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Here Is What Tesla, Apple And Other Huge Conglomerates Are Doing At Their Business Events

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‘We are giving the events a twist!’ said Elon Musk at Cyber Rodeo, a Tesla hosted event that marked the launch of the Giga Texas plant in Austin. The Cyber Rodeo gave Tesla fans a closer look at the company's delayed Cybertruck, now scheduled to enter production sometime in 2023.

The trailblazing event technology of holograms and powerful 3D projection mapping used in this hybrid event is estimated to drive the new events in 2022. In addition to this, the neon lights used in the background for the stage attracted the attendees towards the enormousness the event!

With Tesla heading towards futuristic event marketing, the other retail conglomerate giant Tesco was not far behind…

Tesco Putting Forth A Pop-Up Food Festival?

The retail organization, Tesco collaborated with N20, a creative agency to create an all-immersive touring pop-up food festival that gave the attendees a multi-brand experience! The entire line-up hosted 28 brands each offering their own free unique experiences, sampling opportunities.

A demo theatre featured masterclasses on everything from BBQing for a crowd and reducing food waste to sun care tips, recipes and much more. An excellent opportunity for Tesco to convert prospects!

Anchor took inspiration from N20’s creativity and introduced a new in-event feature – the event tents!

Anchor’s Event Tents Are Ready To Host!

Anchor Industries, Americas largest marquee manufacturer revealed the F3 High Peak (F3HP) cross-cable frame system. Making it almost impossible for the marquee-hire competitors, Anchor has created an amazing design experience that was the best for outdoor event strategy!
Anchor’s this new feature for the events leads us towards another trending term within the industry – sustainability!

Solar Stage’s Take The Centre

Stage Bus, a popular event production and stage hire based in Birmingham set out to make a difference in the world. How? They are promoting and creating solar-powered stages for all types of events! All the stage activities, from presentations to music concerts and more will take place with the power coming from THE SUN!

Are you picking up these event planning hacks already?

Even O2 has also announced its exclusively sustainable event with recyclable paper cups and recycled PET fabric wristbands heading towards the ‘A Greener Arena’ accreditation, with sustainability at the forefront of its strategic event goals for 2022.

In line with the sustainability trend within the B2B events paradigm, Isla, the sustainability wing for the events industry has announced its first sustainability forum in the UK. There are perhaps more changes coming towards us that we can implement within our business events!

In A Nutshell

The B2B events industry has a dynamic scenario that depends on how the people transform it from the within! It is an objective-driven peoples’ industry that depends on what the stakeholders involved in it determine it to be and what their needs are!

Another common example can be how Revelland, a European collaborative network that aims to make live music more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities has come up with extended use of event tech and taken a step forward towards inclusivity! This is a huge step for B2B events as well. Now, the business events can adapt this particular feature and create more ‘INCLUSVE’ global events!

Changing … But changing for the Good – Events are indeed Evolving!