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Swift TO is a two-day conference focused on all things Swift programming, where developers can come together to celebrate the language and its many uses. Beyond just iOS and Mac development, this conference is designed to showcase the many talents and ideas from the Swift development community. One of the main benefits of attending Swift TO is the opportunity to network with other passionate developers in your community. With attendees coming from the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, you'll have the chance to meet and connect with hundreds of your peers who share your passion for Swift programming. In addition to networking, Swift TO offers attendees a comfortable and enjoyable conference experience. The event takes place at TIFF Bell Lightbox's largest and most comfortable theatre, with big comfy chairs and great views from anywhere in the room. Quality is a top priority for Swift TO. The conference is dedicated to showcasing the great passion and talent for Swift development in the city, highlighting the best work and ideas from in and around the community. Convenience is another major benefit of attending Swift TO. With the conference located in the heart of downtown Toronto, close to St. Andrew Station, it's easily accessible and eliminates the need to travel for conferences, making it more accessible for those who have busy schedules. Finally, the location itself is a highlight of the event. TIFF Bell Lightbox is a world-class theatre and home of the Toronto International Film Festival, making it an ideal venue for the conference. It is well equipped to fit the needs of Swift TO, providing a great atmosphere for attendees to learn, connect, and celebrate Swift programming.

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Swift TO Inc


Swift TO is a non-profit dedicated to being at the forefront of Swift community development in Toronto. We aim to do this by running events, as well as helping others run and promote their own. We consider our processes highly evolutionary and are committed to continuously exploring new ways to build the community. Our goal is to help Toronto stand out as a one-of-a-kind place full of talented and involved programmers on all platforms.

10 - 11 Aug 2023

Brendan MPosted 11 months ago


Swift Kids

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Great conference, met with many like-minded people.

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