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How to Repurpose Your Event Content

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Repurposing is at all times the best idea that we also use in our day-to-day lives. It saves our time and helps us to achieve our goals early. Modifying and transforming the already used things into something better is ‘Repurposing.’ It is a creative method and gives a fresh gaze to what has become old and gray. 

So, when we talk about repurposing event content, we use the successful B2B event content into other areas to achieve additional accomplishments. For example, if we have a successful conference or webinar that attracted colossal traffic, we can convert it into a blog post, Instagram story, podcast, and infographics. Repurposing past event content is as per the market trends and demands from different viewers. We use the assets from the previous content and recycle them as per the need of the market.

There are multiple benefits of repurposing event content like achieving compound goals, reconstructing weak content, reaching new audiences, improving online presence, and refining SEO. It also helps to get further backlinks, saves time with accelerated content production, and enhances the knowledge & skill sets of the event marketing team. You can realize a radical change in event engagement by posting repurposed content.

1 How to Repurpose Event Content?

Here we will see some best ways to repurpose event contents. This repurposed content strategy will also be helpful for content production for virtual events from in-person events. You must have the correct approach to repurpose event content on various platforms and keep creating a buzz on the internet about your event.

1.1 Record the Audio & Video

Appoint the best videographer & use high-quality microphones for all events. This approach is the first important step toward repurposing the event content. Capturing all the best moments and talks by the guest speakers and participants at the event is helpful. You can use the recorded audio and video on various platforms and transform them into different forms.

1.2 Transcribe Finest Talks

Podcasts and audios are the latest trends in the marketing industry. Convert the audio recordings from the event into a podcast or important small audio. The high-quality recording of the speakers and panels would play a significant role in repurposing event content and creating the podcast out of it.

1.3 Create Infographics

With due permission of the speaker at the event, create an infographic of the best content shared by the speakers. The presentation, speech, and interaction with other panels and participants can have great content that can be used or be converted into a visually appealing, shareable, and digital format. You can include the quotes, images, and easy-to-understand charts into the infographics.

1.4 Create Blog Post

Create a hashtag for your event. Encourage audiences to use the hashtag to post their questions, queries, and feedback or suggestions about the event. Then, pick some good ideas out of those responses to write blogs and LinkedIn articles to increase the life of event content further. It also keeps you connected with the audiences after the events.

1.5 Recreate the Event

Working with the big moments from the event recording, you can create the best event clips or slide shows for your audiences. It is the best way to repurpose event content. Post these moments and discussions on platforms like YouTube, social media pages, and website pages to grab the attention of the target audiences. This recreation of the event will help the attendees experience the event again with their favorite moments.

1.6 Practice It as Gated Content

Good speakers and successful events always have good content. Offer full-length or selective range in videos or blogs to the event attendees on their email addresses. Afterward, you can also ask to deliver similar content from your other events to the attendees in the future. This strategy of gated content would allow you to keep connected and communicate with your target audiences through your brand. It helps you to be present at the back of the mind of the target audience.

1.7 Create an Integrated Event Content Library

When you have content from multiple events, transform it into other formats, as discussed earlier. Create an integrated library for your target audiences. It will allow the audiences to get everything in one place and choose the event content format according to their wish or need.

2 Repurpose Event Content Conclusion

Considering the content production for multiple stages in marketing, repurposing past event content is a wise idea. Giving new life to existing content will save your time and budget and enhance content production results. We have seen various benefits and tips to repurpose event content. If you are not utilizing the past event content by any chance, you are wasting time and money. Hence we highly recommend repurposing event content to accelerate content production and take it to the next level of smartness. 


1 How do you repurpose old content?

There are various ways to repurpose the old content. For instance, you can create a blog post, interactive videos, podcasts, and gated content from the old content.

2 Why should you repurpose event content?

Repurposing event content saves time & money, accelerates content productions, and improves online presence by refining the SEO.

3 Is repurposing content an effective way to drive traffic?

Yes. As per the recent surveys by the marketing industry experts, 90% of marketers have stated that they get effective results from the repurposed content than the fresh content for their marketing plans.

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