. For this reason, we are present in the National Congress, Legislative Assembly, Municipal Chambers, Health Councils, National Supplementary Health and Sanitary Surveillance Agencies and in other instances of the Legislative and Executive powers, to represent the interests of physicians and society. In addition to promoting congresses, courses, conferences and other continuing medical education activities, we offer various services to member physicians to make their daily lives easier, and we have partnerships with companies that offer special discounts on a variety of products and services. We still maintain our commitment to society by carrying out various actions of responsibility. Mission • Represent the interests of the medical class, strengthening it in the political, scientific and social spheres, in order to favor the well-being of society. Vision • To be a model of excellence for an entity representing the medical profession.

20 - 22 Nov 2023

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Partner with focus on Science and InnovationPartner with focus on Science and Innovation
Medical Director Center for Telehealth and Cybermedicine Research
Chief Medical Officer
Co-Founder & CEO
Project expert - Portfólio Digital - Compromisso Social
Abramge – Associação Brasileira de Planos de Saúde
Researcher - R&D in IoMT | Telemedicine | Nanobiosensor
Latam Informatics Medical Leader
Diretor do Serviço de Clinica Medica
Clinical Informatics Medical Manager
Head of Innovation | Stormia
Director of Applied Innovation and Artificial Intelligence
Advisor Board Member
Chairman of the Board
Director, Education Program
Founder and Advisor

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Brand, Media and Promotional Partners

ToLife S/A

ToLife offers differential and flexibility in an integrated solution to support clinical risk classification and the organization of care flows in health establishments, also implementing the management of Urgent and Emergency Networks in regionalize

Gobos do Brasil

Serving Brazilian lighting professionals with dynamism and excellence, with high quality and totally innovative products and services, Gobos do Brasil solidly established its leadership in the national market, thanks to the recognition of its custome


We are a platform startup for doctors and medical clinics to serve patients.


Dasa is the largest integrated healthcare network in Brazil. It is part of the lives of more than 20 million people a year, with high technology, intuitive experience and a forward-looking attitude. With more than 40,000 employees and 250,000 partner

Tuinda Care

Tuinda Care is a Healthtech focused in innovation, telehealth, patient monitoring and responsible to distribute TytoCare technology in Brazil since 2020. We connect patient and doctor, with no distance limit, under high security standards throught ad


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