Biodetection Technologies

The upcoming event is an essential opportunity for anyone interested in biological threats and their potential impact on global health. The event provides attendees with access to some of the top experts in the field, offering insights and knowledge that is difficult to find elsewhere. Here are some of the key reasons to attend: Identify Global Biological Threats: The event is designed to help attendees identify the most significant biological threats to global health and explore the translational gaps in bringing new technologies from the laboratory to the field. By attending, you will be able to learn about new and emerging biological threats and explore ways to address them effectively. Discover Infectious Disease Threats: Infectious diseases remain a significant threat to global health, and this event provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest technologies that can be applied in diverse operational environments. Attendees will learn about different infectious disease threats and explore how technology can help prevent and treat these diseases. Understand Strategic Integration: Attendees will have the chance to explore strategic integration for the national strategy for biosurveillance. By attending this event, you will gain insights into the current state of biosurveillance and learn about the latest strategies and technologies being used to prevent biological threats. Key Topics in Pathogen Detection: The event will provide attendees with access to the latest research and development in pathogen detection and technological innovation. You will have the opportunity to explore ready-to-market systems and learn about the latest trends and innovations in this critical area of research. Meet Speakers and Attendees: Finally, the event provides a unique opportunity to meet virtually with speakers and attendees one-on-one and in interactive breakout discussions. By attending this event, you will be able to network with other professionals in the field, share ideas, and collaborate on new initiatives.

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07 - 08 Jun 2023

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