Fintech Meetup
Las Vegas


Our team has founded and operated leading industry events for over a decade, we've taken the best of what we've done before and added our latest secret sauce event technology.

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Fintech Meetup


Fintech Meetup is the future of fintech events.

19 - 22 Mar 2023

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Head of New Product Initiatives
CEO & Founder
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & CEO
Chief Operating Officer
Co-Founder & CEO
Chief Product Officer
Chief Payments Officer & Investor
Co-Founder & President
Founder, President & CEO
Head of Financial Access

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Brand, Media and Promotional Partners


We are a passionate team of engineers, mathematicians, data analysts, project managers, and business consultants. But more importantly, we are active listeners, deep thinkers, and courageous problem solvers.

Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications, Inc. is the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations that bring intelligence to everyday work and life.

Enigma Technologies, Inc.

Enigma builds world-class data infrastructure, developer-friendly APIs, and intelligent tools to automate trusted decisions about every business.

Agent IQ

Agent IQ’s mission is to make digital banking personal again. Decades of focus on automation and self-service has distracted us from what financial institutions do better than anybody - help us optimize our finances and achieve our financial goals.


Eltropy enables Financial Institutions to digitally engage in a secure and compliant way via Text, Video, Audio, Secure Chat and Social Messaging.


OneSpan enables financial institutions and other organizations to succeed by making bold advances in their digital transformation.


Our AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics. That’s how we give companies the assurance they need to onboard customers remotely and securely.


Backbase is a fast growing fintech software provider that empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world.


Millions of developers around the world have used Twilio to unlock the magic of communications to improve any human experience.


Daylight empowers teams to build simple and easy-to-use digital experiences without needing to write a single line of code.


Every day, we trust our sensitive data with companies to buy medicines, to fly on airplanes, to get loyalty points, to get our salaries and many more.

Very Good Security

Providing essential security and compliance infrastructure, Very Good Security (VGS) enables startups and enterprises to focus on their core business instead of compliance and regulatory overhead.


Emburse humanizes work by empowering business travelers, finance professionals and CFOs to eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what matters most.


At ComplyAdvantage, we believe that compliance doesn’t have to be painful. Businesses need real-time financial crime insight to put them in control.


FintechOS is on a mission to transform how people engage with the everyday services they need. Using innovative tools and a deep understanding of the customer journey, our mission is to bring effortless, personalized experiences to everyone.


Nium is a next-generation financial services platform  that enables companies around the world to unlock new revenue opportunities and improve cash flow economics.

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bancorp, with nearly 70,000 employees and $554 billion in assets as of December 31, 2020, is the parent company of U.S. Bank National Association, the fifth-largest commercial bank in the United States.

Galileo Financial Technologies

Galileo powers North America's leading fintechs--including Chime, KOHO, Robinhood, SoFi, Varo and many others--as well as the U.S.-based business of international powerhouses, such as Monzo, Paysafe, Revolut and TransferWise.


Pinwheel is working to create a fairer financial system by unlocking API access to payroll systems. Pinwheel provides a platform allowing consumers to connect their payroll account to any app.


Using a combination of design, data science, and technology, SigFig builds platforms for financial institutions that delight consumers and empower bankers to have more advice-driven conversations. is the first customer-centric data platform designed to help credit unions translate high-touch service onto the digital channel. Understand your market and competition. Get insights on where you measure up — and where you don’t.


Banks, Fintechs and businesses everywhere can make bigger, better, bolder leaps with Currencycloud. Currencycloud gives them the capability to move money across borders, and transact globally in multiple currencies, fast.


The universal API for small business data. We provide real-time connectivity to enable software providers and financial institutions to build integrated products for their small business customers.

Tango Card

Tango Card provides leading incentive-delivery technology to organizations in the B2B space.


Prove is the modern way for businesses to enable their customers to prove their identities with just a phone.


Ada is the brand interaction platform that helps you purposefully automate conversations with each customer and employee, saving costs and growing revenue without betraying the brand you promised to be.

Discover Global Network

Uniting the reach, technologies and expertise of Discover® Network, Diners Club International® and PULSE®, we enable commerce across 200 countries and territories. And together, we can help your business find a better way.

Incode Technologies

Incode is the identity company that is reinventing the way humans authenticate and verify their identity online to power a world of trust.


