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Video Marketing Strategies and Tools for B2B Events in 2022!

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B2B Video Marketing is powerful, potent and savvy! Event organizers have realized its importance and know that when used strategically, video content can help upscale any event to reach its goals! With every passing event, its soon proving to be an increasingly effective pathway for event engagement solutions throughout the event.  This viral B2B marketing tool is holding the fort better than anticipated.

Even the statistics speak volumes on this front - according to Eventbrite, 94% of events showcasing video content found it highly impactful. However, excellent video content results from an effective marketing strategy and usage of the latest tools.

How Video Quality and Delivery Makes a Difference?

Quality is the ultimate parameter for content, and video content is no exception. Irrespective of the nature of your event, crafting a memorable viewer experience remains the final objective of video content marketing.

Producing high-quality video content that attendees can relate to and executing its delivery to perfection can substantially enhance the overall attendee experience. However, faring poorly can easily disconnect attendees and have a negative impact on your event, leading them to post negative feedback on various platforms.

How Can You Deliver High Quality Video Content at Your Event?

For effective video marketing for B2B events, event organizers need to ensure that the quality of the video is of an extremely high standard - only then can the video have the desired effect on the attendees. This aspect simply cannot be overlooked and should be topping the priority charts.
Some key elements that will help in achieving video quality goals are:
  • Resolution: This is often one of the most misunderstood elements of video quality. Contrary to popular belief, having a higher video resolution isn’t always the best choice. For attendees to have a stimulating viewing experience, organizers need to choose aspect ratios and video resolutions that fit the event setting and aptly highlight the content on display.
  • Software: Organizers need to choose reliable and user-friendly video software; a secure platform and features options to alter public and private access permissions, quickly evaluate data, and view crucial analytics.
  • Invest in high-end production equipment: For producing higher quality video, having the latest production equipment in place, is essential. This equipment can consist of lighting, latest microphones, 4K cameras etc.
  • Opt for a powerful content distribution network (CDN): A CDN is a network of geographically distributed and interconnected servers. Having the right CDN integrated with your hosting platform is vital in delivering rich content and media to attendees.

Pre-Event Promotion Efforts

The main objective of using video content at your event is to enhance conversions! Videos produced should be highly relevant, immensely captivating and engaging to quickly grab and subsequently retain attendee attention resulting in sure shot conversions!

Start by creating a video strategy on a base creative for your event. Begin by producing introductory videos featuring brief details like dates, themes and speakers’ part of the event to get your promotional efforts off the mark!

Organizers should always associate pre-event video content production with pulling in more and more prospects to attend the event:
  • Why should people attend your event?
  • What sets your event apart from the rest in your domain?
  • Which past event statistics can you use to enhance promotion activities?

Utilize the Latest B2B Marketing Tools of the Trade!

Some latest user-centric, B2B marketing softwares and tools to help organizers in video production are:
  • AVS Video Editor: This is one of the most user-friendly video editing tools. You can easily add backgrounds, audio and video effects, and overlays through this. Even those inexperienced in using such apps can easily navigate this one owing to its easy-access software.
  • Biteable: One of the cost-friendly options in the market, this tool assists in video editing and production. It has proven to be a valuable resource in making presentations and instructional videos. With 24/7 customer support, rest assured help and assistance is only a call away.
  • OBS Studio: This is a highly effective tool, especially for virtual and hybrid event managers, where they are often required to record videos for educational purposes like tutorials and guides. It also happens to be a completely free tool!
  • Veed: Veed is an easy-to-use video editor. Its features include adding progress bars, text overlays and video effects. Moreover, hybrid and virtual event content teams can seamlessly add subtitles and transcribe videos that have been created.

In-Event Video Marketing for B2B Set-ups

During the event, numerous moments can be showcased over the course of the event -
  • Seek to capture the various activities happening at the event and share them on your event’s social media pages
  • Conduct attendee interviews during the event to portray their event experience so far
  • Post key highlights of sessions that stood out from the rest
  • Use drones to capture fun outdoor activities
  • Gather long-form content from the event, like recording entire sessions
  • Produce videos featuring sponsors’ products and services and share them between sessions
  • Curate a video of event highlights and premier it during the closing ceremony
  • Attendees creating videos during the event should be encouraged and the event’s official accounts should share their stories and posts to upscale online engagement.

Post-Event Push

Your video marketing tactics and efforts should not stop even once the event is over. An event is a finished product - a culmination of various elements to provide an insightful and memorable experience for its attendees!

An event organizer’s efforts after the event are the ones that truly make a difference and lead to conversions. This begs the question; how do organizers go about their post-event marketing efforts?
Start by utilizing the video content gathered during the event. Snippets from this can be used in thankyou emails that go out to the attendees. If you’re planning another event soon, it can also be effectively used to promote the event or next year's edition of the same event.

A few other ways to enhance your post-event video marketing strategies are:
  • Gather attendee testimonials during the event and post it on your event’s social media handles to highlight the attendee experience at your event.
  • Summarize all the critical insights during the event and provide attendees a video to fall back upon if they missed anything.
  • Curate a video review of how your event went and encourage attendees to do the same. Repost their reviews across all social media channels.  


Video Content is highly influential and having a devised strategy will shape your efforts in achieving your event goals. Organizers can utilize the techniques and tools mentioned above to gain a foothold in the process of video marketing for businesses! 


How do you make a good video for an event?

Some key tips to create engaging event videos:
  • Understand your call to action
  • Ensure the video tone is representative of your brand
  • Don’t hesitate to try something unique
  • Make it accessible and sharable
  • Make sure the video quality is of a high standard

What makes a good recap video?

Recap videos are typically more than a minute or so long. Brevity will make your video more digestible and shareable for attendees and non-attendees. It should ideally portray the event's highlights and definitive moments.

What is a video strategist?

A video strategist’s role is to make sure that your video content is well crafted and based on a video marketing strategy plan. He/she also ensures the video works properly and achieves the aims and objectives event organizers want to achieve.

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