Vencent Fintech Summit 2023
Little Rock

Join The Venture Center at VenCent Fintech Summit - an exclusive event that brings together bank industry leaders, innovators, and influencers from around the world for two days, live demos, and unlimited networking. August 14-15, 2023, we’ll delve into how technology will shape our industry’s evolution - from banking innovation strategies to best practices when dealing with changing technologies. It’s your chance to learn about what's next in fintech and digital transformation. You can network with top-level executives and who are leading their organizations through this rapidly changing landscape while also learning more about topics like cryptocurrency, Banking as a Service, cybersecurity, and more. VENCENT culminates in the announcement of the winner of "The Finny." Watch the video to learn about the characteristics considered when awarding this trophy.

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The Venture Center


We inspire social and economic change in Arkansas and around the world.

14 - 15 Aug 2023

John DrechnyPosted 10 months ago


Merchant Advisory Group

Review Title

Overall, it was an average event, but I really appreciate the speaking sessions and exhibits.

Chandu VellalaPosted 9 months ago

Head of Sales - North America, Cyber Security Platforms


Review Title

We had a nice booth location; we were one of the exhibitors, which was good. As a result, we had some people stop by our booth, and the location was really good.

Speakers and Delegates
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President and CEO
Chief Innovation Officer
President, CEO and Vice Chairman
Senior Director - Global Products & Solutions
U.S. Congressman
Secretary of Commerce

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