Thunes is a B2B company that powers payments for the world’s fastest-growing businesses - from Gig Economy giants such as Uber and Deliveroo and Southeast Asia's superapp Grab, to global Fintech leaders such as PayPal and Remitly.

Cover Genius

Cover Genius is the insurtech for embedded insurance that protects the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies including Booking Holdings, owner of Priceline, Kayak and, Intuit, Skyscanner and Descartes ShipRush.


Aunalytics is the data platform company delivering answers for your business. Aunalytics provides Insights-as-a-Service to answer enterprise and midsized companies’ most important IT and business questions.

Ever Green 3C

Ever Green 3C is a consulting firm committed to helping our clients establish better engagement with employees, members, and their communities.


Our team built the fraud prevention and compliance infrastructure that scaled both Coinbase and Revolut. Now, you can build on our platform to stop payment fraud, and increase customer conversion.


Verifone makes it simple to revolutionize customer journeys by providing a single, unified, global platform that enables seamless payment experiences – anywhere, anytime, with any payment method.

Tyfone, INC.

At Tyfone, we understand that an elegant, engaging, intuitive user experience is the minimum requirement for any digital banking provider in today’s market.


At Apiture, our mission is to empower financial institutions to know and serve their clients with the care of a traditional community institution at the scale, speed, and efficiency required in today’s digital world.


Alloy makes it easy for financial services companies to quickly and safely onboard and manage more customers, automating the vast majority of decisions, mitigating fraud and high-cost financial risk, and reducing the burden on the back office and man


Truv empowers financial institutions to make confident decisions. Truv is a one-stop solution powering income and employment verification for the US workforce.


We empower companies to build experiences customers love. After founding RelateIQ and successfully selling to Salesforce in 2014, we are revolutionizing how companies connect with their customers.

BMO Harris Commercial Banking

Businesses of all types need a financial partner, one that serves as your trusted adviser in addition to structuring a loan or managing your cash flow.

Plug and Play Tech Center

Over the past 15 years, we have built the largest innovation platform on the planet, bringing together 35,000+ startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across 20+ industri


Veriff is growing fast, we need more awesome people to help us fight the good fight online! Veriff makes sure that people are who they say they are. Faster. From anywhere in the world.


Argyle is a real-time income data platform that lets consumers securely connect their employment records to companies’ apps and websites.

Method Financial

Method Financial is an embedded banking service that allows developers to easily pay any of their users debts – including credit cards, student loans, car loans, and mortgages – all through a single API.


Today’s digital information exists in isolation, unable to connect with other data or users in any meaningful way. There’s a better way for people to collaborate, and a better way for data to operate.


Decisions provides a rules-driven, no-code platform, enabling companies to drastically reduce their time to market for their applications.


Ncontracts provides integrated risk management and lending compliance software to a rapidly expanding customer base of over 4,000 financial institutions, fintechs, and mortgage companies in the United States.


Xtremepush is a world-leading customer engagement, personalisation and data platform. It's purpose-built for delivering mobile-first, multichannel customer experiences.

Bank of America Business

From local communities to global markets, we are dedicated to shaping the future responsibly and helping clients thrive in a changing world.

Treasury Prime

We build APIs that let both banks, and their corporate customers, automate their banking operations. Opening accounts, managing money, everything you need to do with your bank—automated.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions harnesses the power of data and advanced analytics to provide insights that help businesses and governmental entities reduce risk and improve decisions to benefit people around the globe.


Array is a financial enablement platform, specializing in embeddable tools and white label solutions, used by leading fintechs and financial institutions across the U.S.


Infinicept is a provider of embedded payment solutions. Its payment operations platform (PayOps) helps software companies gain the advantages of embedded payments, including increased revenue and more control of the merchant experience.


JobsOhio, the state’s unique private economic development corporation, acts as a catalyst for high-growth business investments and job creation that are helping propel the state’s ingenuity and ambitions forward.


SpyCloud transforms recaptured data to protect businesses from cyberattacks.

Strike Graph

Strike Graph is a compliance SaaS solution simplifying security certifications such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA.


Millions of businesses across the country rely on commercial lenders for the funds they need to build and grow their businesses.


Alkymi transforms enterprise workflows by placing machine learning and automation technology into the hands of business users, turning operational data headaches into a source of efficiency.


Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust.


Onbe is a fintech that manages and modernizes consumer and workforce disbursements for corporate clients. We are the category leader in business to individual disbursements.


