SquadCon 2023
Las Vegas


Girls Hack Village (mini-conference) was introduced to the world during Hacker Summer Camp 2022 at DEF CON 30 to bring gender-diverse perspectives of the contributions, perspectives, and issues facing women/girl hackers. During hacker summer camp there are a number of the world’s biggest cybersecurity conferences which bring some of the world’s best and brightest hackers and security professionals to train, learn and talk about their research and experiences. It was a space to discuss issues affecting girls in cybersecurity and included Talks, Hands-on Workshops, Discussions, and Panels. Our inaugural 3-day conference brought thousands of men, women, and kids to the Flamingo Hotel to talk about how the lack of gender equality in the field affects the culture and experience of women in the industry. We had the incomparable Mary Chaney, Esq, and Tia Hopkins keynote and had over 30 speakers (26 female, 4 male) from all over the world talk about everything cyber. We had 4 beginner-friendly hands-on workshops in capturing the flag, IOT red vs blue hacking, mobile penetration testing, and network penetration testing. We also had two discussion panels that brought together some of the major organizations in the nonprofit cybersecurity industry and some of the worlds leading voices on diversity in cybersecurity. Sponsored by Corellium, Microsoft Security, Palo Alto, Tyler Technologies, Hyperqube, NowSecure, and Rangeforce. The conference was a great example of what cybersecurity conferences could look like if inclusivity was as much a focus as cybersecurity. We closed out the conference with an epic 90s dance party which was talked about on social media for months to come. A month after the close of DEF CON 30, after a much well-deserved break, we began planning for the return of Girls Hack Village at DEF CON 31. Unfortunately, our application was collectively denied by DEF CON HQ. After much frustration and tears, we got our planning committee together, regrouped, and are excited to answer the question of how to follow up a successful con within a con, when you no longer are offered a seat at the table. Girls Hack Village proudly presents SquadCon. SquadCon is a three-day conference held in Las Vegas during Hacker Summer Camp. SquadCon will be held August 10-12th at the Industrial Event Space. We’ve got three amazing keynotes lined up, discussion panels, beginner-friendly hands-on workshops, and an amazing lineup of talks on some of the latest edge trends in cybersecurity. We’ll be ending the conference with our superheroes vs villains-themed party.

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Black Girls Hack is to provide resources, training, and access to black women and increase representation and diversity in the cyber security field. While BlackGirlsHack advocates and does what we do for Black girls and women, our programming is open to everyone.

10 - 12 Aug 2023

Tasha HollowayPosted 9 months ago

Security Researcher


Review Title

I found it extremely fun, and I hope they have another one next year.

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