IIEX.AI 2023

A dramatic shift is unfolding in market research technology. In less than a year, groundbreaking developments in generative AI have transitioned from theory to tangible applications in practice - ushering in an era of unparalleled opportunity for marketers, business leaders, and researchers alike.

As insight communities continue to buzz with excitement and apprehension about the use of AI, machine learning and Large Language Models (LLMs), the GreenBook Insight Innovation Exchange (IIEX) remains at the forefront of showcasing cutting-edge developments and emerging best practices in the industry.

At IIEX.AI, you’ll witness firsthand how generative AI is being applied by insights trailblazers, you’ll discover how renowned brands and research companies are leveraging this technology to achieve remarkable efficiencies and streamline processes, and you’ll learn how to master this powerful tool to take your own market research and consumer insights practice to new heights.

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GreenBook brings innovative resources to market researchers on both sides of the table and offers effective marketing opportunities in a variety of targeted media.

07 - 08 Sep 2023

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Founder and CEO
CMO / Head of Strategy
Sr Director, Data Management & Science
CEO & Founder Yabble
CEO & Founder
Advisory Board Member
Head of Consumer Insights
Innovation Associate Director
Managing Partner
Director of Product Management
Director of Sales
Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Consumer Insights Manager
Founder & CEO
Global Vice President, Marketing Research Services
Senior Director, Innovation
Research Manager

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Brand, Media and Promotional Partners

Toluna Corporate

Toluna delivers real-time consumer insights at the speed of the on-demand economy.


We help brands understand the next generation of consumers by empowering Gen Z Millennials to share their thoughts over video


We are Behaviorally, The Transaction Experts.


quantilope automates consumer research to unlock high quality insights with speed & ease. Our Insights Automation Platform offers AI-driven advanced quantitative and qualitative solutions to support data-driven decision making.

Black Swan Data

Targeting the £40bn+ market research industry, Black Swan Data Ltd is a SaaS company that uses social data to accurately predict consumer behaviour.

Civicom, Inc.

Civicom is a group of people working together to create value for others We try to do it exceptionally well because we believe we re creating something important Our solutions range from Marketing Research Services Conferencing Transcriptions Virtual


Yabble creates world leading AI software for insights. From data creation to analysis, Yabble is the end to end AI solution for insights users globally. Delivering exceptional ROI and utility to brands, researchers and agencies. Decades of research e

Gen2 Advisors

Just a few years ago, there were only a couple ways a customer interacted with a company. Today, there's Facebook, email, blogs, Twitter, peer reviews, customer ratings, smartphones, and more. That's where Gen2 Advisors come in. Between us, we have o


Synapbox helps brands and creators access automated consumer feedback to improve content creation and predict performance. Our platform collects feedback from biometrics(facial coding and eye-tracking) and contextualizes them using content tagging, s

KLC Online Communities and Co-Creation

For more than 25 years, KLC has connected brands with their customers through their online community and co-creation expertise, empowering clients to uncover insights that power real-time business decisions and accelerate innovation. Our online commu


Remesh allows you to have a live conversation with your customers at scale, using AI to analyze and organize your audience’s responses in real-time. Gain fast, frequent, and efficient insights and make decisions with confidence.


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