Flinks is the financial data layer powering the internet. Trusted by hundreds of world-class companies, Flinks enables businesses to connect users' bank accounts, enrich their data, and utilize it to deliver better products.

Jama Software

Jama Connect is the 1 Rated Requirements Management Software and Proven Requirements Traceability Solution Jama Software enables teams to manage product requirements and enable Live Traceability across the development process proven to reduce cycle t

MEA Financial Enterprises, llc

MEA Financial provides software and services to community banks and credit unions. MEA's products include VoiceAccess, MobileAccess, Overdraft Advance, MEALink, and other niche solutions. MEA currently services more than 1,000 financial institutions.

Millennium EBS Pvt. Ltd

Millennium is a multidisciplinary enterprise for NexGen and beyond! Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, Millennium has purveyed global enterprise B2B and B2C pertinence for more than 80 countries.


A deep-learning platform designed to automate real-time client risk assessment. Created by industry experts and ideal for KYC/onboarding, enhanced due diligence, investigations, and ongoing monitoring for AML/CFT.


Ncentiva is a leader in digital gift card payouts and consumer electronics trade-ins.

Neural Payments

Neural Payments was created to assist Financial Institutions in adopting change at or ahead of market pace.

Oscilar Inc

Oscilar's no-code UI is slicker and more intuitive than other platforms. It allows anyone in the risk team to create decisioning flows without requiring any help from an engineer. This we see as the long-term value of Oscilar.


PAYARC provides payment processing solutions to all types and sizes of merchants. We know the challenges of starting and managing a business.


PerformLine is a leading provider of compliance technology that empowers organizations to mitigate regulatory risk across their sales and marketing channels, including the web, calls, messages, emails, documents, and social media.


Persona helps businesses manage KYC/AML/KYB programs, fight fraud, and build trust by automating any identity-related use case with our flexible identity infrastructure.

Posh Technologies

We transform how financial services companies connect with their customers and automate contact center workflow. Our AI platform spans messaging and voice channels.


Prizeout is a performance-based ad-tech company that connects customers withdrawing money with brands looking to capture their spend.


Meet Quilo, a globally distributed FinTech team that builds technology to empower community financial institutions to offer simpler, more instantaneous and stress-free access to money.

Quinte Financial Technologies

Quinte combines computer science disciplines (including ML,AI and data analytics), deep industry expertise and human intelligence to help clients manage financial crime-related risks, meet regulatory requirements, and strengthen customer experience.

Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency, helping leading brands drive better business outcomes with our proven approach to cross-channel media management and customer experience.

RMI Insights

RMI Insights automates three statement financial modeling by ingesting historical company financials “as is” and allowing users to visually project how these companies will perform in the future based on key drivers for the Income Statement, Balance

Sein Analytics

The Sein Analytics platform provides powerful financial tools to community financial institutions, enabling them to use capital more efficiently - allowing them to return more wealth to members and shareholders.


Sequoir is a financial technology firm providing Bitcoin trading APIs to power banks, credit unions, fintech, and the Web 3.0.


Simplenight is a B2B omnichannel commerce platform enabling booking digitalization infrastructure for the connected future in areas including cities, cars, homes, travel and more.


Spave is a #fintech company founded in 2016. Its proprietary technology platform and process solve challenges with balancing spending, saving and giving habits for consumers (particularly millennials) using cutting-edge mobile technology.


The Launchpad for Financial Innovation We are the only Banking-as-a-Service platform provider that enables companies across the globe to launch feature complete deposit, credit, and crypto products in weeks.


Whether you're looking to prototype, release an MVP, or bring a new service to your existing customer base, Synctera has the platform, experiences, and programs to help you build and launch your FinTech app fast, and scale it over the long term.

Take It Easy Group

Executive Assistants Supporting Your Strategic Growth. Sustainably. We are an experienced Executive Assistant Service Helping Seed and Series A Companies Scale for Success.

Tandem - Couples Finance

Split expenses with a swipe and say goodbye to endless Venmo requests, mental math, and money fights.


TrueML is a financial technology software company that makes solutions for consumers seeking financial health and the companies that serve them.


Start with cloud native ledgers and scale with financial orchestration to build the most powerful accounting core.


With a first of its kind solution, Uplinq leverages billions of statistically validated data sets, to support a small business lender’s assessment of the credit worthiness of their business customers, within their existing credit processes.

