Future Labs Live USA
North Carolina

Future Labs Live USA is a leading event focused on the future of laboratories with over 150+ speakers from the world’s leading laboratories, and 1000+ attendees from around the world. Start-ups and disruptors will meet lab heads and lab techs together with the tech innovators and practice innovators of the future. We aim to break down silos within and between organizations to bring people together to come up with the ideas, the tech and the processes that’ll transform the lab of tomorrow.

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Terrapinn events inspire and transform business.We’ve been sparking ideas, innovations and relationships that transform business for over 30 years. Using our global footprint, we bring innovators, disrupters and change agents together. Discussing and demonstrating the technology, strategies and personalities that are changing the way the world does business. We are creative, organic and customer-focused, curating content for the specific industry and location of each event. Whether you’re looking to make new connections, introduce product or inspire change in your industry, we invite you to join us as agitators of change.

15 - 16 Nov 2022

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Lead Consultant for Chemistry Automation
Clinical Informatics Specialist II
Associate VP Marketing, Agilent CrossLab Group
Director, Safety Health & Environment
Automation Engineer
Associate Principal Scientist
Director R&D/Clinical IT, Digital Innovation Alchemist
Senior Director of Programs
Senior Product Director, Research Laboratory Systems
Associate Director, Lab IT - US Lead
Associate Architect and Lab Planner

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Brand, Media and Promotional Partners

LabTwin – Digital Lab Assistant

LabTwin is the world's first digital voice & AI-powered lab assistant. LabTwin closes the real-time documentation gap at the bench. It helps scientists document when their hands are busy by using voice, thus helping them focus on their work and not o


TetraScience is the R&D Data Cloud company with a mission to transform life sciences R&D, accelerate discovery, and improve and extend human life. The Tetra R&D Data Cloud provides life sciences companies with the flexibility, scalability, and data-c


Schrödinger’s industry-leading computational platform facilitates the research efforts of biopharmaceutical and industrial companies, academic institutions, and government laboratories worldwide. Schrödinger also has wholly-owned and collaborative dr

Elemental Machines

Today’s research, clinical, and quality control labs are expected to discover and produce at a pace once considered unimaginable. Now, to lead is to be led by data. The Elemental Machines platform elevates LabOps teams to lead data-driven discovery,

IonField Systems

IonField Systems is an advanced technology company focused on the development of state-of-the-art pipette tip and microplate cleaning for life science laboratory research applications. We are driven by the united belief that plasma cleaning technolog

Snthesis Inc.

Snthesis was founded in 2018 by Emerson Huitt, a bench scientist turned research pipeline software architect. Decades of working in a wet lab and alongside other forms of scientific research made it clear that time spent in “Data Wrangling” was an on


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