RARE Health Equity Forum 2023
San Diego

The RARE Health Equity Forum is an annual gathering that brings together various stakeholders within the rare disease space to address the critical issue of health equity. With a specific focus on marginalized populations within the rare disease community, the event aims to identify and implement strategies that can better serve these underserved and underrepresented individuals. Now in its third year, the forum will delve into the theme of "Equity In Action," building upon the learnings and discussions of the previous two years.

The forum recognizes and acknowledges the biases, barriers, and challenges faced by marginalized communities in accessing healthcare and support within the realm of rare diseases. By fostering a collaborative environment, participants will work together to develop more effective approaches to address these challenges head-on. The primary goal of this year's event is to equip attendees with tangible tools and strategic insights that they can apply in their respective communities to support underserved and underrepresented patients.

Through a series of informative sessions, participants will gain actionable knowledge and practical guidance on how to promote health equity within the rare disease landscape. These sessions will explore various topics, including identifying and dismantling systemic barriers, promoting inclusivity and diversity in research and clinical trials, developing patient-centered care models, and advocating for policy changes that address the unique needs of marginalized populations.

By bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences, the RARE Health Equity Forum seeks to foster a collaborative and inclusive space where attendees can learn from one another and contribute to the collective goal of achieving equity in rare disease care. Through this shared dedication and commitment to action, the forum strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are often overlooked or underserved within the rare disease community.

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Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Director for Latin America SRF Syngap Research Fund
Program Director
President and CEO
Director, Genetic Education and Navigation
Executive Director
Senior Manager, Product Communications
Director Patient Advocacy Strategy - Center of Rare Disease
Director JumpStart Program
Market Medical Executive

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