York Public Relations

At York Public Relations, we approach every campaign with complete attentiveness balanced with empathetic understanding.


MassPay is a payout orchestration platform that makes it simple to pay anyone, anywhere, any way they want. With over 150 countries and 54 currencies, we provide the widest selection of global payout methods on the market.


our mission is to help the most financially vulnerable. At Atomic, we’re focused on building an incredible business while also having a huge social impact.

Banking Circle

Banking Circle is the payments bank for the new economy, delivering payments and banking services by connecting to the world’s clearing systems.

CellPoint Digital

We are leading payment orchestration globally. Our cutting-edge platform helps our clients turn payments from a cost into a profit booster.


We're a fintech strategic investment capital firm that's all about collaboration.


equipifi is a fintech SaaS powering banks and credit unions with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions that align with their customers' financial goals.


McLEAR, in Strategic Alliance with VISA Inc, is a leading wearable technology company for payments, security, and fashion globally.


Peach is a cloud-native lending technology platform that helps fintechs and traditional financial institutions quickly launch new lending programs. We're the only lending platform built on an Adaptive Core™.


We partner with more than 900 financial institutions to provide free credit scores, reports and daily monitoring to educate and empower users.


SentiLink, the leader in identity verification technology, provides financial institutions and fintechs with best-in-class solutions to prevent synthetic fraud, identity theft and emerging forms of first-party fraud, as well as compliance-focused KYC


Upstart is a leading AI lending marketplace partnering with banks and credit unions to expand access to affordable credit.


Akoya is transforming the way consumers provide access to their data with increased security, privacy, and control over their information.


Decentralization of data is key for maintaining personal privacy, data protection and digital security. Yet, today’s solutions fall short.


Anovaa is a financial technology company designed to help lenders of all sizes stand up or digitally transform their loan programs.


Enabling delivery of our solutions as a targeted, added-value to your customers transforms your insights into action. By helping save money and reduce stress, you’ll deepen your customer relationships with meaningful, personalized conversations.


At Arkatechture, we love data — we play with it and learn from it every day, and we want you to love your data, too.

Ascent Platform

Ascent is a venture-backed startup building the data platform that supercharges teams at leading credit unions and community banks

Atomic Invest

Atomic builds critical financial infrastructure that allows fintechs, banks, and consumer-facing companies to offer engaging investing experiences to their customers in a frictionless way.


AuthenticID’s disruptive and cutting-edge, AI-driven solution quickly, accurately, and securely reproduces real-world identity verification so that companies can be assured of who they are conducting business with, strengthen underwriting, reduce the

BCube Analytics Inc.

BCube Analytics Audit Manager is a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution to remotely manage any kind of audit - operational or financial, by collaborating with any auditor - internal or external, eliminate redundant, labor-intensive manual processes & tr


Powered by the world's first Empathy Engine®, the BOND Network is a first-of-its-kind network of financial institutions and employers for truly interconnected finance.


Boost Insurance empowers any company to engage with its customers and increase sales by offering insurance through its own digital experience.


BrightFi helps community banks & credit unions through their digital transformation with our scalable, cloud-based banking platform, which allows them to configure, test, and launch new digital banking products, or offer banking-as-a-service, at a fr

Canopy Servicing

Canopy Servicing offers the most flexible infrastructure to build and launch next-gen credit, debit, and lending products and support them with world-class service in a secure and compliant way.

Changed App

Changed is a service to help people get out of debt sooner using their own spare change and more! Changed takes the pain out of tough budgeting by naturally aligning with a member's spending. Change roundups can make a massive impact on debt.

Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Gurus provides end-to-end consumer transaction dispute management to leading brands around the world.

Ciphertext Solutions, Inc.

Ciphertext Solutions® is a leading-edge provider of digital-first card services offering real-time digital engagement.

Coconut Software

Coconut Software makes it effortless for customers to connect with their financial institution.


Compliancely is Zenwork's newest platform powering real-time business identity verification and tax compliance checks, with significant momentum addressing business onboarding and compliance checks for some of the world's largest, most sophisticated


Corserv provides turn-key credit card issuing programs, and APIs to payment issuing and processing services that are used by Banks, Fintechs, and eCommerce companies to create innovative payment, commerce, and finance programs.

CU NextGen

We help credit unions future-proof their technology solutions through leading-edge technology platforms and software solutions designed for the unique needs of the credit union industry.


