Event Marketing

A Guide to B2B Event Marketing Success

Bhagyashri Kambale

A precise guide for your B2B event marketing success is all you need to stand out in the competition. Interacting with target audiences is an important part of achieving business goals. Hence working on event marketing ideas is crucial for B2B businesses. But as the world has exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has affected the in-person B2B marketing events.

Regardless of this barrier, the pandemic created a new normal across the globe. Yes, organizing virtual marketing events without much hassle. It’s a new way of marketing your business, product, or services. Connect with the target audience within the country or overseas with online events.

Still, the new normal is not so normal for many of the businesses out there. They are struggling to get guidance on how they can execute a virtual B2B marketing event. So here we are going to guide you all in each aspect to have successful virtual B2B events.
Before proceeding to the B2B event marketing best practices, let’s first understand what B2B event marketing is, why it is important, and why you should study the hottest b2b event marketing trends.

What is B2B event marketing & why is it important?

B2B event marketing is a marketing channel. It allows you to interact with audiences’ in-person. It is one of the best practices for professional relationship building and lead generation. It also helps in brand awareness, customer retention, sales pipeline generation, and acceleration.

B2B event marketing is a proven method to building up pipeline and contract sales cycle. In marketing events, decision-makers across the globe come together in one place. Marketing events are best used to build professional associations in a short time. It is a golden opportunity for the sales team to speed up their business goals drive. Hence sales team understands why B2B event marketing is important. They like to collaborate with event organizers on developing unique event marketing tactics.

B2B event marketing is the best practice for knowledge sharing. This can be with other company peers from similar industries. Such knowledge sharing is important. This helps businesses to overcome challenges. They can get away with a solution during B2B marketing events. But the ultimate purpose of such B2B events is always to drive business goals.

Types of event marketing

There are many ways you can carry out a marketing event. Use your event marketing objectives or possible circumstances to guide you to choose which format suits you best. The types of event marketing are as below,

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Webinar
  • Virtual Events
  • Live Streaming
  • Physical Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Conferences
  • Seminars

The current pandemic has forced us not to organize or go for physical events. But, we can choose other event organizing options. Technology has made it possible to connect with target audiences across the globe. In fact, this would be the future of event marketing that many companies would like to leverage. Now let’s move towards the B2B event marketing best practices.

Before proceeding to the complete guide for a successful B2B event marketing, let me first tell you that B2B event marketing is not a rocket science, nor is it everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a factual strategy, precise technology, and correct execution.

It is better to have professional guidance from an expert company. Better to look for a company that runs the best event marketing services. For example, a company like Media 7. It helps organizations promote their events across their target groups worldwide. It also offers a fruitful event partnership across the globe. The Media 7 team of event experts will help you out with innovative B2B event marketing ideas. They will assure you that you are on the right track for a productive B2B event marketing for your business.

Now, let’s move on to the next.

How to make the Virtual B2B event marketing a success?

As we have already discussed, successful event marketing is the result of B2B event marketing best practices. Here, we will see the ten best event marketing tactics that will help you to achieve your business goals.

Collaborate with the sales team

In the recent surveys, we found that the sales team can play a major role in B2B event marketing success. They claim that they can give their inputs in building successful virtual events. They do this by interacting with clients. This helps them to generate ideas for the event. It is also observed that if we include the sales team while planning the virtual event they can drive more attendees.

Build Precise Strategy

Marketers must study their target clients, current market, and previous marketing event results. This would help them to be clearer about what strategies to put in place next time. They must use their experience to execute a more fruitful B2B marketing event.

Set Clear B2B Event Marketing Objectives

Collaborate with experts in the industry to set clear objectives for the B2B event. ROI must be one of the most considered factors while planning for any marketing event. Remember your event goals. It should not concentrate on registration and attendees only. It should focus on getting the pipeline generated with revenue impact for your business. As per studies, you must implement the best practices to measure the event marketing performance and ROI.

Keep Data-Oriented Approach

While planning any marketing event always work with data. Random or granted numbers are a big no for a successful B2B event marketing. Study the market you want to target, focus on your goal. Also, analyze the past failures plus success, and gather vital data from that study. Work on this data and try to get a calculated approach for the next virtual B2B event.

