Testµ Conference 2023

Welcome to Testμ Conference 2023: Decode the Future of Testing!

At Testμ, we believe in the power of 'you' and the limitless potential of the testing community. That's why we invite you to join us for an immersive online-only conference where 'you' are at the center of it all. This conference is not just about passive participation, but active engagement, lively discussions, and heartfelt conversations.

Testμ is a gathering designed by the community, for the community. With sessions dedicated to the latest trends, hands-on learning experiences, and talks on cultivating the right culture, we strive to provide an inclusive platform for testers and developers from around the world.

Imagine connecting with over 10,000 testers and developers hailing from more than 100 countries. This is your opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and pave the way for the future of testing. Who knows, the next groundbreaking solution might emerge from these very interactions.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your testing journey, Testμ offers something for everyone. From thought-provoking keynote speeches to interactive workshops, you'll gain valuable insights and practical skills to shape your testing approach.

At Testμ, we decode the future of testing together. Join us and be part of a vibrant community that embraces innovation, fosters collaboration, and thrives on collective knowledge. Together, we will unlock new possibilities, redefine industry standards, and inspire each other to push boundaries.

Mark your calendars and save the date for Testμ Conference 2023. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of 'heart'ful conversations and discover the transformative power of testing in shaping a better future. The future of testing starts with 'you'!

Join us at Testμ Conference 2023 and let's decode the future of testing together.

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LambdaTest’s digital experience testing platform enables enterprises to test for omnichannel experiences on custom-designed, robust, high-performance, and scalable infrastructure thereby accelerating digital transformation. Enterprises can now choose between live and automated cross-browser testing, live and automated real devices testing, visual regression testing, and OTT app testing, ensuring coverage across the entire gamut of omnichannel options. Our continuous testing cloud comes with innovative features like smart workflows, auto-test grouping, auto-retry, and fail-fast techniques that will do the heavy lifting, allowing testers/developers to concentrate on test creation rather than test execution and orchestration.

22 - 24 Aug 2023

Abhinaba GhoshPosted 9 months ago

Engineering Manager


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I got an overall picture of quality engineering and its tools. It was highly encouraging for me to try new things.

Prabhat Singh BhadauriyaPosted 9 months ago

Enterprise Account Executive - Americas


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I participated in Test Me last year, and I was also part of it this year. Overall, I enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone aspiring to work in quality assurance and development. The speakers have a wealth of experience in the industry, and what they share is like a gold mine for those trying to establish themselves. I'm not sure how to rate it, but it's definitely worth attending.

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