SellerCon 2023

Join the highly anticipated ecommerce event of the year and take your business to the next level in 2023! Learn from the industry's top players and experts and skyrocket your sales and profits to unprecedented heights. With a roadmap to more predictability, higher profits, and increased freedom, you'll be well-equipped to overcome any uncertainties the world may bring.

While the world is facing unprecedented uncertainty, ecommerce remains an incredible business opportunity. Despite the challenges posed by factors such as a potential recession, increasing competition, and supply chain disruptions, ecommerce offers unparalleled scalability, location independence, and the potential for massive financial success. Don't miss out on the chance to build a thriving ecommerce business worth millions of dollars, with the guidance and insights provided by our esteemed speakers.

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Founded in 2013, is striving to be the number one place to help people start or grow a business on #Amazon. They do this with results-focused training, exceptional business tools, and a strong, supportive online member community. offers a variety of courses to help every level of entrepreneur, from beginner to veteran, build or boost their business. They achieve this by partnering with proven, entrepreneurial business leaders to develop and teach their courses. is headquartered in Austin, TX, where an abundance of technical talent, a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system, and access to the World’s best barbecue combine for the perfect conditions to drive company growth.

01 - 03 Jun 2023

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Founder and CEO
CEO & Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Community Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Senior Director Of Marketing
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder and CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & CEO

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Brand, Media and Promotional Partners


GETIDA analyzes your Amazon data, reconciles your FBA inventory, and files claims for reimbursements on your behalf No Obligations, No Hidden Fees, Just us recovering YOUR money GETIDA is dedicated to improving the overall operations of 3rd party F


GS1 US serves more than 300 000 businesses in 25 industries in the United States by facilitating industry initiatives administrating the GS1 System of Standards providing education and support and connecting communities through events and online foru


Our Vision To provide innovative technology data and community to inspire and enable e commerce businesses around the globe to exceed their goals


Zendrop is a SaaS e-commerce marketplace that connects online stores with reliable suppliers. Our 100K+ product catalog enables sellers to dropship products and let Zendrop worry about fulfillment and other logistics. Zendrop is the industry's first


The all-in-one funding, banking, and funding application—reimagined for ecommerce businesses.

CapForge Bookkeeping & More

CapForge Bookkeeping offers full service, professional small business and franchise company bookkeeping. Great reviews, free consultation, no risk trial, get started at! We help you become more profitable through knowing your numbers, un

AccrueMe, LLC

AccrueMe provides Amazon lending to help Amazon sellers grow quickly and increase profits. Our Amazon funding has no credit checks and no monthly payments.


We're innovating every day to create smarter ecommerce tools for growing your business — and for growing our business, too. Because at Zipify, we also run one of the world's top-selling Shopify stores. So when you use our apps, you're supercharging y

Smart Marketer

Smart Marketer was founded in 2012 by Ezra Firestone. With the help of a rapidly-growing team and fueled by Ezra's years of experience in eCommerce, Smart Marketer creates and publishes eCommerce digital training programs for fellow marketers and bus

Ritz Momentum

At Ritz Momentum, we use keyword research & customer feedback data to design Amazon products that beat your competitors before you spend a dime on inventory.

Society Brands

Society Brands is a a tech-enabled consumer products company building a global growth platform, acquiring ecommerce brands and evolving them into household brands. Society Brands was built by founders, for founders, providing meaningful liquidity wit


Our full service Amazon Seller Protection Plan provides answers and solutions to many of the issues Amazon Sellers face on a regular basis. Your SellerBasics Protection Plan opens the doors for you to get comprehensive and high-quality solutions to i


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