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5 Ideas for Planning After-parties and Post-Event Receptions

Jagjeet Uberoi
Post-event receptions and after-parties have one goal and that is to make a lasting attendee impression. Amongst other things, it is also a chance for you as an event organizer and affiliated brands to thank the attendees. Post-event receptions are essentially extensions of an event crafted to end the event on a positive note! To ensure that the ultimate post-event reception experience is delivered, event organizers have to get down to working the details!

So let’s look at some ideas to deliver a memorable post-event reception or after-party!

Book the Reception Venue Early!

Since there’s a lot of competition, starting to filter reception venues and booking them early will hold event organizers in good stead. To do this, you need to do your due diligence and start researching and entering into early negotiations with the venues that you have shortlisted.

The event after-party should be considered as a separate element in the planning context. Since the timelines and logistics for both will differ, it will be easier for event organizers to effectively plan for both accordingly. The after-party should ideally be held at a different venue. By doing this, organizers can create anticipation about the after-party networking and allow the attendees to explore and experience the city where the event is held.

Seek to Create a Fun Vibe at the After-party

Events can be quite draining and consuming for those involved. Irrespective of the duration of the event, it can take a toll on attendees. Some attendees attend back-to-back sessions, which can often be an exhausting experience. The ultimate aim of an event organizer when planning an after-party should be to create an atmosphere that is fun and turns out into a highly laid-back experience void of any professional pressures whatsoever.

Ensure that attendees find themselves in a space where they can freely socialize (not network necessarily!). Separate zones for partying and holding unscripted interactions and casual conversations should be set up at the venue. 

Food Is the Ultimate Communion!

After a long and drawn-out event, attendees have only one thing on their mind – Food! It’s not necessary to offer ritzy items in terms of food choices. Having enjoyable and luscious items on offer does the job every time. However, delightful appetizers are an absolute must to go alongside the drinks!

When it comes to food, promoting the local food scene is an excellent option that organizers should explore. Pitch your event to local caterers, restaurants and breweries for sponsorship and try getting them onboard because everyone loves a local delicacy or a great local brew, for that matter!

Present Exclusive Offerings

Event organizers must give attendees a good reason to attend your event after-party and reception. So how do they do that? By roping in the element of exclusivity!
  • Swag: To entice attendees, ensure that certain swag offerings can only be available at the after-party. These offerings can be books authored by any of the event’s keynote speakers or even digital codes that allow attendees to download sessions that took place during the event.
  • Theme: Every post-event reception should have a theme that captivates. This theme can genuinely enhance the overall experience of the after-party or reception. Sometimes, brands lead theme-centric after-parties. For example, Smirnoff created a comic book theme for an industry party with graphic illustrations and brand ambassadors.
  • A USP Cocktail: At the post-event reception, nothing quite impresses the guests like a unique cocktail. Ask the brewing company to make a special cocktail and name it after the event to drive attendee excitement.

Build The Buzz Around Your After-party!

Crafting a diverse marketing campaign is essential for building a high sense of anticipation around your event. Once details like time, venue and food are settled, you need to execute your post-event reception marketing campaign.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Social media promotion is one of the most effective ways to create anticipation around your post-event meet. Aggressively promoting your event on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat will engage a significant chunk of generation Y and Z attendees.
  • Email Campaigns: Emails are a great way to increase anticipation and market your after-party. Organizers should ensure they include extremely captivating pictures of the after-party venue, encouraging attendees to come!

Wrapping Up

At the post-event reception, it is essential for organizers and their management team themselves to enjoy what they have worked so hard for. Organizing an event and a post-reception party can be pretty complex. However, an atmosphere where everyone associated with the event enjoys themselves leaves a truly lasting impression on your event attendees!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is post event communication?

Post-event communication allows you to keep your attendees engaged. It can also help you determine what went well — and what didn't — so that you can plan even better events in the future. Despite the importance of post-event communication, this step is often one of the most overlooked areas of event planning.

What is a post event engagement survey?

A post-event engagement survey is perhaps the simplest way to gauge attendee satisfaction or lack of it. The results provide valuable metrics with data on what went well and what didn't go so well. Send the survey within 12 hours after the event, and include questions where guests rate various parts of the event.

What is post event analysis?

Part of wrapping up an event is compiling a post-event summary review. This is a key document that reviews how well the event measured up to its goals and performance indicators. It's an essential document that gives you a solid base for future event and conference planning.