Check Analytics

Having the right tools to capture data soon after any marketing event is very important. Make sure you have the right tools to track the leads you got from the B2B marketing events. The tools must be in place before the marketing event to measure the KPI’s. These tools help to capture the data from the event and the success rate of any marketing event.

Enhance Virtual Experience

Physical marketing events are not possible these days. Due to the pandemic everyone is switching to virtual events. For every virtual event, it is important to have catchy and engaging content. This helps the audience feel engaged and motivated to attend the event throughout. You can hire a professional speaker to make your event more informative and entertaining. You can check the latest informative article of 2021, “How to Engage Attendees for Your Events”. This article will guide you to enhance the virtual B2B event experience.

Maximize Outreach

A virtual event is the best option to maximize the outreach. It is a new future trend that allows the participants to attend the events with convenience. The online event allows the event organizers to reach the largest audience and hence doubles the chance of ROI. It is a cost-effective, productive, and time-saving method to reach your target audience. So one must take the benefit of online events and try to reach the most outreach.

Plan for Smaller Yet Exclusive Event

Always plan smart. Do not take your audience on a long ride and they may not even be interested in that. Surveys from successful marketing, events claim that shorter virtual events encourage audiences to feel more connected and engaged. So it is better to keep it precise and informative without beating around the bush.

Develop Audience Interaction

Keeping your audience engaged during the B2B marketing event is necessary. In fact, many of the participants like to interact during the marketing event. It allows them to put their thoughts, doubts and share opinions about the company. It also allows them to share their opinion about the products/services. You can plan for Q&A sessions, live chats, polls, quizzes, etc. to organize a more interactive marketing event. This will also make the audience feel participated and heard during the B2B event.

Choose Sound Promotional Strategy

This is the most important part of any event. Always study your target audience and prepare the promotional strategies. This will help you reach the relevant audiences. It will maximize your registrations for the B2B marketing event. Always remember promotion of the B2B marketing event is a vital part. This is the key to a successful marketing event.

So, here we have seen the ten best B2B event marketing practices. These innovative ideas of 2021 for event marketing will lift the marketing event ROI to the next level. But, let me tell you B2B event marketing ideas are not limited to this. The ideas keep on changing from time to time and as per the circumstances or market needs.

It is always better to have professional event marketing guidance. This will help you to put in place the latest B2B event marketing trends. We always like to have an interactive conversation with our audience. Hence, let’s move to the most asked questions related to B2B event marketing.


With organized planning and thoughtful strategies, we can execute a successful B2B marketing event. Businesses can engage their event participants through structured virtual events. They can also catch opportunities to launch their product or service in real-time.

We have also concluded that virtual events are the most convenient and cost-effective way to marketing events. This has become a trend in event marketing these days. It has broadened the audience and has also changed the future of many businesses. It is an eventual way to derive a better ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of event marketing?

The key purpose of event marketing is promoting business, product, or services. This is done by reaching out to the largest target audiences or clients across the globe. Event marketing helps to generate and speed up business sales pipelines. Apart from this, knowledge sharing, professional association, and experience sharing are the other benefits of event marketing.

How does event marketing work?

Event marketing is a channel that many marketers use to promote their brand, product, or service. This kind of marketing can either be in-person or virtual. Businesses can host, take part, or promote such events to increase brand awareness. Event marketing is considered one of the best marketing strategies.

What are the 5 essential features of event marketing?

Below are the five essential features of event marketing.

  • Clear objectives
  • Perfect event promotion
  • Active product/service promotion
  • Client feedback
  • Event evaluation

What are the five elements of effective event planning?

Below are the five essential elements of effective event planning.

  • Clear objectives
  • Clear event purpose
  • Target audience analysis
  • Easy mode/venue for the event
  • Suitable timing
  • Attractive content

We have tried to include all the possible questions related to event marketing. But of course, they are not limited to this. We would love to get in touch with you for any other questions on the same to be interactive with our audiences. Hope we have flourished your knowledge on event marketing through this complete guide of B2B event marketing.