Open Finance, APIs and Partnerships Forum 2024


This GFMI event will bring together the leading financial institutions in the Open Finance space to discuss the current state of adoption in their institutions and assess how they are keeping on top of the advancements in API technology and FinTech partnerships. The current transformations in the banking ecosystem will be discussed such as evolutions in payments and BaaS as well as strategies for implementing open finance on the corporate side of the business. There will also be case studies of how people are overcoming the challenges around data sharing as well as creating a strong risk framework with FinTech partners and open finance strategies to ensure they can be safely implemented with strong levels of consumer trust whilst also meeting demands.

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21 - 23 Feb 2024

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Director, CashPro Product Management
Senior Director of Product
Senior Managing Director | Head of ClienTech and AI
Leader — Open Banking & Digital ID
Senior Managing Director, Head of Deposit Products and BaaS Partnerships
Senior Advisor
Senior Vice President
Advisory Board

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Brand, Media and Promotional Partners

Envestnet, Inc

Envestnet refers to the family of operating subsidiaries of the public holding company, Envestnet, Inc. (NYSE: ENV). Envestnet is transforming the way financial advice and wellness are delivered.

Solo offers Gloo Edge, an API gateway for application traffic, and Gloo Mesh, a service mesh control plane.


Flinks is the financial data layer powering the internet. Trusted by hundreds of world-class companies, Flinks enables businesses to connect users' bank accounts, enrich their data, and utilize it to deliver better products.


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