Finance & Accounting for Bioscience Companies East

Finance & Accounting for Bioscience Companies East is a highly regarded annual forum held in Boston, dedicated to advancing the financial and commercial success of innovative bioscience companies. This CPE-accredited event brings together the brightest minds in finance and accounting from the nation's leading trailblazers in the bioscience industry.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive program tailored to the unique needs of bioscience companies, featuring industry experts who will share their insights on high-impact topics. The forum will explore strategies to scale and grow bioscience businesses, providing attendees with valuable knowledge and tools to navigate the dynamic market environment successfully.

One key focus of the event is on funding arrangements that align positively with the current market conditions. Attendees will gain valuable insights into securing funding and investment opportunities that support their growth objectives and drive commercial success.

Financial preparations for commercialization launch are another crucial aspect covered at the forum. Experts will provide guidance on effectively managing financial aspects during the critical phase of bringing a bioscience product to market, ensuring companies are well-prepared to seize commercialization opportunities.

The forum will delve into the importance of partnerships and collaborations for bioscience companies, exploring considerations for team structure and management. Attendees will learn how to forge strategic alliances and optimize collaborations to enhance their competitive advantage and accelerate growth.

In today's digital era, the event recognizes the significance of digital transformation in the bioscience industry. It will highlight ways to automate workflows within accounting and finance teams, optimizing operational efficiencies. Pricing and contracting for digitization and streamlining the partner journey will be discussed, enabling attendees to leverage technology to streamline processes and enhance profitability. Additionally, considerations for incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and ensuring compliance will be explored, empowering bioscience companies to harness the potential of emerging technologies responsibly.

Operational excellence is a vital aspect of bioscience companies' success, and the forum will provide valuable insights into technical accounting best practices from regulatory, documentation, and disclosure perspectives. Attendees will learn how to navigate complex accounting requirements, ensuring compliance and accurate financial reporting. Additionally, forecasting and analysis approaches for planning accuracy will be covered, equipping attendees with tools to make informed financial decisions and drive operational excellence.

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19 - 20 Sep 2023

Speakers and Delegates
Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer amd Secretary
VP of Finance
Founder, C-Suite Advisor
Chief Financial Officer
State and Local Tax Senior Staff
Chief Financial Officer
Partner, Strategy & Management Consulting
Director, Global Revenue Finance
Senior Director, Finance and Accounting
Senior Director Financial Planning and Analysis
Professional Accounting Fellow

Sponsors and Exhibitors
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