We get it. No two financial institutions are the same. Your members are unique, with distinct pains, wants, and needs. Your teams have different goals and benchmarks for success because so does your institution.

Digital Commerce Bank

Founded in 2007, DCBank is a Schedule 1 Canadian chartered bank. Our mission is to provide innovative payment and banking solutions to our clients.

Digital Onboarding, Inc.

The Digital Onboarding engagement platform helps banks and credit unions turn account openers into engaged and profitable relationships. Email and text messages link customers and members to their personalized microsites.

DoubleCheck Solutions

DoubleCheck™ provides an innovative, customer-centric and profitable solution for financial Institutions.


Awarded Great Place to Work, Epicenter is a 22-year-old Technology & BPM organization, focused on Process Improvement, Cost Reduction, Increasing Revenue & Superior Customer Experience.


FINBOA is a leading innovator in digital process automation and regulatory compliance for banking institutions.


Finotta is a platform that helps financial institutions personalize their mobile banking application to increase customer engagement, earn a greater share of wallet, and ultimately, create a new stream of revenue with their most important customer ba

Foresight Group

Most printers are really good at putting ink on paper. But printing has evolved far beyond the traditional press.


Fyle has the singular aim of reducing the time spent on business expense management.


Highline is a new payment method that ties a consumer’s paycheck to repayment of a loan or other bill. It works with any kind of recurring payment including utility bills, cell phone, and virtually any kind of consumer loan.

HSP Group

HSP Group helps companies manage their international operations and expand globally.

iLEX Consulting Group, LLC

Since 2012, iLex Group LLC has been a leader in delivering expertise in the Fintech Industry, capturing our clients’ imaginations with solutions matching those concepts with partners, resources, and leadership.


Illuma is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) and R&D company headquartered in Plano, Texas. We deliver real-time voice authentication and fraud prevention solutions for credit unions through our flagship product, Illuma Shield™.

Ingo Money

Ingo Money is the money mobility company. Since 2001, we have been providing innovative payments and risk management technologies that make money movement easy, instant and safe for our clients and their customers. is a market leader providing out-of-the-box Intelligent Virtual Assistant(IVA) that acts as a “personal bank teller” to help customers 24x7 through every step of the journey from being a prospect to achieving financial wellness.

Janusea, Inc

A PaaS platform for integrating fintech and community financial institutions (FI). If a credit union or bank wants to use a new innovative solution we make sure the fintech and bank/credit union systems can talk.


Lendflow provides embedded credit infrastructure for fintechs, lenders and software companies to build, embed and launch credit products.


Lexop helps companies retain past-due customers by facilitating payment and empowering them to self-serve.

M3 Group (M3)

As a full-service branding agency we assist our clients with every facet of their brand, from marketing and corporate consulting to PR and advertising services.

Urban FT

Urban FT is focused on helping financial institutions deliver exceptional customer-driven digital experiences by providing the industry’s first and most capable FinTech Core.

The Financial Revolutionist

The Financial Revolutionist is the destination for fintech insights and intelligence.


Solid is a modern fintech infrastructure provider – a one-stop shop that offers a fully integrated and compliant suite of fintech services – think AWS for FinTech or simply FinTech-as-a-service! On Solid's fully managed infrastructure, any company ca

Reseda Group

Reseda Group helps credit unions remain relevant and competitive by delivering the best products and services to their employees and member-owners.


OvationCXM is the Customer Experience Management (CXM) company helping businesses and their partner ecosystems deliver exceptional customer experiences with complete visibility and precise control so they can own the journey, guide the experience and

CU 2.0

Kirk Drake has been helping credit unions climb mountains for nearly two decades. He combines digital strategies, marketing, communications, and technical know-how to help credit unions rise to their peak in the digital age.

Constellation Digital Partners

The Constellation Digital Banking is a uniquely open mobile and online banking solution that is built is the world’s only cloud-based digital platform dedicated solely to community based financial institutions.

CMFG Ventures

CMFG Ventures is the venture capital arm of CUNA Mutual Group, a financially strong insurance company serving 95% of the U.S. credit unions for more than 80 years.


Chimney is on a mission to make homeownership easier for 80 million Americans by bringing transparency to homeowner data and more flexible access to home equity.

Caliber Corporate Advisers

Caliber is a strategic marketing communications firm that helps companies tell their story and connect with key stakeholders.


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